Swansea 2-3 Man City | Key Moments | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Swansea 2-3 Man City | Key Moments | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Aguero’s brace completes incredible late comeback for Pep’s men!

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62 Responses

  1. James Waters says:

    I don’t see how anyone can possibly be against VAR anymore. It’s ridiculous

    • Pelé the Hedgehog says:

      James Waters United voted against it so…

    • A future Star says:

      +James Waters Since then Seria A VAR is just as poor like others clubs can’t believe people criticised VAR in Seria A last year it was just brilliant they used it more and it was amzing now we see mistakes like in every other VAR using

    • A future Star says:

      +Pati Silver Just like Guardiola shuted Wenger couple seasons ago
      Penalty was a penalty
      Offside was offside
      But we won because we were better (Penalty for Arsenal not called and offside city goal)
      I still dont get those people who go against the teams that areplaying beautiful amazing best football in the world or one of the and complain aboout reff mistakes even tho they deserved the win

    • One of Five says:

      James Waters
      we just need different people in control of VAR. if we have idiotic ex-referees there then VAR will stay useless.

  2. kIMkLOz says:

    Offside goal and a doggy pen… Ffs, where’s VAR?

  3. The MLS Zone says:

    I am a man city fan but we should have lost this one wow, offside goal we got lucky big time but oh well off to semifinals we go??????

    • Inozation _ss says:

      I don’t wanna go Semi-Finals as a City fan. More weight on our shoulders. We should have lost this one.

    • ekrem013 says:

      +Vincent Kompany the king middlesbrough 8-1 city but of course you weren’t a fan back then were you?

    • Jimmy Page says:

      +camaleon18 On site? Nobody’s denying that but he was offside clearly

    • ZD Magallanes says:

      +Jimmy Page show me the video where he’s clearly offside. SMH y’all just can’t stop hating on the Guardiola effect.

  4. Adam Doležálek says:

    have some shame FA, no VAR here but it’s ready for United game? shambles

    • Kido Bain says:

      No need for VAR Here, take a careful look at the feet, that is awful defending!

    • The RMN says:

      Adam Doležálek please come to my channel bro

    • Owen Robinson says:

      +Business of Life if another team got Swansea there wouldn’t be any var either . It’s just cities luck . Who would’ve thought Swansea would go 2-0 up ? The city would come back because of the lack of var? . On paper everyone expected this to be a comfortable win for city . Why would they plan to cheat in this match? and not one of the UCL matches?

  5. Messi Goto says:

    The background is the CL against Shalke?

  6. Gaming Cheese says:

    When controversial goals happen against city, they totally accept it, and acknowledge the pressure put on the referees, why can’t other clubs accept it as well?

  7. Jlaad Libya says:


  8. Malcolm Elford says:

    TBF to City, Guardiola has always said he’s a proponent of VAR. it’s not his fault it’s not being used today. Some days you get the decisions your way. Some days you don’t. Stop whining !!

    • RUDDY says:

      We are not complaining towards man city its the fact swansea are not allowed to be on an even playing field due to their championship status

    • Dizzy ninja says:

      +RUDDY If i was Guardiola i would also say that. City always score these type of goals

    • Zenigundam says:

      I don’t even like soccer, but if I were a player on the other team and the refs made a horrendous goal call against us and didn’t use VAR to overturn it, I’d have to revert to my alpha male nature and punch out the ref who made the call. ???‍?

  9. Godzilla says:

    Man city going for that quadruple
    I reckon there gonna get the domestic treble !

  10. Mandy Singh says:

    If the second goal of man City was a penalty then I’m the president of USA

  11. David Newbon says:

    Swansea should have had that game. Wheres the VAR at?

  12. Dindin 101 says:

    Delph was shocking yet again, Zinchenko the much better option

    Edit:I think that Delph should go back to CM seeing as he plays much better there.

    • Taras Shved says:

      Zinchenko is definitely the best among MC squad for this position. Even, one of the best in the League. But, he cannot play all the games, and needs rest, therefore Delph was there… Sadly…

    • Anson Choi says:

      That’s why man city needa buy lb

    • petcap3 says:

      He won’t play in CM. Too many better quality player at that position..

    • Armagan Yavan says:

      Delph needs to be sold.
      Danılo or zınchenko waaaay better. Mendy stıll ınjured.
      Once we are one hunned we wıll carve up the league.

  13. EzAf_ Sevak says:


    Big ups Swansea

  14. Nas Nasrul says:

    Congratulations to ManCity team and fans..

  15. NJ S says:

    Can we just appreciate that 2nd Swansea goal. How many teams recently have carved City up like that? Wonderful teamwork.

  16. Free Soul says:

    Pep and Man City have always wanted to implement the VAR so you can’t fault them. All the talk about refs being paid off are nonsense

  17. Michael dm. says:

    Dude the aguero comeback effect is actually real…

  18. Legend says:

    When commentary is rubbish and you decide to upload it without it… ?

  19. Nicholas Leow says:

    1:20 Stonewall Penalty. It’s probably a 50/50 decision. Mistakes can happen in football.

  20. Nikita Oliinyk says:

    OZ 35 comes in the Game= City winns the Game.

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