Surprising My Friends With “Billie Eilish”!? (Gone wrong!)

Surprising My Friends With “Billie Eilish”!? (Gone wrong!)

my friends didn’t fall for it at all HAHAH, I think they’re catching on lol
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48 Responses

  1. Brent Rivera says:

    my friends didn’t fall for it at all😂😂 I think they’re catching on!

    can we get 200k likes on this video!?😍

  2. Meghana Chowdary says:

    Ben : he is a criminal (Andrew )
    Me : Mama I am in love with a criminal and this type of love is irrational

  3. Insha mohamed says:

    7:17 when lexi said “I guess with Ben” it was very cute ❤️

  4. Cat Lovers says:

    Ben: gets in limo to go to Hawaii. Comes back 2minutes later.

  5. Neyla Palislamovic says:

    I was literally wearing a Billie eilish shirt

  6. Γαληνη Χαντσιδη says:

    She doesn’t even looks like Bilie elish 😂😂

  7. Rashmi Ragoonanan says:

    Brent “who”
    lexi “I mean I guess ben”
    ben “😊 ”
    Brent ” 🤼‍♂️ 🧹 “

  8. klx_11 says:

    from the thumbnail i could tell it wasn’t billie xD
    that does not look like billie tho xD

    • Coco Lamar says:

      klx_11 I agree but I’m glad they didn’t use a pic of the real Billie as click bait 👍🏻

  9. NowDoTheFlamDance says:

    Uhh… that “Billie“ one doesn’t look like Billie honestly

  10. Alessandra Wahl says:

    “Do you guys like Billie Eilish?”
    “You’re Brent Rivera, aren’t you?”

  11. mike haslam says:

    I like how he titles some of his videos “surprising my friends with a celebrity” when he does other crazy things too.👍👍

  12. S u n n y B ë a r ! says:

    When Lexi said, “she was going to have a kid with ben”, Brent almost choked him out😂

  13. Raardvark Sprite says:

    7:12 she’s the only one who can physically have a baby.🤔

  14. Mamta Indapurkar says:

    When Brent said his name is Jay.. . I thought the alligator’s name is Jay 🤣🤣😅

  15. Neha Suresh says:

    Brent: whose likely to have baby first
    *Lexi gets shocked*
    Brent:with who?
    Lexi:with Ben I guess!
    Me: Finally!!!!!!!😂😂

  16. Davian Barajas says:

    The “Billie” doesn’t even look like her

  17. alex kitty says:

    We need a REAL celebrity

  18. Mia - Does - Gaming says:

    She doesn’t even look like Billie at all😂

  19. iiarabellex says:

    Lexi: With Ben I suppose..

    Bens mind: oh no-

    Brent: *CHOKE BEN*

  20. Coco Lamar says:

    Billie would never just say “hi” when being introduced like bru come on

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