Surprising ADIN ROSS with Custom Air Force 1!! (he kissed me)

Surprising ADIN ROSS with Custom Air Force 1!! (he kissed me)

CUSTOM SHOES FOR ADIN ROSS!! Things got very sus πŸ˜‰ let me know if you like the shoes!

Go cop that merch baby girl




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33 Responses

  1. Alfie says:

    Anyone else love his designs? He is talented asf

  2. Mijan Art says:


  3. Mijan Art says:

    Love it πŸ”₯

  4. Harshdeep Singh says:

    Marko: We Hate Clickbait
    Also Marko: ADin rOSs KISsEd MEEeEe 😱

  5. Wave Man Mike says:

    I’ve been seeing Adin on everyone’s videos lately. He must be doing something right.

  6. Abhir Appaiah Kuppanda Aiyappa says:

    Who else remembers when MARKO used to call us his little ducklings while eating a watermelon

  7. DJ Steppin says:

    How can anybody hate Marko he just so cool man

  8. Caleb Wambles says:

    Plot twist: his actual reaction was the first one and Marko told him to act like he liked the shoe for the video

  9. SILK NO FILTER says:

    Funny thing is i think marko is the only person that can make adin feel awkward if he wanted to lol & reverse it on him.

  10. RageElixir says:

    Adin really took over YouTube too

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