Swimming With Golden Retrievers

Swimming With Golden Retrievers

July 22, 2105 – Samut Songkhram, Thailand
Golden Retrievers show off their excellent swimming capabilities as they chase their owner.
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20 Responses

  1. Trevor X Slayer says:

    He used axii sign!

  2. pinkman Jesse says:

    GR :”Don’t Run”.

  3. Molly Loulou says:

    W T F 7 next time you eat dog i hope you fucking well choke its twats like
    you that want putting out of misery not the dogs you sick bastard 

  4. Muzzy 911 says:

    +lily yellow thai people dont its only some evil Chinese or Japanese

  5. Torika More says:

    Подписывайтесь на мой канал

  6. Aussie Eightythree says:

    Upload more please

  7. Alicia sanchez says:

    hahaha nice video man.retrievers are awesome!thanks!

  8. ေအာင္ ေအာင္ says:

    aung aung

  9. Analgeneral says:

    I like hot dogs

  10. Fresh day says:


  11. Isaac Pearson says:

    It looks. I really like it activity examine What’s your opinion about it11

  12. alienxmz says:

    cool but why is this on the sports section?

  13. 张馨彤 says:


  14. EddieDaBadger says:

    Oh god this is terrifying 

  15. Amy Viccora says:

    Oh my Godzilla 

  16. MV Emotion says:


  17. Jeffrey Pinal says:

    Golden Retrievers las mejores mas inteligentes y juguetonas compañeros que
    hay yo tengo uno y nos la pasamos tambien increibleee

  18. GoD|_!k3Gaming says:

    Why are they swimming with their food ?? 😀 MUHAHAHAHAH

  19. All so Woman says:

    I do love. I had to share as so beautiful

    Thanks for posting Tessi

  20. Readytodie0 says:

    swimming with food