Taco Bell Vs Wendys Food Challenge With The Prince Family!!

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28 Responses


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  2. Jayla Blackmon says:

    my school is shutting down for two weeks, and we’re having virtual school.

  3. Kaylea hensley says:

    My school shut down for two weeks I live in Kentucky

  4. Lindsey Wallace says:

    My school is out till april 24 and we still get out at the same time as normal

  5. Glamed by Nisa says:

    my dental office is closing but only for two weeks still have to work friday and saturday 😩 stay safe everyone and prince family keep praying ! 🙏🏼❤️

  6. De'Zire Atkins says:

    My school shut down until April 6 and then that Thursday we get on spring break

  7. Zoe, Noah, and Ava’s World says:

    We are out for two months and that’s until the end of our school year

  8. queen tae says:

    We out until like august but drone what I heard we they might automatically pass us to the next grade

  9. Yung Tank says:

    Boy if my school keep me in school for the summer I’m standing up for my rights😂💯💯💯

  10. Taylor Lewis says:

    My school is closed for the rest of the school year, and they didn’t tell us anything

  11. Mar Mar Club says:

    My school shut down they might shut my whole city down to

  12. Layken Johnson says:

    and we have to do our homework and our tests online it’s harder at home in my opinion

  13. Missy's Tv says:

    Our school is closed but we don’t know when we go back

  14. Alyssa f says:

    Damien gets mad at Bianca for trying to try his food but is always taking her food😂😂

  15. Raeven’s World says:

    Am I the only one who hates when Damien says “close them eyeballs” like how you gonna close your eyeballs😂😂likes the video though

  16. Hannah Davis says:

    I’m out of school and we doing work from home technically like homeschooling for now.

  17. Leanne Vumuka says:

    London is on Lockdown 🙄 but we don’t know till when

  18. Selen özalp says:

    I am French and at the moment I am confined to my home I have no school I cannot leave my home it is horrible otherwise I adore you and take care of you

  19. Quintasia Lawrence says:

    i dont think im going to school until after spring break but we already started online school

  20. Tybee&Sincier Walker says:

    I’m not in school until the end of March then the next week is spring break

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