T.D. Jakes Presents: The Light, An Easter Production

T.D. Jakes Presents: The Light, An Easter Production

The “Light” is an original musical production written by Dr. Oscar Williams Jr. that tells the story of Jesus Christ through the lenses of the book of John. The thematic narrative is centered around the Light of Christ that has come into the world to dispel darkness. This theatrical approach to a familiar biblical story is a serving for all palettes and ages. From the hip-hop sounds and movement of the children and youth; to the poetic and sometimes comical recitations of the diverse disciples; to the moving and heart-wrenching depiction of Christ death and burial, this production will take you on a soul-stirring journey that will leave you with a sense of hope knowing that there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. Not only is this production a re-telling of the Resurrection story, but it also offers hope and strength to us today, as the whole world is navigating through dark times.

Your soul will be lifted, your senses will be entertained, and your spirit will be renewed as you watch The Potter’s House theatrical production entitled, “The Light”

Message: The Light
Date: April 21, 2019

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43 Responses

  1. Jare’d Goodloe says:

    I made myself get out of bed because I thought I missed it. Bishop I’m ready for the word!

  2. Tammy Masse says:

    I’m so happy to hear the word of God this great Resurrection Day

  3. Jay Jay says:

    Our Jesus is Bigger than Covid 19. May his name be praised!!!!

  4. Lori Rojas says:

    Ready! Lets celebrate the Resurrected Christ today and every day!

  5. Gladys Reynolds says:

    I listen to the Bishop every Sunday morning and the reason that I listen is because it help me to get hold on my life.

  6. kay all says:

    I’m ready Bishop to hear what God has to say

  7. Billionaire Michael Brown says:

    Forgive me father for my sins

  8. reggie carter says:

    Get your heart and house in order… no pestilence, be it disease or life circumstances can penetrate the sanctity of your heart in his hands… Whosoever believes in me , tho he were dead… yet shall he live! Give your heart today! He wants it all Today!

  9. Neacy Lowery says:

    God is Bigger than Coronavirus the disease may effect all of our business, schools , colleges , University , and churches but it won’t stop us Christian to praise our savior our God Jesus Christ

  10. jr ch. says:


  11. Kimberlyn Mosley says:

    Thank you Mighty Savior Jesus Christ for everything you’ve done for us! Thank you! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  12. Bee Laura says:

    All things were made through him. Praise God. 🙏🏼 have a blessed Sunday everyone.

  13. T axr says:

    I love how we are all coming together around the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

  14. Kimberly Miller says:

    Not even a pandemic has even the slightest impact on Jesus’s business!!!! Almighty God is to be praised and that greatly. Selah

  15. Claireee Talks says:

    He will never leave us nor foresake us. He is always with us even through our toughest storms he is with us. He is a God of mercy and compassion. Patience is key, so is faith. Gods timing is always right he will make a way out of our current situations. He is a way maker, miracle worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness. Our saviour and Redeemer. Keep praying and giving thanks everyone. Spread the Good news. Happy Easter everyone.

    • Barbara Wesby says:

      Claireee Talks ….Happy Resurrection Sunday! He, the Lord Jesus is Risen! He lives! and sits at the right hand of God the Father!

  16. R K.L says:

    Easter has so much more meaning in this time … maybe we needed that to get a deeper understanding… The blood of Jesus has spared us … from sickness , from depression , from any stronghold of the enemy , there is hope again because of the blood of Jesus-Christ… We have overcome because of the Blood of Jesus Christ. God is not confined as we are right now in France and all over the world 🌎

    Happy Easter to you all from France ! May our lives be filled with hope again . May we all arise from the grave the enemy has dug for Us. Nothing but the blood 🩸 of JESUS. Because of Your blood Jesus , we are not fighting for victory , we are fighting In Victory.

  17. lovleeannwise says:

    Amen! COVID-19 nor any other Power or Principalities shall enter into my Spirit… NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER….. FEAR NOT! The price was paid in FULL Celebrate there’s JOY in Suffering. Thank You JESUS for Loving a Wretch like me.

  18. Wanda Lewin says:

    I love how the message was presented through the Arts…Beautifully done,i would be apart of it if i could…😍great job to the production team and everyone else that made God’s work possible ..to God be the glory great things he as done👐♥️

  19. Apostle L. Young & Prophetess T. Young says:

    Take this shut down as a momment to repent of your sin and draw close to God like never before.

  20. Reuben Matthews says:

    Bishop T.D Jake’s must take HIS message to the center of the earth. The world is ready for this to happen.

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