Suspiria – Teaser Trailer | Amazon Studios

Suspiria – Teaser Trailer | Amazon Studios

A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the troupe’s artistic director, an ambitious young dancer, and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up. Suspiria arrives in theaters November 2. From director Luca Guadagnino. Starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Jessica Harper and Chloe Grace Moretz.

» Coming to Theaters November 2, 2018!

About Suspiria:
As a darkness builds at the center of a world-renowned dance company, its artistic director, a young American new to the troupe, and a grieving psychotherapist become entangled in a bloody, sighing nightmare. Suspiria arrives in theaters November 2. From director Luca Guadagnino. Starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Jessica Harper and Chloe Grace Moretz.

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Suspiria – Teaser Trailer | Amazon Studios

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66 Responses

  1. Dakota Johnson World says:


  2. Fega Budisatria says:

    The scoring tho.

    • The Fate Of The WOLF says:

      Alfie That’s right, the person in charge of the soundtrack is thom yorke, we are doing an equally incredible job as heard in this teaser

    • Alfie says:

      The Fate Of The WOLF while it’s really good, I don’t think you can compare it to goblin!

    • Peter A says:

      Nope no goblin. Yorke was obsessed with blade runners score… To me it sounds completely similar to Wendy Carlos which is pretty badass… I had my feelings on this but this is pretty damned original.

    • Psychotic Cinema says:

      It sounds really boring and bland. Uninventive might I add.

    • JB says:

      Thom Yorke will do an amazing job. Expect a great horror score.

  3. Aaditya Bhattacharya says:

    It looks very 70’s thriller like French connection.

  4. The Mexican Says says:

    This made me uncomfortable… but super anticipated at the same time

  5. AceHalford says:

    Creepy…….. which is good

  6. thatonedrewguy says:

    This actually looks REALLY good on all fronts, and I wasn’t anticipating it to chill me to the core like this. If only we could get this director and score in a Clock Tower movie (and yes I know, Clock Tower was inspired by Phenomena).

    • Hardtechnoboy says:

      Actually there was a Clock Tower movie set to be made but it never got out of Production linbo and got cancelled. I interned for that company and that was back in 2006. Who knows maybe some producer will buy the rights and it will get made eventually.

    • Procrastinitus says:

      Hardtechnoboy The director attached to it was found dead in a bath tub so they cancelled it

    • Procrastinitus says:

      I’m not even kidding

    • Hardtechnoboy says:

      Procrastinitus No Way: No wonder they didn’t tell us. The production office was in Hollywood (Santa Monica/Formosa) I ended up working at MTV later.

    • Procrastinitus says:

      Hardtechnoboy Yeah he was supposed to be filming a remake of one of his older films and was found in the bath of his hotel room, that’s all I ever heard. Before that there were multiple scripts and directors that passed through the project, none of the scripts were any good and the story was hardly even related to Clock Tower.

  7. Thora Grey says:


  8. TealYomi says:

    Thom Yorke yeyeeyeyeyeyeyeye

  9. Dallas Cowboys Highlights says:

    Interesting that the color palette for the most part featured dull browns and such unlike the bright colors of the original.

    • Peter Mckain says:

      i wouldnt go that far but it was missing something for sure felt like half a movie

    • Michael Kelly says:

      Also, I wouldn’t completely count out some clever uses of color being used in the film. No doubt the director knows that was a very important part of the original, and the marketing and the letters popping up in this trailer seem to understand that too. This is just a teaser trailer – There may still be some neat things up their sleeve

    • JackTheRippin says:

      This looks like it might actually make sense and not just be cinematic gold.

    • Alfonso Coronado says:


      llas Cowboys Highlights

    • Sr Franz Kool says:

      It’s a logic and well thought decision, to not repeat the original’s style.

  10. MichaelNicle says:

    I Must say!!!!
    I’m VERY , VERY Impressed!!!

  11. Dev1559 says:

    Thom Yorke as composer??! Suddenly I’m interested

  12. Marulindda says:

    Excellent teaser trailer❤

  13. ViPeZz says:

    This looks creepy as hell. Going for that 70s/early 80s horror vibe I see.

  14. Rob B says:

    Really pleasantly surprised by this trailer considering it’s a remake of a fucking brilliant 70s horror (how many more of these do we need?) but this one looks like it’s actually made in the 70s with a weird atonal score, 35mm filmic visuals, jarring editing and isn’t some edgy jump scare nonsense like the vast majority of modern day horror remakes.

  15. Meli RP says:

    OMG…¡Can’t wait!??

  16. Angela Crisantes says:


    • Psychotic Cinema says:

      Angela Crisantes doubtful. The original was a masterpiece. This can’t top the original.

    • Isiah Vasquez says:

      Psychotic Cinema PREEAACCHHH

    • Jennifer Kellow says:

      Seriously- it’s like all the director’s friends are hanging out on this thread. I have a difficult time with people who have no respect for those who came before, while ripping them off and gleefully declaring their own genius.

    • Will C says:

      Jennifer Kellow In what way is this ripping off the original? Guadagnino has made it abundantly clear that he has a deep admiration for what Argento did and wants to use that template to tell his own interpretation. And it looks fucking scary, too, so all that gives it a big advantage over other remakes.

  17. Gui Porto says:

    I bet Radiohead is about to be the first band with two Oscar nominees for Best Soundtrack.

  18. Kitty Katt says:

    I am extremely skeptical and not very hopeful of this remake. It seems totally disrespectful to me to remake Suspiria and ruin the memory of the old masterpiece to replace it with common knowledge of this new movie. All I can say is it better do it justice and it better have more colors than this trailer is showing…

  19. Tommy Ross says:

    somehow manages to capture the vibe of the original but at the same time looks like a completely different vision. amazing.

  20. Paris Gul says:

    trending #1 in the UK !!

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