T-Mobile | “Drop The Balls” Super Bowl Ad | :30s TV Commercial

T-Mobile | “Drop The Balls” Super Bowl Ad | :30s TV Commercial

Hey Verizon! You’re WRONG! Again. So we called in Steve Harvey to school you. It’s time to #BALLOGIZE.

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20 Responses

  1. Fearlessrobingaming says:

    reavage lol

  2. Zerospacedude says:

    My roommate has T-Mobile and still has to roam everywhere. double coverage
    my ass

  3. Maria Herrera says:


  4. MrRhys T says:

    He is juicing on his mistake…good

  5. kaya bunting says:

    these phone companies are throwing shade at each other damn

  6. 42nROck12 says:

    Who the fuck has T-Mobile tho??

  7. Jocelyn Estrada says:

    I love how this has like 9k views in like one day 😂

  8. pinkmustangms says:

    att are best

  9. Lawrence Khellendrose (Khellendros) says:

    And yet the coverage in south lake union area of Seattle is still garbage

  10. Ebony_Love_R_007 says:

    It wasn’t all that funny just like most of the SB commercials. The only one
    that I laughed at was the singing sheep. The public had more funnier
    comments on the Steve Harvey fiasco than he did. Superbowl commercials just
    aren’t that good anymore as they used to be.

  11. Chandler Stovall says:

    my balls dropped

  12. RAYMOND CORREA says:


  13. Mario Escobedo says:

    When traveling from El Paso to San Antonio you roam on T-Mobile network.

  14. Sultan Al Hadidi says:

    Are you sure ?

  15. L00PS [League of Legends says:

    Fuck Verizon.

  16. Mikasa Ackermann says:


  17. David Cai says:


  18. Angela Bocchino-Solcberg says:

    I love these ball commercials…..

  19. Johnn Trinn says:

    Notice how ATT don’t give a crap… Why? Because they #1 and don’t have to
    play this game

  20. tommyvercetti6 says:

    This was GENIUS