Swimmin’ Hole | Mickey Mouse Short Season 4

Swimmin’ Hole | Mickey Mouse Short Season 4

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About Mickey Mouse Cartoons:
Mickey Mouse has been synonymous with Disney since first came into our lives in 1928 with a whistle and two step in the classic Disney cartoon Steamboat Willie. Mickey has appeared in over 130 films including “Brave Little Tailor” (1938) and “Fantasia (1940), as well as television shows like the Mickey Mouse Club and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Along with his gang of trusted friends, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and even his nemesis Pete, Mickey is back for more fun and adventure in the brand new series of Mickey Mouse shorts, created by Paul Rudish.

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20 Responses

  1. Abby Cowling says:

    Mickey Mouse cartoons are always so enjoyable ❤

  2. KoopaX 654 says:

    never seen this one

  3. Hilda Rubi says:

    I love Mickey cartoons they are just the best

  4. Lea DelAngel says:

    How do you remove an entire swimming hole from the ground? Also why not just get a pool?

  5. Mairusu says:

    Glad to see these back!

  6. GD Neo says:

    wow I waited so long for a new one

  7. Aylin Dogan says:


  8. Nimbus The Cat says:

    “there’s no law for stealing!”
    . . .

  9. Tia Blue says:

    So glad these shorts are continuing! 😀 For a while, I was afraid they were over haha

  10. Random Otaku Person says:

    Me: *still waiting for a short with Oswald in it*

  11. solidmario64 says:

    Hey, nice Bambi reference. 😀

  12. Persegan says:

    I really like how the backgrounds are drawn in these shorts! If someone knew how they’re doing them, I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me

  13. Gabe Valdez says:

    I love the Goofy scream at 2:12 and the reference to Little April Showers!

    These Mickey shorts continue to be absolutely amazing.

  14. TickedOff Priest says:

    To be fair, Pete can steal that if no one owns the land.

  15. Brer Oswald says:

    I thought this series got cancelled…I’m sooooo glad it didn’t!!! The Bambi reference was a nice touch too 😉

  16. trash queen says:

    I knew it I knew Pete might be a good guy in the inside a little

  17. Alexaeus says:

    “I GOTTA FORGET MY TROUBLES!!”, Donald urged his companions, as the gruesome imagery of the horrors of war flashed before his inner eye again. Barely contained rage and unfathomable hatred boiled to the surface that would’ve otherwise been lying dormant at the bottom of his beloved swimming hole.

    Pete would pay for this.

  18. giinger says:

    when will oswald appear in this series?

  19. OrangeRatchet09 says:

    2:11 Nice to hear the classic Goofy Holler… even if it’s not Bill Farmer’s impersonation… don’t get me wrong, the classic Goofy holler is nice to hear, but… Bill is the voice for Goofy, and I know he can do a good imitation of the holler… regardless, Goofy Holler is great to hear!

  20. JBV17 says:

    And somehow the fish don’t suffocate that whole time without the pool………..

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