Tailgater gets brake checked and then crashes

Tailgater gets brake checked and then crashes

Tail-gater gets brake-checked and crashes

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20 Responses

  1. myisf08 says:

    That sir, is instant karma!

  2. AlphaSite115 says:

    0:32 ma ma miaAaAAaaaA! *crash*

  3. JR G says:

    the truck being tailgated could have switched lanes to the right (when it’s
    safely to do so). The tailgater shouldn’t have been tailgating in the first
    place and if you’re that much in a hurry than You switch lanes.

  4. Old Sarge says:

    That’ll teach em

  5. Zach Attackk says:

    and dude kept on driving while laughing his ass off!!

  6. pernus says:

    When ever I see a dick on the road, I will imagine this video and smile as
    I watch them fly by.

  7. TheHarkonnen1 says:

    If you are going to ride someone’s ass, be sure you know how to back off
    without making a mess of things.

  8. alvin41789 says:

    Why do people brake check?

  9. gnomiejones says:

    fuck that, slow drivers need to get out of the way and stay in the right

  10. Juan says:

    My hero !

  11. L Garrett says:

    and some learn the hard way

  12. dean jordan says:

    Proving, conclusively, that the driver tailgating, has absolutely no
    business driving, much less tailgating, this is what you get when you
    disappear in my mirror. Get off my ass, or you go into the ditch….WORD.

  13. HigherPlanes says:

    instant karma

  14. Reid Smith says:

    Pure fucking stupidity on both ends.

  15. Albert Salas says:

    That was fucking beautiful

  16. Frank Coratolo says:

    In New Jersey we stay right and pass left. Right lane for people who want
    to waste their life on a highway. Left lane for people who live in 2016 and
    own a car that goes above 60.

  17. LivingHistorySchool says:

    He pooped his pants!

  18. Meep Ster says:

    me driving in gta 5

  19. zerpBot says:

    Hopefully learns his lesson.

  20. Donald W. says:

    Brake checking is wrong. Lucky the tailgater didn’t hit anyone else.