SZA – Good Days (Official Video)

SZA – Good Days (Official Video)

SZA – “Good Days” out now

Director: Solana
Executive Producer: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith
EP: Angel J Rosa
Producers: Terrence “Punch” Henderson, Roberto “retOne” Reyes, Mark Schroeder
DP: Luis “Panch” Perez
Production Company: TDE Films x AJR Films

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70 Responses

  1. Crystal Jennemy says:

    SZA doesn’t realize this, but she is making everyone’s day better.

  2. Denzel Dion says:


  3. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    She started it out with the instrumental from the acoustic version… she knows us way too well

  4. Travis Higgs says:

    Why this isn’t trending yet ? Who’s here before 1 million

  5. Shi Thead says:

    AHHHH the transition to “shirt” at the end just gave me goosebumps and gave a whole “to be continued..” for this video just like hit different I CANT WAIT

  6. Naturally. Riahh says:

    I love this women whole life she need to drop the other song

  7. Issam Omar says:

    Y’all … I dont think y’all realise how deep this shit is. I was crying when I saw her dancing but still focused reading the book, which is her shit y’all. I love you Solana, if you ever come across that comment: your music saved me. Manifesting shit and listening to your music is what keeps me alive. I will always owe you.

  8. Fandoms4Life says:

    That flex of reading a book while upside down on a pole!!

  9. Constance C Tv says:

    It’s “shirt “ at the end for me 😩 making me wanna learn how to pole dance

  10. Jemima Jones says:

    I love when black women.

    • Nie Nie says:

      @njomja’s edits no tf-

    • 3 times says:

      @n o sounds like you’re exceptional pole dancer, borderline gifted

    • mai says:

      @3 times pls what does pole dancing have to do with black women???? pls explain for me 🤨

    • INDYA says:

      @njomja’s edits You were obviously the sensitive one if you had to correct that black women when she said “Black women” you then said “*All women”, so who’s was really the sensitive one honey, I’m laughing and smiling with all of my melanin (MWAH) 🤎

    • INDYA says:

      @njomja’s edits So as I said before take your gentrified comment elsewhere 🥰👌🏾

  11. Dave Ewango says:

    She didn’t even realize how helpful his music is for a lot of people around the world. Thank you SZA !

    • riz1738 says:

      I just said that and it made me cry my ex broke up with me out of the blue he just let me go and I still think about it it’s like how can you hurt someone you said you loved I just keep praying to get him out of my system any thought of him I want out it sucks but I have to be strong 🥺

  12. Ino says:


  13. jasmine ade says:

    sza releasing her album is starting to look a lot like when covid ends

  14. Kevin says:

    “Good days” is cute but “blood stain on my shirt” would take over the world

  15. Lanae Samone says:

    She’s giving Poison Ivy and I’m fucken in love 🤗🥰

  16. Tiana Smith says:

    Sometimes i wonder if she knows how much power she holds.

  17. joeconza says:

    It’s the preview of the next song for me😍🥵

  18. BRATTA TATA says:

    take your “here before 1M ticket” here 🎫

  19. des says:

    When she started throwing it back furiously I knew this wasn’t a regular song

  20. Kimberly Cherrell says:

    THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!! **hits replay**

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