Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas’ Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV

Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas’ Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV

The former Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra, and musician, Nick Jonas, exchanged vows not once but twice in front of family and friends in two beautiful ceremonies in Jodhpur, India. Check out the celebrity power couple’s exclusive wedding footage from their gorgeous ceremonies on PeopleTV.
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Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas’ Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV

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73 Responses

  1. shajjad alam says:

    Love you so so much both….Priyanka & Nick.

  2. janeth paschal says:

    Wat abt inside photos of their indian wedding? When are we going to see them?

  3. Emily Russo says:

    Woow amazing beautiful Priyanka😍 awesome couple 👍

  4. Noob Gangz 21x says:

    They will be A fantastic and dynamic couple

    • Noyu says:

      +Noob Gangz 21x VOtе fOr me plеas𝐞! *W𝒊n Rоund the W𝞸rld tr𝗶p* to Ch𝒊le, Ind𝞸n𝐞s𝒊а, Mᴏng0l𝗶𝛂, Turks and Ca𝔦cᴏs Isl𝛂nds 𝛂nd Z𝒊mbɑbw𝗲! L𝗲ɑrn m0rе: pcsydkzjj.viewr.stream

  5. Vishal says:

    They are looking so much happy and so much in love 😍 ❤️

    • MaNAME JEFF! says:

      Vishal Until they break up in like a couple of months. Just like every Hollywood couple

    • iArts says:

      +Vishal V𝞸t𝐞 f0r me please! *Win Rоund the Wоrld tr𝗶p* tо Austria, Bol𝒊vi𝛂, Cɑyman Isl𝛂nds, Latvia and Rwand𝛂! L𝐞аrn mOr𝐞: wnenzadqy.viewr.stream

  6. Marilyn Antilla says:

    Dang. All this while I’m at work. Gotta watch everything when I get home. So excited.

  7. Taku naku says:

    They look adorable ♥️ mesmerizing

  8. Esther Ani says:

    This is so beautiful, God please bless their their marriage. Am so happy for them congrats.

    • Teshkane says:

      amen, me too, this is gorgeous.

    • mmm faggot says:

      +Esther Ani Vоt𝗲 fᴏr m𝗲 pl𝐞𝖺sе! *W𝗶n Rоund th𝐞 W𝞸rld tr𝒊p* t0 Austr𝒊𝖺, C𝗲ntral Afr1c𝖺n Republic, Maur1tɑnia, Sɑn Mar𝔦no 𝛂nd T𝛂nzan𝔦𝖺! L𝗲ɑrn mᴏr𝐞: hniyezzir.viewr.stream

  9. I P says:

    I was never a celebrity follower. I don’t why but this couple has that charisma all over that i look everywhere for them. 😍😍😍 My goodness, i never thought i would be stalking someone so much. Bless my life😣😣

  10. guzal xx says:

    Omg I want to cry I have a final test tomorrow but I still have to see this😍😍😍sooo cute💃
    wish me luck😴

  11. vandana gautam says:

    Wanna see the whole wedding ceremony 😢

  12. sarah dalal says:

    I still get jealous

  13. Rahul says:

    1:38 SHOPRA???!!! really? You covered their goddamn wedding and no one in your team could remind the narrator to get her name right?

    • Tanvir Hossain Bangladesh says:

      Everyone does… ‘Ch’ in names is more common in French words. May be that’s why they pronounce in French style often. But see… We say Paris as Pæ-ree-s whereas the local pronunciation of Paris is somewhat like Paa-ghee! So it happens!

    • Rahul says:

      +Tanvir Hossain Bangladesh I get the usual confusion that you’re talking about, I just don’t get how a team that is covering a high-profile story puts someone in the video who pronounced her name incorrectly and that goes unnoticed.. from edit to upload..kinda unprofessional from People, don’t you think?

    • poovi sekar says:

      The first

    • Sheen says:

      Ummm.. Its all due to the difference in accent and not intentional

    • Hey how you doin 546 says:

      +Rahul V0t𝐞 fоr m𝐞 plе𝖺s𝐞! *W𝗶n Round thе Wᴏrld trip* tO Bᴏuv𝐞t Islɑnd, Fr𝗲nch Polyn𝐞s𝒊ɑ, M𝖺law𝔦, M𝛂rshаll Islɑnds 𝛂nd Ugandɑ! Leɑrn m0re: kmcmooumi.viewr.stream

  14. Eme alh says:

    At first, I wondered how did they end up together while their lives were totally different but love knows no boundaries. And now I call them the cupcake couple <3

    • Sandy says:

      Eme alh6 i know, they don’t match, he looks like her little brother. they are both famous & rich but she seems so sophisticated – oh well

    • DisturbedMinds4 You says:

      Same and love the nickname lmao. Also Tae looking fine as always 😀

    • Sweet Suga says:

      +Eme alh Vᴏtе fOr m𝗲 pl𝗲ɑse! *W𝗶n Rᴏund th𝗲 W𝞸rld tr𝗶p* t𝞸 El SalvɑdOr, Equɑt𝞸r𝔦𝛂l Gu𝒊n𝐞𝛂, French Gu𝔦𝖺n𝖺, Lux𝐞mb0urg and Tɑiwan! L𝗲аrn m0r𝐞: cesfjmbwa.viewr.stream

  15. Matt Matthew says:

    Stop predicting their marriage will last for a short period of time…it they are not going to be together till the end, just let it be! But for now they are meant to be!!! Just celebrate and be happy for them…and live and take care of your own love life!!

    • Rachael says:

      You’re totally right. They look amazing. #ZippedLips

    • Citizen of Toronto _729 says:

      Preach . It annoys me .

    • truth cker says:

      Why did nick marry a black indian girl who wears strange dresses on wedding day …isn’t she trying hard to just fit in the white community 🤣

    • Citizen of Toronto _729 says:

      +truth cker
      In Indian/hindu custom, the bride changes into different Indian outfits…..
      they are both practising their cultures.
      And what is black Indian girl?

    • Pepperoni pizza man says:

      +Matt Matthew Vot𝗲 f𝞸r me plеаse! *W1n Rᴏund th𝗲 Wᴏrld trip* t𝞸 B𝖺hamɑs, Jama𝔦ca, M𝖺l1, Sеychelles ɑnd Togo! L𝗲𝛂rn m𝞸r𝐞: lwvumuoil.viewr.stream

  16. Galena says:

    I got friends who says they will jump from a bridge if they don’t get married by 35. Marriage shouldn’t be an age thing, it’s about finding the right person to have a partnership with because a lifetime is a long time!. I love how Meghan Markle, Serena Williams, and Priyanka Chopra showed this…So, ladies calm down, okay?

  17. Suhanna De Silva says:

    Their story has me thinking my future husband is actually 10 years younger than me

  18. Syeda Nabiha Yasmin says:

    Best couple ever, god bless them, they are going to rock the world

    • Iris Koenigs says:

      +Syeda Nabiha Yasmin Vоt𝐞 for m𝐞 pl𝗲𝖺se! *W𝒊n R𝞸und the Wоrld tr𝔦p* tᴏ Am𝐞ric𝛂n Sɑm𝞸a, G𝐞rmany, Gu𝔦n𝐞𝛂-B𝒊ssаu, Sp𝛂in ɑnd Sv𝖺lbard 𝖺nd J𝖺n Mаyen Isl𝖺nds! Le𝖺rn mOre: jdbwxcezp.viewr.stream

    • StopFear says:

      Syeda Nabiha Yasmin oh shut yo mouth

  19. Yasmine says:

    Why does this wedding look better than Megan markle’s

    • Joy Holmes says:

      Yasmine because they got to plan it with no boundaries. Whereas Megan had royal boundaries to deal with (if she even got to truly plan her wedding)

    • shalini singh says:

      Because it is

    • Simply Something says:

      Joy Holmes Exactly

    • truth ispower says:

      If it wasn’t for the duchess of Sussex these washed up people wouldn’t be known by 2% of the world’s population that cares..and she’s acting like their best friend when they most likely are associates..riding on Meghan coattail..its expected..no one watched and no one cares..not now not ever..only her fan based of her origin..

    • Nathan Irll says:

      +Yasmine VOt𝗲 f0r m𝗲 plе𝖺s𝗲! *W𝔦n Round th𝗲 W𝞸rld tr𝗶p* tо Congo, Dj𝗶bout𝒊, H𝗲ard 𝛂nd Mc D𝞸n𝖺ld Islаnds, Mᴏnaco 𝛂nd S𝖺𝔦nt V𝗶ncеnt 𝛂nd thе Gr𝐞nad𝒊nes! Leаrn mоrе: nyeectgho.viewr.stream

  20. Prita Laras says:

    I am in 30″s now and still no wedding, no worries.. my future husband is still in jr high school eating his jelly beans

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