Swizz Beatz VS Just Blaze LIVE

Swizz Beatz VS Just Blaze LIVE

Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze hit the studio impromptu late in NYC and go head-to-head in a “Battle Of The Beats” from our live stream. Special guest appearance from Busta Rhymes.

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20 Responses

  1. Satan Devil says:

    New lil niggas ain’t gotta a fuckin’ what’s goin’ on here.

  2. Sixtus says:

    Hip hop when it was great, now the industry saturated with these devil worshipping money hungry mumble rappers.

  3. BiggJern says:

    So Pharrell vs. Timbaland soon?

  4. John Berry says:

    I’ll give it a few more hours before the “Now see this is REAL HIP HOP right here!!!” demographic hits the comment section .

  5. Derrell Arthur says:

    Early Swiss in the Ruff Ryder days was a fucking problem. Now he’s beats are just ok to me.

  6. Mark Garcia says:

    Shout out to tha dude in the Ruff Ryder’s gear for keeping that shit mint since 98

  7. Robert Munoz says:

    Where are my damn mid top air forces, rocawear jeans and throwback jersey at

  8. b7k1l8yn says:

    This battle is the foundation the Culture was built on ..Hip Hop won

  9. Chris Dodges says:

    2:27:27 ?????


  10. Common Sensei says:

    If you notice, the difference comes in the fact that Just Blaze has just as much hits, yet a more diverse artist library, whereas Swizz hits mainly come from his stint with Ruff Ryders which were naturally filtered to him by basically being the resident in house DJ/Producer. Just Blaze definitely got the W in this case. Both great producers though.

  11. Nelson Jonathan says:

    I want to see Kanye vs Kanye next

  12. D Banks says:

    after 2 future albums in 2 weeks I needed this

  13. RAPSTA says:

    I’m down for a Pharrell vs Timbaland battle!

  14. needmoneynow2 says:

    What stood out to me is that Jay Z killed a LOT of the beats they played Hov was in heavy rotation lol

  15. Al Al says:

    WEST SIDE EDITION : Dre vs Quik next, Battlecat vs. Daz Dillinger, Warren G vs Dj Muggs, Madlib vs Alchemist

  16. Cameron Borden says:

    this was hot they should turn this into a weekly show or something. with different producers going head to head.

  17. Firmfiasco says:


  18. MurdaLuck5 says:

    lol Cass gettin so hype when Drink & 2 Step came on like he don’t listen to that shit everyday ??????????????

  19. Wati Umi says:

    This battle was over before it even started… Swizz obviously has some bangers but for the most part all of his beats have the same tempo & drum patterns. Just Blaze beats are more diverse, full & rich. Kanye West vs Just Blaze would have been more competitive.

  20. S. Dimitri says:

    Why so laggy…..its 2017 hot 97 wtf

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