Surviving R. Kelly: Lisa VanAllen Speaks Out (Episode 2) | Lifetime

Surviving R. Kelly: Lisa VanAllen Speaks Out (Episode 2) | Lifetime

Survivor Lisa VanAllen shares her story in this clip from Episode 2. #Lifetime
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102 Responses

  1. Milka says:

    Of course all the haters and defenders of that pervert are already the first to comment ? garbage in and garbage out.

  2. Isaiah Paschal says:

    He is sick she ain’t lying.

    • Mind Yours says:

      Mysterie P. Bruh. You really are reaching. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to hang, club, and scout high school campuses for young girls deserves imprisonment too.

    • Mysterie P. says:

      +Mind Yours your statement makes no sense…didn’t address my statement. what am I reaching for?…. watching child pornography is against the law….. thinking isn’t… (not that I think it’s okay for people to “scout” young girls…. I definitely don’t). This is the dumbest conversation I’ve ever had 🙁 “bruh.”

    • c says:

      ​+Mysterie P. He’s not in jail because he settled with the families, you devil’s advocates are sometimes the devil

    • Mind Yours says:

      c And because disgusting people (some of which I’m sure are pedophiles too) continue to support him. Don’t leave that part out.

    • Mysterie P. says:

      +Mind Yours I don’t “support” him. I just state logical facts. Being logical doesn’t make allll the people who you claim “support” him pedophiles, that’s a ridiculous sensationalized statement based in ignorance. You think he’s guilty….ok. He might be. Stop listening to his music. Why are you even watching this…maybe …you’re a pedophile… you enjoy things like this case?? Why follow this at all? You watching these stories won’t put him in prison…so why watch? What do you get out of it?

  3. Therese Nydahl says:

    I guess we all be watching this. Good that they are finally exposing him, they let him do this way too long.

  4. rogelio salazar says:

    Did anyone hear about the s*** about him and Aaliyah back in the day when she was a minor. And I thought that was the only case. R. Kelly is a pedafile should to time. And I was a huge R. Kelly fan.

    • yngblkqn says:

      I remember an episode of Montell Williams when he had a psychic on and an audience member asked about them and she basically confirmed the abuse on national TV. Sad thing is we all knew it and no one cared to stop this.

    • YES I SAID IT!! says:

      lmaoo.u must be young asf!!

    • YES I SAID IT!! says:

      i remember the tape, the story and everything!! i even remember when r Kelley first came into the scene..cheryl Pepsi u are young asf

    • Big Nibba says:


    • tyrone sanford says:

      That’s y women will always be treated like they have a lesser brain.Always play the victim,Learn to use your own brain.

  5. Mahogany. says:

    I was a teenager when all of this was taking place and I use to hate my parents for not allowing me to listen his music or Aaliyah’s music but as an adult & now mother, I totally get it.

  6. Bria Barrows says:

    I def believe her.

  7. Blackhoundday says:

    your favorite celebs engage in the same acts

  8. allure searles says:

    Glad Lisa and all of the other women are speaking put they need to band together and put him in prison why haven’t they done that yet ?

    • Kayo Terrell says:

      allure searles I hope you go this hard for Harvey Weinstein as well.??

    • Harry P. Ness says:

      allure searles They can’t because it was consensual the women are looking for compensation from R Kelly because he had them looking stupid and they finally realized it.

    • yngblkqn says:

      +Harry P. Ness wrong because they were black and not rich. Remember there was a whole trial and child pornography and he still got away with it.

    • Germaine Stephens says:

      Because the age of consent is 16 and the case of a 14 year old who lied about her age won’t get very far …

    • Temujin 999.99 says:

      Weird, I thought you were supposed to go to the COPS first? But I am a reader and thinker and not a PARASITE
      *Even if he is GUILTY, they are complicit in his behavior, by virtue of NOT GOING TO THE COPS IMMEDIATELY*

  9. Dee T says:

    All I have to say is why is there no Harvey Weinstein documentary. Do I believe the women…Yes. Do I believe he has a problem…Yes. But that does not escape the fact that it is a double standard.

  10. Ben Nelson says:

    R Kelly’s mind is telling him no. But his body. His body. is telling yes.

  11. rimsky richard says:

    I just have a hard time….just something keeps nagging at me telling them me you were there for fame, and now your speaking out for fame to

    • rimsky richard says:

      Valentina Worldwide so why didn’t she speak up back then….your could say she didn’t feel safe but she feels a lot safer doing it right on a dam tv show

    • rimsky richard says:

      Mind Yours an inability to think isn’t something I believe would be nagging at you. I’m not at all defending this man I’m just questioning these women in an age where people would do anything to get some mainstream lim light making a dam tv special of your relation with your man and that he abused you seems odd

    • Valentina Worldwide says:

      +rimsky richard you mean if she spoke up right away the whole world would hear about it just like they do right now? You think somebody would have informed you immediately? When you are at your height and are powerful you really think it’s that simple? Your mind really can’t come up with any gray areas huh?

    • rimsky richard says:

      Valentina Worldwide height and most powerful he on tape peeing on an underaged girl if he did anything to you or abused you something tells me now would of been a great time to speak up my point still stands a tv special, now speaking up….they had to film this edit it, review it and give it a set date to release to the public seems like a waste of time if you want to put a man in jail who abused you. Money talks

    • Valentina Worldwide says:

      +rimsky richard just that simple huh

  12. Mr. P H says:

    This show hasn’t told me nothing what I can’t find on YouTube….

    • __ __ says:

      Mr. P H agree with you up until hearing from Sparkle. The guilt she expressed killed me. I believe her niece is still with him today, she’s the one he calls his pet and says he’s trained since sh e was little. So disturbing

  13. Jose Hernandez says:

    Hopefully that creep will get what’s comin’ to him.

  14. DWatkins Fitness says:

    How does a show like this get cleared to air on Tv. Smh and why wait 20 years to say something this is ridiculous

  15. Sim ? says:

    There is no way fans of r.kelly can defend this so don’t even try!!! All his music needs to be trashed immediately!

    • Jamal Moore says:

      Boy stfu

    • Temujin 999.99 says:

      You are out of your MIND if you think people are going to stop listening to his music.

    • Sim ? says:

      +Mysterie P. Never said nobody can’t listen to what they want……..

    • Sim ? says:

      +Temujin 999.99 everybody I know in real life been stopped years ago…. He holds a bad stigma. If y’all wanna listen to him, cool. But me & a lot of people refuse to listen to his music! Never said nobody can’t listen to what they want.

    • Temujin 999.99 says:

      +Sim ? I understand. I don’t even know why commented to be honest. I must be addicted ?. The Social Media Bug seems to have gotten me as well…..

  16. Ahmad Wright says:

    Was she underaged or something? I think I missed the part where she said r.kelly did wrong. Did I miss it? What part of her story is sick?

  17. Bleu Essence says:

    what about surviving Hugh Heifner.. I’m just saying let’s be fair…

  18. 1123tyrone says:

    Ok, 2019 lets expose everybody. Lifetime, next we need a show on the Catholic Church pedophiles.

  19. Emo crown princess says:

    Everyone defending him is complicit in his continued abuse toward black women. Yes complicit, accepting, contributors to his ability to do these things. We’ve known since Aaliyah. We’ve known since the peeing case yet he’s still surviving allegations because y’all still bumping and grinding to this creeps music. You’re to blame too. Stop blaming the victims.

    • Tei Aundra Minter says:

      Black women allow themselves to be abused.

    • __ __ says:

      Tei Aundra Minter All races of people allow themselves to be abused because they’re vulnerable. Does that mean it’s ok to take advantage of that?

    • Etc Hosts says:

      Emo crown princess no they could have left its not abuse unless you are being held prisoner!

    • Emo crown princess says:

      Etc Hosts 2019 I’m not going back and forth with anyone. I said what I said. Defend a pedophilic monster if you so choose. That’s none of my business

    • aptitude says:

      Pedophilia is very common in black communities and it’s something that isn’t spoken on a whole lot. Something that also isn’t addressed is that many young black women (with zero ‘grooming’ involved) are attracted to older black men and so they seek those types of relationships almost exclusively. How is that inherently abusive? A big issue is society, out of fear, feels the necessity to paint every issue black-and-white.

  20. bugga boo says:

    R kelly is a child molester…why is the fact being sugar coated

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