SZA – PSA (Official Teaser)

SZA – PSA (Official Teaser)

Director – Bradley J. Calder @bradleyjcalder
Fire and Glow – Rick Braukis @rick_braukis
Executive Producer – Aiden Magarian @aidenmagarian
Production Company – Typeface Studio @typefacestudio
Producer – Ava Doorley @avadoorley
Director of Photography – Cory Burmester @cory.burmester
1st AC – Alexio Mah @alexiomah
Gaffer – Tristan Moffatt @tristanmoffatt
Steadicam – Jose Espinoza @noswayjose
Editor – Bradley J. Calder @bradleyjcalder
Colorist – Matt Osborne @matt_osborne_color Company 3 @conpany_3
VFX – Ryan Zum Mallen @rynozoom95 Pendulum VFX @pendulum.vfx
Director’s Rep – HANDS London @handsldn Camille Anais Semprez @camille_anais
PA – Clay Cantrell

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23 Responses

  1. ExaltedEly says:

    SZA will most definitely be coming hard for this new era and I’m ready for EVERYTHING she has to share.

  2. Augusto Mejía says:

    Ella nunca decepcionado, eres arte, tu voz lo es todo. Con muchas ansías para escuchar este álbum.
    Te amo SZA❤️

  3. Black&White Music says:

    girl you never disappoint release this album soon, I’m watching xoxo

  4. Daveedd says:

    the way she’s managed to maneuver her way into mainstream music and stayed relevant with no album release since 2017 is INSANE 🔥

  5. Matheus Amaral says:

    Amo a forma como ela faz arte com música e performance de forma tão única! Simplesmente é ela em cada momento

  6. Michael B says:

    Love how it feels like SZA adds a little bit of pixie dust and fairy kisses into every song she sings. As if you are walking into an enchanted garden ✨️

  7. Liza_Official says:


  8. Talia McGregor says:

    she just taps into that part of my brain that needs it. lyrics, production… it’s just insane how her art resonates like no other. it is true talent mixed with something special. I love her so much and i don’t know her wtf
    for me personally, the timing with her music and my life is fucked hahaha like “you don’t deserve what i got”… “always make it worse with time” sza babe, get out my mind but also live there rent free boo

  9. Ivy Daimond says:

    If only she’d release an album she’d slay then entire world 🌎

  10. Ivan Ramirez says:

    I been a SZA Stan since 2015 and to watch her come up is magic. TAKW OVER THE WORLD BBY GIRL

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