SVP Takes Down Kards

SVP Takes Down Kards

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20 Responses

  1. James Harper says:

    that is so right

  2. PoultryFarm08 says:

    Very well said!

  3. Josh Clements says:

    flip the bat SVP

  4. justanotherstory says:

    Kim the porno star, bruce the cock cutter, rest that are shit and Lamar
    doesn’t fit in that shit at all. SVP is the broadcaster of the year. he
    worded it in a way that i would never link him with that literally all cock
    sucking of family.

  5. metafouric says:

    thank you

  6. SCOTTY says:


  7. BMass TV™ says:

    “..on a TV show, we don’t watch,” ooooohhh kill em SVP haha

  8. Andrew Ralph says:

    Watching him read that entire rant from a teleprompter kind of killed the
    whole “take down” aspect for me.

  9. Lisa Davis says:


  10. dom barter says:

    All I need is for Kylie to drop a sex tape then they can disappear

  11. hopitoknow says:

    best thing I heard all year

  12. Michael Moore says:

    His name was Lamar odom and we knew it long before he got married , on a TV
    show that we don’t watch. SVP keeping it ?

  13. leah H says:

    Boom thanks SVP, well said! That’s what the Kcards do, destroy men’s lives!
    Look at them poor Lamar in coma, Scott is a drunk, Bruce is a woman…
    watch your back Kanye!

  14. meg1mp says:

    Scott Van Pelt is the man who else would call out the Kardashians on live
    TV . I used to not really watch Scott Van Pelt that much but now I believe
    he is and everybody’s attention with that comment he will truly go places
    screw the Kardashians they should all feel ashamed of themselves for even
    thinking of coming to Lamar’s bedside especially with cameras

  15. 1zombie 4v says:

    Make a deal with the devil and that’s what happens . All of them will pay
    eventually . Kardashian Jenner clown show . The devil is coming to get his
    souls . Times up

  16. Christopher Taylor says:

    NICELY DONE SIR. Indeed.

  17. Catmagic123 says:

    he’s reffered to as a kardashian star because that’s how their headline
    will reach most people, sports fan (mostly men) will know who he is, and
    women will too when reffered to as a kardashian star. It’s basic journalism
    and happens all the time, calm down

  18. Barbara Gordon says:

    This was basically a “My name is my name” moment.

  19. Protox says:


  20. Christina Thomas says:

    My thoughts/feelings exactly. It’s so frustrating to see him linked to them
    like he never existed before them.