SZA – The Weekend (Official Video)

SZA – The Weekend (Official Video)

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78 Responses

  1. BeautifuilNiteM Gamin says:

    😐So im thinking im about to see this sexy guy cheating on his gf with sza…but no…

    • Kaidyann Mcgowan says:

      BeautifuilNiteM Gamin
      Omg same with me I’m thinking to see a guy spending week days with boo and coming to sza over the weekend sza in something sexy waiting his arrival lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • ArayΓ‘l RΓ­o says:

      All SZA’s moves from this vid could’ve been included, like shorter flashes during the chorus or something.
      Sexy guy…me too! Disappointed.

    • RANDOMNESS alanna valdez says:

      BeautifuilNiteM Gamin what I’m saying!!!!!

  2. Jaylen Sheppard says:

    This song deserves a storyline music video and normani from fifth harmony as the dudes main chick like that would’ve been iconic πŸ˜©πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  3. Just me says:

    Nope SZA I won’t accept this. I refuse…. she used to dance her ass off too dam. Didn’t want a ratchet video but what is this?

  4. carol lugor says:

    finally 😩
    edit: nvm, delete this mess

  5. Ashley says:

    This is really disappointing. First y’all take mad long to make the video and now it don’t even match the fucking song.πŸ˜‚

    • Gray says:

      Bruh they literally dropped 3 other videos for this album already, and I bet the first one (Love Galore) is the one that got you to notice her even though she’s been making music for YEARS. Talking bout “mad long”, most of the spoiled ass fans in this comment section took “mad long” to notice her. Y’all too used to Rihanna’s “nakey, nakey, naked” ass shaking around for some nigga in every video. SZA been different from that since like 2012. Love Galore fooled your ass. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    • Trip2Chanel says:

      dead ass lol literally a disappointment

  6. Breyonna Morgan says:

    What are the subtitles for?

  7. Na Na says:

    Lmao you deadass Ma?

  8. DonYelle and Diana says:

    you look great babes, legs for days!

  9. Canned Bread says:

    I don’t think that anyone really gets the point of the video.
    This is just what I think: If you know one of the big themes in the CTRL album, it is about being in control of your life and yourself. SZA gives off this message in many songs from the album such as Love Galore, Doves in the Wind, and Go Gina. Apart of “Being in Control” is being able to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and in this case fuck whoever you want without worrying about what other people think.
    If you notice anything about this video is that SZA is ALONE. There is no one else in the video. Easily there could have been other people, but SZA is choosing to be alone and is happy. This concept signifies that SZA is choosing to block out what other people have to say about her choices.
    When this song came out, SZA got a lot of backlash from people who didn’t understand the true meaning of the song. A lot of people think that the song is saying that side chicks are the shit when the song is not exactly saying that. The song is moreso saying that SZA was doing something she wanted without worrying about others which is proving she’s in control of her life.

    • Victorya Devero says:

      This makes me like the video way better. 😭

    • 2016brownie says:

      Agree with what you’re saying but none of that matches the video. I think if anything like other people are saying are saying the settings have more to do with waiting for a man/hookup (empty parking lots, balconies, etc.) but the abstract dancing just ain’t getting it. It feels lazy.

    • Akainu 156 says:

      Finally, someone who’s thinking!

      I just wanted to add that the checkered floors at 1:25 is possibly representative of how relationships, for millennials, is seen as more of a metaphoric (board)game.

      Women generally have the Chess Match mentality, in which they believe each “piece” (i.e. the opposite sex) is vital and every move is important. Men have the Checkers mentality, in which they believe each piece is relatively the same as long as it helps them win the game.

    • Frankster Forlife says:

      Canned Bread kudos to u. Sza its so creative damn

    • Gray says:

      +Canned Bread, THANK YOU. I wanna also add that I think your explanation applies to the release of this video as well. As in not caring what people think and just doing what YOU want. Because obviously people expected more from this video, and I’m pretty sure SZA and Solange both knew that. But this video speaks to her core audience that appreciates all of SZA and not just her stories of unfaithful relationships. People don’t realize she has straight male fans as well, all of us don’t wanna see her fighting over glistening ass bald head niggas or something like that. I fell in love with her personal style years ago while I was still in high school, back when she was still singing about inner battles with demons and when her videos consisted of her swimming in random bodies of water. Most of her fans only came about this year, and judging from this comment section, they need to do some research on SZA because they think they know her. This album is true to her story but it was also very dressed up in mainstream appeal, which if you watch literally any SZA interview, she will let you know she is not natural at mainstream appeal. She’s always been more aesthetic and low key than the typical “R&B” singer. I love the video, and I appreciate the time SZA and Solange, and anyone else put into it.

  10. Desara Whitley says:

    😀 Should have been posted during the weekend. Either way, SZA is gorgeous. ❀️

  11. lool lool says:

    this video is pointless.

  12. Daniel L says:

    Maybe her dancing alone and in circles represents the loneliness she feels being the side chick. Maybe that’s why this video feels like it’s missing something. It represents how it feels to be someone’s fun -seductive but empty.

  13. SlippingAway says:

    This is not what I was expecting. I was expecting some fine men and some side chicks πŸ˜‚ SZA looks good tho 😍❀️πŸ”₯

  14. S1MNICITY says:

    After Trump this video is the biggest disappointment of 2017 πŸ’”

    • zolcchini says:

      Don’t put trump and Solange/SZA in the same situation. Ever. U can exit.

    • szafenty says:

      ….it’s just a video.

    • Epique .S says:

      People want to talk about expression and having their own opinions, ok! Sate your opinion but just know you don’t have to go as low as to mention Trump or compare SZA’s creative expression to that man. It’s not that deep honey, and you also didn’t have to stick around to make that comment either if you knew you hated it so much.

    • Kim Chelsea says:

      Everyone has their own vision about things. Y’all should stop fighting, I mean, what S1MNICITY said is offensive for saying that this vid is disappointing, I think that she could’ve worded this better, everyone sees things differently from others, I personally think that this video is amazingly simple, but hey, everyone has their own opinions.

    • Gray says:

      SM Jones, Yeah she explained the SONG, not the video. And if you have a brain between your ears, she shouldn’t have to explain the song. And yeah you may not have been “feeling” the video, but did you go out your way and write out a comment degrading it, when that has literally been done 50 times before you got to the video? No, you didn’t, but the person who made the original comment did. That’s really my point. If you didn’t like it fine, but y’all are going ham on how y’all don’t like the video, literally repeating every comment before you. So why can’t I give my response to that? Ima answer that for you, I can and I did. I am chillin, and I’m sitting down too. Funny how you’ll literally end your comment with, *Let people have their opinions* . How about you read yours again and you tell me if you’re letting me have mine.
      Truth is fans nowadays only want what THEY imagine someone’s work to be. If it’s not that they go overboard. They’re spoiled.

      And I never said everything she does is amazing, because I’m damn sure not playing ‘Go Gina’ in my car, but the difference between me and these salty ass “fans” is I’m not gonna be mad if a fucking video, SOMEONE ELSE’S CREATIVE PROCESS, doesn’t turn out how *I ENVISIONED IT*
      The video is clearly well thought out, and she’s expressing herself. The video y’all wanted to see can literally be found by [insert any pop or R&B artist here], right here in the wonderful world of YouTube. You clearly missed any point I tried to make in my comment, so this one was way clearer, just for you. If you still can’t take your own advice and “Let people have their opinions”, then I really can’t help you anymore.

  15. Lyrical Myracle says:

    Y’all acting like she made the video for y’all its *her* music therefore *her* vision stick to the audio videos & don’t bring your hate to my wife’s channel πŸ˜»πŸ˜‚

  16. 2016brownie says:

    I really wanted to love this video. But this ain’t it. I think SZA know it and Solange know it. And it ain’t hate. Everybody in the comments can’t all be blind.

    It’s obvious Solange directed it, it has all her visual signatures (abstract dancing, use of color, wide frames and quick pans, etc.), which is fine. For instance I LOVED her Cranes in the Sky Video and it has a VERY similar style to this one from a directors point of view. BUT the difference here is execution. This was poorly executed, there is no way around it. The camera even visibly shakes at points which is an amateur move and is really just unacceptable. I can understand industrial, but I’m going to be honest – this just looks cheap. It is what is. It looks like they were trying to save money which makes no sense.

    Again, all this would be fine if SZA was anywhere to be found in this video. But her style isn’t in here at all from what I can tell. Even her style of dancing is different than this video (she has a dancing background). She typically has a very whimsical style (fairies, forests, butterflies, very nature and earth connected). You can see version of that theme in almost all of her videos. This on the other hand feels very cold, hard, industrial – not her at all.

    So there are two issues – one is that is that (1) This isn’t SZA’s style (2) This is poorly executed if this was the direction they decided to go.

    I personally think this song either called for (1) Storyline like a lot of folks are suggesting sort of re-enacting the song lyrics (2) Underwater theme that matches a lot of beats. For instance I think SZA would have LOVED/MURDERED a mermaid/siren song underwater kind of theme. Just my two cents.

  17. Victorya Devero says:

    I’ve been anticipating this video for 6 months!! Kept rewatching it on ig too. I’m so damn happy right now πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’œ

    Edit: this video a whole massacre😩 my edges only shifted in position at SZA, not the video, but SZA

  18. Azule Android says:

    This was kind of unique. Interesting. Sexy but not your typical sexy. I’m good with it. ☺️

  19. priscila vergara says:


  20. Kinky Keeeks says:

    SZA can do whatever she wants lol she that bihhhh!!! πŸ––πŸΎπŸ€ŸπŸΎ

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