“Take My Hand, Precious Lord”: The Voices

“Take My Hand, Precious Lord”: The Voices

A behind the scenes look at the voices behind Beyoncé’s 2015 Grammy performance of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”

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19 Responses

  1. Darlene Childress says:

    Behind the scenes of the 2015 #Grammy Awards 

  2. Aditya Prakarsa says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! I literally died and was brought back to life at 7:12!

  3. Jordan Capozzi says:

    She deserved all the grammys.

  4. Nicéphore Cens says:


  5. Beautiful Jacobs says:

    Behind the scenes of the 2015 #Grammy Awards 

  6. sapphirebhs says:

    So she documented how she stole Ledisi’s shine? Nice.

  7. RobbinBanksInc says:

    12 strong guys, vs a camera man and a few producers. 2 guys could be
    stripping Beyoncé while the other 10 defend them

  8. xxbabybluexx says:

    why the hell this video has Dislikes O.o

  9. Bellz89 says:

    Great message, I just don’t think it was very clear, I’d read it was just a
    SELMA tribute :/

  10. Wellington Brito says:

    +Beyoncé Thank you for make my way and I better with the person that who
    YOU are! You’re my inspiration in the life! 🙂 

  11. Stacey Howells says:

    In tears. Such an incredible performance.

  12. Карина Яременко says:


  13. forasaje says:

    Beyonce, you can’t be ‘one-leg-in-and-one-leg-out for God’ (Revelations 3:16)
    This performance is strange to say the least. Just one year ago, this lady
    was onstage scantily clad, gyrating and singing Drunk In Love *with* the
    cuss words intact, now it’s a Gospel Song?!
    *Now, I’m all for mercy and do believe God can forgive anything IF YOU
    REPENT AND STOP IT (Isaiah **1:18**)*, but chances are in a few months,
    Mrs. Carter will be back to her regular persona dressed damn near like a
    hooker and singing overly sexual secular songs. So, what’s the point doing
    this? It’s clear as day her husband-Jay Z is a supporter of Aleister
    Crowley and his demonic teachings, so really why even bother ‘singing for
    the Lord’ UNLESS you have repented?

    And before her stans pull the oft-time misquoted “Judge Not that ye be not
    judged verse” , remember the same Jesus said verbatim in John 7:24-“Judge
    with a righteous judgment” and in the same Matthew 7 Chapter He says to
    beware of hypocrites and Pharisees and “By their actions, we shall know
    them” So, Mrs. Carter unless you are 100% for the Lord, stick to you
    secular songs and quit with the self-promotion and aggrandizing. 

  14. sabina asirifi says:

    The 131 people that disliked this are heathens.

  15. lfm purplegirl says:

    It was better that someone did something than nothing. Many people are
    suffering and all we need is love and support. If we could love and support
    each other, instead of fighting. If we could all start acknowledging the
    problem and come with a solution instead of pretending they are not there.
    Would that not be taking a few steps in the light. Would that not be what
    God intends for all of us, to love and respect one another. I am in full
    support of Beyoncé and I believe what she is doing is one of the best
    things anyone can do in such tragic times. Fighting the negative with the
    positive. I like that she is risking her career, she is risking so much
    because of what people are used to, just to give support to the people in
    need. To bring people together through her voice. I, for one, am not
    disappointed that Ledisi could not perform. I am glad that this important
    message had come across. Some things are more important than record labels,
    money and themes. Its like this: a sinner needs Jesus more than the church
    or the disciples. That is why Jesus went to the sinners and not the church
    people. Those who are in the darkness need a torch/a light source more than
    those in the light.

  16. theclassics itdontstop says:

    Behind the scenes of the 2015 #Grammy Awards 

  17. Brianna Mundell says:

    Behind the scenes of the 2015 #Grammy Awards 

  18. Milk Peel says:

    Yasssssss Beyonce slay my life I am not worthy take my soul!!! I want her
    to step on my rib cage till they come out my mouth ..;/ 

  19. beauttty072 says:

    This black and white shit gets on my nerves there’s other races in the damn