Swurfer Surfboard Swing

Swurfer Surfboard Swing

Surfboard-inspired tree swing.

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Hang out in a tree and swing through the air on a handcrafted Swurfer, a swing inspired by board sports.

With wooden handles and a curved maple board, it’s a joy to stand or sit on as you swing back and forth, carve ovals in the air, or try more advanced maneuvers!

Made in the USA, the board’s UV and water-resistant finish will last for years and the included high-strength ropes will get you swurfin’ in no time! Swurf’s up!


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20 Responses

  1. Vito Salamone says:

    and too dangerous

  2. _ meh _ says:

    Lol I fell off of one of these and almost broke my wrist

  3. tractor lad farming says:

    Oh look, more useless shit from VAT19

  4. Moth craft says:

    hey that looks pretty cool! how much is it? 40$? 60$? 80$? Nope I am not
    paying 130$

  5. ForWarD says:

    can you surf it?

  6. Ross Rivera says:


  7. Galaxy Gamer says:

    This is soo cool :D

  8. IGotaHasDatChez Gaming says:

    Okies (Oklahomans)
    Would do a lot of other crazy stuff with that.
    But also actually surf because we don’t have beaches.
    BUT in lakes we do stuff that’s just as fun. ?

  9. Sophia and Elaine silvercarrot says:


  10. Eliza Hoke says:


  11. cheeki breeki oy oy says:

    we all have this problem:
    start watching only 1 vat19 vid just for fun..

    3 and a half hours later still watching to stuff like a basketballcup…

  12. MangoTube says:


    -This has been marked as ultraspam

  13. Grace Cantrell says:

    I can do that with a regular swing

  14. LiviErdelyiisbored Alright says:

    I honestly think I would break my arm.?

  15. dadpunk 420 says:

    yall im gonna bust my head why would you sell this

  16. Annalee Moorhead says:

    Was I the only one who did this when I was a kid with just a regular, old
    tree swing?

  17. MrCaleb says:

    I do this in a normal swing

  18. jie he says:

    This product is a lawsuit waiting to happen in the US

  19. dawn rhodes says:

    I am afraid of heights

  20. Chandler Bing says:

    I’d imagine Kian and Jc doing the end of the video.