Suspects in Ahmaud Arbery’s killing arrested and charged

Suspects in Ahmaud Arbery’s killing arrested and charged

The suspects in Ahmaud Arbery’s murder have been arrested.

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68 Responses

  1. Worley MGTOW says:

    Meet me at the bottom of the river.

  2. Amber Wilson says:

    This whole thing is messed up however I’m curious as to why this was filmed in the first place. Ahmaud was running for quite some time while being followed and filmed without the truck not even in the frame. Also how did the driver know to drive on the left side of the road instead of the right side? Did they know that the truck was parked on the right side? I have a strong feeling this was planned and the driver was in on it. The recorder needs to be questioned as well. Obviously this footage is what let us happen in facts but something does not feel right to me. All the same I hope justice is served for Ahmaud as he was just trying to jog. Those heathens need to be locked away forever
    UPDATE: headlines say that the recorder will be questioned!

    • Freddie Grace says:

      @R Char Just like when Travon Martin was murdered. He was a young man defending himself and got shot by some crazy cop wannabe!

    • Heartbreak Kid says:

      Truth came out. The driver was a friend and neighbor and in on it. He was armed as well, helped chase the victim, and was on the phone with them before he started recording. He was purposely trapped on both sides with trucks, he knew this and that his why he fought for his life when he approached the truck.

    • Chris Money says:

      What proof do you have that this actually occurred?

    • Adel Theslave says:

      Carrying a gun and arresting isn’t their job shooting him while self-defense is a crime

    • H. Dinh says:

      We need people such as yourself on the police force. You seem to have a good sense of logical and observation skills.

  3. Isaac Max says:

    The original prosecutor said the mcmichaels were defending themselves and Arbuery attacked first. You’re jogging down the road and 3 white guys roll up in a pickup one steps out with a shotgun. The mcmichaels were not defending themselves, Arbuery was. He was fighting for his life. I’m sure he thought his life was in danger and immediate went into fight or flight.

    • Gunner Patry says:

      @Jbklakamp I mean MYBE the guy was trying to steal something we don’t know do we ?

    • Gunner Patry says:

      @Jk00kie e GO PHUCK YOURSELF!!!

    • Gunner Patry says:


    • Theeraphat Sunthornwit says:

      @Joshyeah black always side with black. Now they are only 30 ish percent in usa. Imagine when black get majority. How can the white survive. Btw, in full video the wouldbe jogger punch the armed man in the head too, after getting shot. No one stand in the way of my jogging i guess.

    • Liza White says:

      @Gunner Patry no, no there weren’ Thare was no serial burglar in the area at the time check the news

  4. Skylar Helmbeck says:

    Where is the third guy??? Why is he not arrested?

    • Nissa M says:

      He is being investigated! I think he was part of this. These animals had their hateful eyes on this poor guy!!

    • Adrian Yogi says:

      Folk Aart in the video you can clearly hear the guy filming cocking his gun

    • cbilljones says:

      They are all guilty of 1st degree murder. There isnt a knife dull enough to castrate these people. Cut em up and let them bleed out

    • Keith Jones says:

      Folk Aart

      You’re 100% Wrong…he was a neighbor who went with the Bubbas to videotape it…ACCESSORY

    • David Rojas says:

      Folk Aart you’re an absolute moron

  5. Rillo 806 says:

    Love when people accuse me of breaking in houses while im on my way to work. Ive dealt with that far too many times. Its a harsh reality i live with every day. So sad that boy got shot for no reason. People are crazy and full of hate. Thats why i own guns.

    • Araminta Williams says:

      That’s horrible you should be able to live your life like everyone else.

    • Rillo 806 says:

      Araminta Williams agreed and i do, ive learned to not let individuals slow me down. I’ve been here 32 years now and ive managed to accomplish my goals and more. But im not going anywhere. Im not easily intimidated nor am i going to change. I have love for all people, even the ones who hate me. I refuse to let the hate of others put hate in my own heart. Thats a terrible way to live.

    • 13th Evergreen says:

      But you’re alive and not him lol can you be more of a cry baby?

    • P Pupp says:

      Gunner Patry um im a person of color who lives in an all white neighborhood i have had whites tell me if i lived here. Now i carry ID incase cops ever show up i can rub it in their faces that i live there. I can tell youre white 😭 u will never know the heart racing moment when a white person profiles you and you are innocent.

    • supersam559 says:

      Happy Traveler imagine failing at life that you have to troll lol and even then your troll game is subpar

  6. Big Raf says:

    These two idiots are now getting their punishment

    • Happy Traveler says:

      @ITSBAYSIDE im black fyi….. colonizer lmao

    • Blk_Bear 000 says:

      @Happy Traveler I really doubt the guy was a criminal

    • ITSBAYSIDE says:

      @Happy Traveler doesnt matter what he is or who he is, they will be put in prison and will get whats coming to them.

    • ITSBAYSIDE says:

      @Happy Traveler you must be the michael jackson type of black then.

    • Happy Traveler says:

      @ITSBAYSIDE lol no im dark as night, and no those guys wont see a day of real time, maybe a public nuisance charge, but this is close to 3 months old now…

  7. Tessa Johnson says:

    Yeah…look at all of the stuff hes holding…..totally must have burgled. Dude who commits burglary on foot with nothing in their hands….seriously?

  8. J D says:

    I saw someone say he was wearing hiking boots. Doesn’t really look like big boots to me

  9. Marvin 99 says:

    Its good that its caught on video. If not, it’ll be different story. RIP

  10. Joejoe says:

    BUT … got to think about both sides of the voting pool.

  11. Emily says:

    Trump couldn’t even be bothered the remember his name FFS.

  12. Dahar Master says:

    i don’t know the details of this case and because of the cropping of the phone cam and the truck being in the way i honestly cannot tell if this was self-defense or not…however it looks like they set up a roadblock or something to stop a jogger lol damn thats messed up

  13. Violet Hipster says:

    There are people defending these people? The clownery in this world I swear

    • Happy Traveler says:

      @Jason Smith we never stopped lol its a staple of American history

    • Happy Traveler says:

      @P Pupp google his criminal record he was arrested quite a few times theft, possession of a firearm, domestic violence

    • House of the Diamond 8 says:

      @Vices & Madonna Moron…YOU. CAN.SEE. HIM. RUNNING. AT. THEM. AND. ATTACKING. THEM…in the VIDEO!!! How can you justify the media convicting these men of being “white supremacists” and “lynching” someone when they have only been arrested a day or two ago? Blacks are violent. Why do you ignore those statistical facts? Why do you ignore the daily hate crimes against white Americans that constantly occur? You’re just a racist in a flimsy disguise. Just admit it.

    • Erick says:

      House of the Diamond 8 WOULD. YOU. NOT. FIGHT. BACK?! Obviously he’s gonna fight back.

    • Neil W says:

      He was a criminal that tried to bring a gun to school and was a known thief. Who cares

  14. Dolp Turdman Is The Antichrist says:

    Will the “He fell on my gun 3 times and he looks a lot like a burglar, your honor!” work for them this time?

  15. Francis says:

    “Suspected neighbourhood robberies” can’t take matters into your own hands there’s due process that has to followed

  16. katyrebel18 says:

    Why is a Houston news station trending when the killing happened in Georgia.

  17. N mir says:

    It’s disgusting that those two thought they were entitled enough to be the judge, jury, and executioner

  18. Tilly Laidman says:


  19. H. Dinh says:

    When things like this happen, I lose the small amount of hope i have for the world.

    Imagine being home, stressing about what’s going on in the world and going for a jog. Suddenly, two men pull up on you and you’re being attacked, fighting for your life, only to lose the battle. Nobody around to help, nobody you love to reassure you it’s going to be okay, even if its not.

    If we die, let us die in peace. For a split second, away from the chaos of humanity.

  20. Neil W says:

    Ahmaud was a criminal that tried to bring a gun to school and was a known bugler. Why are people upset?

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