Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

The man arrested for the murder of South Florida rapper XXXTentacion appeared before a judge on Thursday.

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75 Responses

  1. Chill channel name says:

    Everyone be saying oh x was so positive. I get that he was he was a nice guy, but his mission was to make everyone be more uplifting and positive so all I’m saying if you really cared and aren’t fake you’d do the same…

  2. Anthony Eleftheriou says:

    Good riddance

  3. Limited Green says:

    Gods Plan…..

  4. Kadia Targaryen says:

    There were two … I don’t believe he is the real murderer.

  5. Offxcial Josh says:

    R.I.P Brother ❌❌❌😢

  6. hi every body its the leg3nd ben Lopez says:

    I thought it was soldier kidd

    • vA Highflyer21 says:

      hi every body its the leg3nd ben Lopez u just believe anything u hear eh?

    • the forgotten says:

      they are still looking for another suspect so it could be him as well

    • vA Highflyer21 says:

      the forgotten it’s deffinetly not him, shut up , stop talking out your ass

    • the forgotten says:

      vA Highflyer21 that I remember I wasn’t talking your ignorant ass I said might but I never said it’s definitely him you never fucking know now stop looking for arguments and mind your own damn business kid

  7. Zane McAdams says:

    This isn’t 1996 or 1997 anymore, you won’t get away with murdering high profile rappers. There are cameras in all of these public places along with social media. It doesn’t help his case that he did all of this in plain daylight! What an idiot!

    • Zane McAdams says:

      Mr Cuck If CNN covers your death, then you’re labeled as a high profile rapper. He also has a few of his songs reach a hundred million views here on youtube and a few hundred million on spotify for just 1 song. In addition, he’s gotten into altercations with the migos along with drake. All of this classifies him as a high profile rapper with Jay-z and others. I don’t understand how you could make an argument against this

    • Ron I. says:

      He will get a fancy lawyer who will plea it and get 10 yrs.

    • El Trapo says:

      Zane McAdams If that’s the case then you contradicted yourself. Mainstream news covered Jimmy Wopo but he’s not a “high profile rapper”.

    • Zane McAdams says:

      El Trapo Not only wasn’t he as big as x but he was shot in his hometown in Pittsburgh Hill District, I doubt there’s many cameras there as its an undeveloped part of Pittsburgh. Biggie was shot in Los Angeles bro there’s cameras in those streets everywhere now. No way they would have gotten away with it

    • Jenny Babe says:

      Good point about the street and store camera’s.. That guy is extremely stupid..

  8. MLG shrek64 says:

    Isn’t the first time he “died”

  9. Hashtag Wink Wink says:

    R.I.P Xxxtentacion love u and u will forever be my favorite💔😭🙏

  10. Talking Things TV says:

    Lowclass hoodlums killing the rich cause they jealous makes me sick. Put a bullet to his head.

  11. #1Cortez Carter says:


  12. Colton Lee says:

    I really appreciate that they only showed the good side of him and left out things about his past.

  13. winniegunz says:

    this lady speaking sound like she congested

  14. Donald Hump says:

    My favorite artist is a thug. He gets killed by another thug. I want justice! Haha. Your favorite artist was living that lifestyle. He got what he was constantly thinking about.

    • MrKermKerm says:

      williqmjames tupac was a thug and cared about his people and never talked down on any of his supporters..i have no idea who told you thugs dont do this or that because you obviously arent one…dont say what a thug does and doesnt do if you aint even dont know shit

    • Argjend Zuhranaj says:

      Donald Hump Trying to look like that intellectual that gives you the “bitter truth”. You have a sad life and it won’t changr if you keep thinking this way. A guy just died and this is what you have to say? Sad.

    • J M says:

      Donald Hump Conservative cancer, your a flaw in our society regardless of what your brainwashing teaches you.

    • 21 Rubio 21 says:

      X wasn’t a thug tho

  15. Justice says:

    he was just the driver

    • Tomas Romero says:

      Accessory to murder plus breaking probation

    • JAY JAY TRILLa says:

      Justice bet he takes a plee,fuck around and get doing so he’s pretty much saying he’s guilty,so if the other guys involved lose watever leverage they had…who ever killed x though is a fucked…..

    • Ron I. says:

      Its plea not plee.

    • lexaneli says:

      Plus showing off the money on social media. I do not understand people in society today, too many would do anything for money even take another life for something that is not yours. Those are the real criminals i would not mind police officers get rid of. You dont take an innocent life and then brag or show off what you did or attained through the crime.

    • JAY JAY TRILLa says:

      lexaneli he’s a stupid criminal..he should of layed low for a couple months then start flashing all that money…x was just a loud mouth RAPPER…y’all praised him for beating up on these weak ass boys ND shit, should of stayed his rich ass out the way,all that money he got smh these rappers be talking about they stay strapped ND shit……rappers think they’re untouchable..

  16. Zain Ali says:

    Look how she says XXXTentacion’s Name

  17. Maritza Triolet says:

    I Think It Was Soider Kid Beacuse They Said One Of The Men Had A Red Mask And Soider Kid Had A Red Mask In One Of His Songs

  18. Head Attanius says:

    Gods plan

  19. Skylar Justice says:

    Lol when he gets out damn we is gonna feel the anger on X’s supporters

  20. Q. Dot says:

    lmao they cared more about the killer than the killed

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