surprise villain reveals in animated movies

surprise villain reveals in animated movies

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71 Responses

  1. MetalPcAngel says:

    0:03 Um. . . Super Kami Guru?

  2. The Action Brick says:

    Wonder Woman.

  3. LeeTheNPC says:

    “Oh yeah, that’s really something.”

  4. 5h4d0w Ultra says:

    Big hero 6 is like every anime cliche but without the awesome brutal death scenes.

    For example:

    Evil CEO that I can’t remember his name: “Aha! It is me, evil CEO dude, I was the one that killed your brother for no good reason”

    Protagonist, don’t know his name either: “Hmm ok, I let you live”

    • My Ha Huynh says:

      5h4d0w Ultra x

    • alearnedman says:

      Stop being mean to me Probably not. But I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t

    • aquamarine ancient soul says:

      5h4d0w Ultra I hated big hero 6. Overhyped and seemed very generic.

    • Faizal F says:

      5h4d0w Ultra Do you even watch the movie? The big reveal is that the ceo is not the villain. But the professor was the one killing Tadashi for his own personal gain. The fact that almost 70 people upvote you means people are just a bunch of morons who agree on everything someone said on the Internet.

    • Cocoa Omega says:

      Nah, Hiro definitely tried to kill him the moment he found out who he was. Straight up commanded Baymax to fist him to death.

  5. Gabby says:

    I actually thought of Big Hero 6 before I started the video oof

  6. Veridian says:

    I didn’t know he was in the ANBU Black Ops

  7. xXBasketball Y says:

    Even he has the Drift Mask from Fortnite……

  8. Ryan Luster says:

    Basically Incredibles

    • Lord God says:

      Eh, the villain of that movie had alot of screentime.

      The main twist was that it wasn’t who you thought it was.

    • Ryan Luster says:

      Lord God if you’re speaking about the 2nd one I haven’t seen it

    • randomperson8571 says:

      Ryan Luster and you’re talking about the first one? Syndrome had quite a bit of screen time… true, who he really was is kind of lame, but that was sort of the point, I thought… anyway I think Incredibles 1 and 2 had good villains

    • Allu Gamez says:

      Ryan Luster big hero 6?

  9. Justin Y. says:

    “I can’t believe Dio Brando was behind it the entire time!”

    ~ Every plot synopsis of JoJo

    • Da Epic Goat says:

      Why do you do this man?

    • Hylian Espeon says:


    • Cocoa Omega says:

      Dammit Justin this is the 5th Jojo reference today Ive seen you post in a video.

    • Brandon Vistan says:


    • Genzo Tan says:

      Part 1 : Dio caused the revival of vampires/zombies and the reascend of hamon users
      Part 2 : Dio causes Straizo to hunt down Joseph , caused Joseph to have hamon from Jonathan and caused Speedwagon to step off the streets and into the world of business cuz he followed Jonathan and cleaned himself up
      (The rest should be pretty obvious from here)
      Part 3 : Holly
      Part 4 : If it weren’t for Dio , again , the Joestars would have no stands cuz no hamon or stand arrows (can’t say much for the latter because almost no origin is revealed about the stand arrows)
      Part 5 : His fucking son
      Part 6 : His fucking boyfriend
      Part 7 : Caused by his boyfriend
      Part 8 : Same here

  10. It's Thinzy says:

    whilst in animes you already know the surprise villain from the beginning

  11. LeeTheNPC says:

    Johnson Smith is the next Batman.

  12. TheFaze says:

    _-What was his name again?-_

  13. No this is Patrick says:

    I want ProZD’s voice to grow legs and step on me

  14. NightBlader says:

    Come on, you didn’t notice all the subtle hints that Johnson Smith was the villain? Like the note that said “Mr. Smith is a big jerk”.
    Jeez, some people.

    • cyncynshop says:

      that 3 frames in the background of that Office flirting scene was SO OBVIOUS, why doesn’t anyone notice???

  15. 5MadMovieMakers says:

    Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Zootopia, Big Hero 6

  16. MagicianFairy says:

    Its always someone they talk to in the beginning.

  17. Pietree says:

    How could you Johnson Smith? I invited you to my uncle’s wedding. I thought we had something special.

  18. Waynimations says:

    Who woulda thunk

  19. Simte says:

    *Big Hero 6*

  20. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

    hahahahaha ur acting is 100/10

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