Surviving A Week at The Conjuring House PT 3: The Basement

Surviving A Week at The Conjuring House PT 3: The Basement

PART 3 (Day 4 & 5) of Sam and Colby’s week long stay at The Real Conjuring House. Bella Poarch and Larray join the ghost hunters to investigate the basement in the most haunted house in America and get direct communication with the afterlife through Cody and Satori’s Knocking Method.

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Surviving A Week at The Conjuring House PT 3: The Basement | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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33 Responses

  1. Sam and Colby says:

    this is by far the most important video we’ve ever made. watch til the end. we love you and hope this resonates with you all the way it did with us <3

  2. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    the way that abigail protects them all is honestly amazing and so sweet.

  3. Rocky Lott says:

    Proud of you guys for communicating the way you did even though Colby was very disappointed about Sam going down to the basement by himself. The communication with Cody and Satori is absolutely wild.

    • NAMAN says:

      Sam inspires me.. My parents said if i get 70K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

  4. Lovely_Vixen says:

    I like how Larray genuinely seemed concerned for Colby and Sam staying in the house and kept trying to comfort Bella really shows that he cares 🙂

  5. sunny says:

    started sobbing when abigail said “we are okay”. this is such a beautiful moment, truly gave me so much hope. sam and colby, you’re definitely changing the world with this one. thank you so much for sharing with the world the experiences you’ve both been through, you’ve made me a believer since day one. thank you. onward and upward <3

  6. Rylee Pearce says:

    Hey Sam and Colby take a look at 1:27:25 and pay attention to the door to the basement(?) someone came up the stairs. Also, You guys are truly amazing everything in this series so far really has changed my perspective on the afterlife and has brought me so much comfort so thank you 😊

  7. mudamuda_meg says:

    like many others with that fear of death and being terrified that there’s just nothingness after life – this is a huge weight off of me and my anxiety. this is so amazing, thank you guys and Abigail for this amazing message 💕

  8. kermitjewl says:

    I always feel safe whenever cody & satori are there with them.

  9. brooklyn says:

    this is by far my favorite series you guys have ever released… I’ve always had a belief in the afterlife, but this just made me believe more and each video has made me cry, smile, and feel like life isn’t as scary as it’s made out to be. thank you for sharing your experiences with us, i am grateful to have found your guys’ channel 6+ years ago <3

  10. Gordon Yeomans says:

    I do not allow any negative energy or spirits or anything else to come around me or the ones I love while watching this series. Thank you for letting us hear your story. Thank you guys for everything you guys do. I’m sorry if I made any glances at anything I shouldn’t have.

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