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The ULTIMATE SPICY Wings Challenge!! *DANGEROUS* This video was a mix of who can eat the SPICIEST WINGS, but also who has the spiciest wings! i hope you enjoyed the video guys! Did you guys like the edits? let me know down below! Make sure to subscribe and like the video for more BANGERS! LAST…


Revealing My Family after 3 years

Revealing My Family after 3 years In this video mindofrez shows how much Jayden and Kaylen have grown. this video was meant to be like the old times, a heart warming video of the rez family bringing back memories and joy to our supporters! LAST VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IwhkJ0XzRE&t=771s&ab_channel=MindofRez Subscribe Here! http://bit.ly/MindOfRezSub Check out my top videos!…


Why I’ve Been Gone

Why I’ve Been Gone i am excited to announce that i am finally back, i missed you guys! i also suffer from a health condition that i wont disclose for personal reasons. thank you for supporting me throughout the years. i hope you guys are ready for the GRIND!! LETS GOOOOO! Subscribe Here! http://bit.ly/MindOfRezSub Check…