Survive the Slippery Slope! | Disappearing Ledges!!

Survive the Slippery Slope! | Disappearing Ledges!!

Hey guys! In this challenge, we hang on onto a giant wall that’s covered in soap! If you slip off, you lose! But be careful, the ledges disappear! Let us know down below what we can do next!

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29 Responses

  1. MiniMations says:

    I still like how bobby still keeps hanging on the wall after they told him to let go

  2. Pelixo says:

    6:28 round 6 “J-Fred vs Bryan” but it was Bobby vs Marvin ??

  3. FIRAT BEGEN says:

    Literally not a single soul

    Team edge editor: *mic dies*

  4. Gaby N. says:

    Please do another video with chef Aaron!! I enjoyed those videos so much

  5. Mayleen noona :] says:

    Them using Marvin as a green screen bc of his water suit is messed up ?

  6. Forest Fox says:

    J-Fred and Marvin are team veggies
    Carrot dude and broccoli boy

  7. Aj Pielago says:



    a wild option has appeared

  8. Holtonciopy says:

    Editing well done again, marvin green screen was hilarious ???????

    PS: poor mics

  9. Francisco Ramirez says:

    J & M: *Disqualafied*
    Bobby and Bryan: AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!

  10. Dead Ideas says:

    Team edge has turned into a Japanese tv show.

  11. Zachary Ridenhour says:

    I always cheer for bobby because I think of him as the underdog

  12. TheShadowDragonX says:

    Bryan: Yo, say thanks to Marvin for helping us
    Marvin: Is used as a green screen

  13. Robert Lopez says:

    This some of best editing I’ve seen in a long time. Especially Marvin’s bodysuit ?

  14. Xx_GhostLegendz_xX says:

    I love how Marvin had a green shirt so they could put stuff on him ?

  15. noob god says:

    Is mattias kick from team edge and can you dont spoil the show

  16. TNTXploderGaming says:

    This is howmany times Bryan said Bobby

  17. Mila Lensi says:

    This is one of my favorite videos you guys have ever filmed!

  18. Eva Garcia says:

    They are having way too much fun with Marvin’s suit ???

  19. Cheyenne Choo-Kang says:

    Why did they stop doing their intro with Bryan , Joey and Matt And can they bring back the og people and the old vids. ☹️☹️?

  20. Hunter Abing says:

    4:38 Bryan: i got soap between my booty cheeks??

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