Sushi Challenge

Sushi Challenge

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I bet my son $10 he couldn’t eat a piece of sushi without gagging or making any faces.

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20 Responses

  1. ricochet188 says:


  2. sprinkles512 says:

    i would be a rich man if that was offered to me, yes 10$ is alot of money

  3. BoDanglezzz says:

    how they even afford sushi in the first place?

  4. McGigi666 says:

    i understand him perfectly, i hate sushi, too :))

  5. TheXeeman says:

    lol his little sis is so adorbs

  6. Bill Nog says:

    Can we crowdfund this kid some balls?

  7. pooptacoyum says:

    Girls Rule!

  8. danielszp says:

    exploding fist by little girl at end was cute

  9. SerRompalot says:

    Everyone has a different palate. My brother is Korean but he hates kimchi,
    THE korean side dish (I still contend this is psychological rather than
    physiological, which he vehemently denies). On the other hand, I can’t
    stand celery. At all. Raw celery’s flavor makes me gag. 

  10. DJ Blur says:

    so she got $10 because she naturally likes it and he doesnt

  11. Jesse Pedroza says:

    Adorable!… Ha ha!!

  12. M Saez says:

    Sushi is good. That kid has no taste. I would much rather have sushi than
    Mac and Cheese.

  13. Shame Stone says:


  14. SHACA LACA says:


  15. Jorge Prens says:

    Girls power!

  16. calvin624 says:

    Charlie is going places … besides Smyths.

  17. Frankie P says:

    was wishing the little girl would throw it up on her bro!

  18. EpicHotCheese says:

    Sam you are hopeless…

  19. Robert Hawkey says:

    Oh man schooled by your sister buddy. :|

  20. HighWarlordJC says:

    We have a winner!