Surveillance footage shows moments before TakeOff died

Surveillance footage shows moments before TakeOff died

Houston Police said they don’t have any solid leads on who the shooter is but believe that two shooters opened fire at the private event.

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  1. zakeia hampton says:

    Everyone speaks so highly of him, and he seems like a really good guy. I’m sorry this happened to him

  2. J J says:

    Prayers to his family, there will be a spot in their hearts that will never heal. RIP never heard of this guy to old to appreciate his music old enough to see a young life taken & for what ? So sad my heart goes out to his mom.

    • StoneyHawk says:

      @Bryan why would he pray for take off before he died how would anyone know this would happen. U sound dumb bro. We should pray for everyone then in that case cuz we all gonna die some day. He’s sending prayers and healing the his family if u see something wrong w that idk what to tell u bro.

    • Bryan says:

      @Toomanycactus That’s why I say don’t pray after the person dies start doing something now

    • Toomanycactus says:

      @Bryan Tbh it’s more like we only care when rappers die. Hell I seen 13 people got shot including lil kids in Chicago, 7 teens shot and 1 dead in ST Louis on the same night.. We dont post about them.

      If anything let’s volunteer our time (if able) to the youth still stuck in the struggle instead of praying or making a post for multi millionaires.

    • Bryan says:

      @Toomanycactus Becuase we only do something when people die let’s change now while we can but that is to much like right.

    • Toomanycactus says:

      @Bryan why you all upset. He obviously was just offering some kind worlds.

      If you wanna get so technical with it. Prayers won’t stop a bullet from hitting someone wether you pray before or after the incident.

  3. Leatha Hancock says:

    My heart goes out to his family, sorry for their loss ,I can feel their pain I had two brothers killed, one was 24 years old and the other was 30 years old, and I had a niece killed and she was 39 years old, so it really hurts when someone takes your loves ones life for nothing, we didn’t get justice for the person who killed my two brothers, but as for my niece we did get ,some kinda justice he is locked up for 35 years plus life ,it’s so bad how another human being take another human life for nothing, you cannot give life ,so why take a life it’s just senseless, but God will judge whoever involved in killing this young man, so sad 😭⚘R.I.P ⚘

  4. Hillz says:

    This is why you can’t blame guys who make it and decide to drop some people and stay reclusive because all it takes is one idiot with a gun

  5. JK says:

    This is so heartbreaking 💔

  6. Vistula Cooper says:

    So sad. Especially because those who KNEW him for real said he was quiet, nice. Im not judging because I don’t know this man or his family, Associates, Friends but ya gotta always watch what YOU do and who is around you. We all do in this evil world.

  7. NeverFold Vlogs says:

    “Hours later” 😭 that’s deep if he knew that was his last moment going in that jewelry store

  8. Time Wolrd says:

    Social media make these people think they are really friends with these stars and I appreciate their kindness but stay the hell away from these people


    Dude was the nicest person ever

  10. Gods Girl says:

    This is so sad. He was too young 😢

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