Supreme Court: Gay marriage legal in all 50 states

Supreme Court: Gay marriage legal in all 50 states

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down bans on same-sex marriage in a historic 5-4 ruling. The justices ruled that states cannot deny gay men and lesbians the same marriage rights enjoyed for thousands of years by opposite-sex couples.

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19 Responses

  1. Crunchy Lotion says:

    Captain rainbow smash 4 DLC confirmed

  2. Beth Midrash says:

    this is a sad and dark day for America

  3. Carter Reed says:

    This makes me want to move to Canada yea that’s nice

  4. thecommoncent says:

    +Christians Love No matter what the supreme court says, homosexuality will
    always be looked at as weird and unnatural by most people because it is
    weird and unnatural just like pedophilia or bigamy. Homosexuality is not a
    race. Just because the culture cheerleads a perversion like homosexual
    marriage in the name of freedom doesn’t mean an even sicker perversion
    won’t emerge like pedophilia or Bigamy in the name of freedom and equality.

  5. Mikitan Fox says:

    Oh my goodness, is it christmas? The bigot tears could fill an ocean and
    the Schadenfreude is just oh too good. Let this be a lesson to you bigots
    out there, either come and join us of your own will… or be dragged
    kicking and screaming into the modern world like the little children you

  6. nanuvasqwibqwib says:

    I am very happy for gay usa their rights to get married if they want to is
    no longer been denied. But DO NOT thank the state and their representatives
    because they are the ones that denied you your birthrights all along. The
    People are being treated as little children given a cookie after not been
    given food for a long time. Don’t close your eyes for the evil they have
    been doing to all of us for so long, don’t let the rich and powerful
    harvest our planet and The People any longer!!

    • thecommoncent says:

      +nanuvasqwibqwib Pedophiles will say they want to marry minors in the name
      of freedom and equality. Seems like “equality” is a function of
      the perversion of the culture.

  7. Mike Patton says:

    Divorce lawyers everywhere : $$$$$$$$

  8. Putins Cat says:

    This is so simple. Give the babies a “Same sex marriage license”. This
    has nothing to do with religion. If a gay dude wants to see his partner in
    the hospital during his last moments, I got no problem with that. But
    don’t expect to come to a Catholic Church for a ceremony, because we got
    other rights in the Constitution as well. “Don’t rock the boat” comes to
    mind, because I think there are more religious nuts in this country than
    gays.. And most of them practice the second amendment.

  9. Damon Parmenter says:

    Good to see this America take a step in the right direction! Man, all you
    homophobes sure are crazy…

  10. wise guy says:

    What makes me more sick than the fact that this has happened is that fact
    that everyone who is for this acts like they are all about love and
    equality but it’s bull shit. As soon as someone disagrees with you, most of
    you automatically hate them. “Now I’m waiting for all those priests and
    preachers who threatened to kill themselves if gay marriage was legalized
    to hold up their end of the bargain.” “Cry your salty tears, conservative
    idiots. This country isn’t your theocracy. You lost. Boo hoo!” “Like it or
    not, America is evovling and its a human right. Dont like it? move out.” “I
    want to see religious people’s faces when they wake up today and watch the
    news…hahahaha cry little bitches, cry!” “Take that you conservative
    fucktards! It’s a great day to be alive!!#Equality”
    Yeah ” equality”…If most of you had it your way you would want all people
    who have an opinion that goes against this gay agenda to be thrown in a
    concentration camp or shot.

  11. soulmusic1967 says:

    nobody gives a shit about gays.. instead of this shit usa should focus on
    destroying isis and stop the muslim invasion!!!

  12. Shewib says:

    This is a terrible decision. First, even before this ruling, anyone
    (same-sex or opposite-sex) can get married. There is no law prohibiting
    marriage. Simply go through the ceremony of your choice, say your vows, and
    live together. There is no law against it. Second, this decision sets
    several dangerous precedents. One that I haven’t heard anyone else talk
    about yet is the precedent that the government promotes a certain behavior.
    Our government should not be promoting any behavior with legislation or
    court decisions.

    Our government has promoted opposite-sex marriage since we became a
    country, but no one has ever voiced disagreement with opposite-sex
    marriage. However, there are plenty of people who do not believe in
    same-sex marriage. So the government should get out of the marriage
    business altogether. There should be no such thing as legal marriage for
    opposite-sex or same-sex couples. If a couple wants to get married, go
    ahead. But the government should have nothing to do with it.

  13. Faith Laurel says:

    This is an amazing day to be alive.

  14. grace carter says:

    Cool you guys can get married i’ve never stood on either side with the
    whole yes and nos but does this need to be a big deal should this not have
    been dealt with in a quicker matter don’t get me wrong here just seems like
    it got blown out of proportion just make a decisive decision and get it
    done without hate going on either side about religion and laws to some of
    us this whole topic is of no real interest and is only really brought to
    our attention because of its constant discussion just putting that out
    there congrats i guess.

  15. Alexey Christian says:

    US is no longer a Christian country.
    Empire of Satan, the “messiah” – which the Bible calls the antichrist.
    Anyone who supports sodomite “marriage” loses the right to call yourself a
    Christian. Period.

  16. Johanna Zevenbergen says:

    bout fucken time!

  17. Faith Laurel says:

    It is clear to me with some of these comments that we as a country
    definitely need more progress, and gay marriage being legalized is
    definitely progress.

  18. Joy Charles says:

    God suppose to accept people for who they r n saying gay people go to hell
    is another reason y god is fake