Swiftamine – Saturday Night Live

There’s a new medicine on the market for those affected by vertigo after discovering they love Taylor Swift – Swiftamine.

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20 Responses

  1. Thisisbb1 says:

    i enjoy taylor so Swiftamine is not required :P

  2. ndeb100 says:

    OKay, this sketch was freakin genius and hilarious and the new cast members
    are pleasing me surprisingly but NO ONE WILL EVER replace Kristen Whigg or
    Bill Hader. Get that straight now. As for the Taylor Swift related stuff
    her new music at least what I’ve heard on the radio makes me quite sad. Her
    voice is soothing, not spectacular but pleasant to listen to but her knack
    for writing lyrics has always been spectacular and the tunes catchy.
    However I now am annoyed. The new music has way too much synthesizer and
    she doesn’t need it. It drives me nuts when good artists ruin themselves
    with synthesizer. Also those accursed lyrics… I NEVER thought I would
    ever hear the genius of Taylor Swift who wrote the beautiful and thoughtful
    lyrics such as: “untouchable like a distant diamond sky I’m reaching out
    and I just can’t tell you why” EVER write lyrics that go: “haters gonna
    hate hate hate hate and I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake it
    off” It just depresses me so much. What happened to her artistic style and
    grace? I pray the other songs on her album sound different from that and
    she too has not succumbed to the thoughtless and trashy garbage that is
    modern day mainstream pop. I’m 17 and the music of my generation depresses
    me because it lacks vocal technique, artistic style, and thoughtful lyrics.
    I mean this is a minor compared to the Justin Bieber, Nikki Minaj, Sam
    Smith,Jessie J shit on the radio but THIS is the one that upsets me most
    because I genuinely believe openly that Taylor Swift is a great artist but
    that damn song on the radio doesn’t show that. It upsets me that she has
    these songs that don’t show off her artistic ability or allow her to
    construct music of her full potential. I miss The Best Day, Tied Together
    With A Smile, Invisible, Change, Love Story, Long Live, Innocent, Breathe,
    Mean,Wonderstruck, UNTOUCHABLE which to me is her masterpiece. That’s the
    Taylor I fell in love with. I’m not saying write about guys again but write
    about something meaningful and say it in a meaningful way. Make me think.
    Give me a melody that makes me feel something whether it be pain or
    contentment or comfort or hope not just mindless pop who’s message gets
    contorted by the unthoughtful simplicity of the lyrics. Even Everything Has
    Changed was pretty good. Safe and Sound was genius. The way it was written
    the style the message, everything about it flawless. That’s what I want.
    That’s the Taylor I know. That’s the Taylor I would continue to buy CDs
    from. Taylor don’t conform to the stupid modern pop because it is shit.
    Don’t forget who you are and stick to the lyrics I know you are capable of
    crafting that leave such an impact on people.

  3. Harshal Jain says:

    Yes, SNL. YES.

  4. Bina Malla says:

    O MY ! LOL ! :V

  5. ❤Swiftielicious 〈13❤ says:

    Keep on humming Shake It Off Haters… 

  6. heyyouassbutt says:

    Lots of close-minded and hateful fucktards in the comments section. What
    else is new?

  7. cronaldy says:


  8. Abi Baker says:

    Yes, SNL. YES.

  9. englishmutton says:

    Is that Chris Rock??????????????????? Holy shoot!

  10. Mike Ledesma says:

    Yes, SNL. YES.

  11. Shreya Gupta says:

    Yes, SNL. YES.

  12. Aaron Gayvin says:

    Yes, SNL. YES.

  13. Shooterguy5000 says:


  14. Potterhead Mary Beth says:

    Yes, SNL. YES.

  15. Gabe Thayn says:

    Yes, SNL. YES.

  16. jay elemos says:

    I can’t believe Taylor Swift sold millions of albums I need Swiftamine!

  17. Katalyzt says:

    Who is Taylor Swift? ;O)


  18. Swifties Forever says:

    OMG! This is AWESOME!!

  19. Brian Miller says:

    I’ve been fighting severe vertigo since Thursday… hope it isn’t this,
    I’ll lose my street cred.

  20. Luke Freeman says:

    But…Taylor Swift isn’t on Spotify.