Take Sam to Church | December 20, 2017 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

Take Sam to Church | December 20, 2017 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

Sam sits down with the first preacher with enough chutzpah to leave Trump’s evangelical advisory board, A.R. Bernard. Produced by Allana Harkin with Julie Levitsky. Edited by Andrew Mendelson.

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71 Responses

  1. Juliette Kudrick says:

    Trump doesn’t really seem to represent evangelical Christianity.
    I mean, He’s a 3 time married, casino owning, born into riches billionaire who doesn’t have the kindest personality. I don’t get uber religious people adoring him.

    • Drm R says:

      Those kind of evangelicals are nothing more than power hungry opportunists using the bible to justify their own selfish plans and sucker the most gullible.

    • Candice Nicole says:

      Juliette Kudrick sheep need a shepherd…even if the shepherd leading them off a cliff.

    • Jesse G says:

      Eatmore Icecream You use the phrase “america hating muslim” (which is unfounded of course) and then complain about lack of “religious freedom”? You’re part of the problem. You can’t have religious freedom without respecting both muslims and christians.

  2. Jesse Torres says:

    As a Christian (specifically a Baptist) I didn’t vote for President Trump/voted for Clinton for many reasons, but 1 of them was that as a Christian I couldn’t look into my heart and say that he truly represents strong Christian morals/values. Furthermore, while Clinton did have her fair share of problems, I could tell she was more sincere in her promises to make America a better place for people of all faiths and respected those who are different from her (which the Bible teaches us). Finally, I was taught that God provides us with the tools to take care of ourselves, but it’s up to us to do so (story of the man and the 3 boats during the storm), as well as take care of those who are both similar and different from us because morally it is the right thing to do.

    • P Webb says:

      Keyona rhone Rhone a Baptist IS a protestant.

    • tabletop581 says:

      Do you honestly think that Clinton represented “strong Christian morals/values” ? Nope. Its politics. Obama dropped his Christian values in 2012 when he saw the cultural values change. The Christians I know (and I mean all of them) voted for Trump, not because they liked him, but they liked Hillary less.

  3. ThatOneNerdGirl says:


  4. Jesse Torres says:

    What Kanye West said in 2005: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” What Kanye West should say in 2017: “Donald Trump doesn’t care about anybody but himself.”

  5. Christopher Huffman says:

    I don’t get how anyone could think trump is a Christian

  6. Jean Roch says:

    So sick and tired of religion… people with imaginary friends should seek help.

    • monjapuppy2009 says:

      Santa, tooth fairy and easter bunny is not imaginary??

    • Jean Roch says:

      monjapuppy2009 they all are, but grammar isn’t.

    • Miu says:

      Jean Roch lol imaginary? Where? I know it. I can feel it, I just can’t see him 👐🏼❤️

    • tabletop581 says:

      @Herb incitement to violence ? And how are Evangelicals “destroying” humanity. Evangelicals do more charity work, and give much more to charity than secular people. Also, the Church is the largest single provider of Health and Education on the planet. The Church has actually done a ton of stuff to benefit humanity (more than any other single group in human history).

  7. lolli berry says:

    This Bernard guy seems so reasonable and rational, it’s hard to imagine the cognitive dissonance between him being an evangelical while being as intellectually honest as he was in this interview. Not criticizing; I applaud his attitude, I just wish that same critical thinking could be applied to religion.

    • Regular Teller says:

      lolli berry Yes, we’ve all heard that quote at least once. But literally nobody on earth is 100% rational all the time and its fairly normal (and easy) to be able to separate the two in your every day life. I mean the implication that you can’t have people of faith dealing with subjects like science based on that dichotomy is literally incorrect.

      Also this conversion made me curious for more examples than the ones I already know and I just learned that Wikipedia has individual list pages for Christians, Atheists, Jewish people and Muslims in science which I really didnt expect. Also spellcheck doesn’t capitalise atheist which is odd.

    • lolli berry says:

      Regular Teller Agreed, no one is 100% rational 100% of the time. Atheism isn’t capitalized because it isn’t a belief system; it is the absence of a belief in religion.

    • Regular Teller says:

      lolli berry I dont mean that, I just assume atheist would be seen as a proper noum rather than an adjective

    • lolli berry says:

      Regular Teller I guess. It’s not an “official” organization or group. When it _is_ part of an organization, like the American Atheists, it’s capitalized. Farms and farmers aren’t capitalized unless they’re part of a title, as in the Farm Bureau.

    • Regular Teller says:

      lolli berry Right, that makes sense.

  8. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    There isn’t anything close to Godley blessings awaiting the unhinged Narcissist Shitbag but Hellfire .

  9. Mr_ Frible says:

    3:31 has to be one of the sickest pictures i have seen to date

  10. sukhhayre says:

    I love you Sam (and Jason too).  A fellow Canadian trying to fight the good fight.  PLEASE check out my Facebook page where I post “Sukh’s Thoughts” (pragmatic progressive viewpoint).  

    Please, please, take a chance, and a few minutes to see that I’m not a stalking nut-job type, but actually quite like you and the Jon Stewarts of the world, trying to make a real difference.

    That picture is me with Steve Earle (and I’m wearing a Billy Bragg shirt that says, “I Keep Faith”.)

  11. Dem Fem says:

    Wow, an evangelical that’s less than a total hypocrite

  12. Timo B. says:

    Get religion out of politics! It is poisonous.. Plus, it goes against everything most founding father stood for.

  13. 223Drone says:

    These evangelicals that Trump has surrounded himself with don’t practice what they preach not to mention their hypocrites.

  14. insomniacfolder says:

    The tube of ointment speaks truth: “KamalaWarrenBookerMICHELLE? – Warning: Putting all your hopes on one person is going to crush you”.
    Clearly, tube of ointment is the only one that can save us.

    • Herb Bluntman says:

      I think Sam was taking a dig at Bernie supporters. Kamaltoe Harris, Coryporate Booker, and Michelle, (Obama?) haven’t a chance of getting support from any real Progressives.
      Bernie 2020! Let’s right the injustice of 2016 and rescue the future from this nightmare present.

    • insomniacfolder says:

      + Herb Bluntman the tube of ointment has spoken! *”Putting all your hopes on ONE person is going to crush you”*
      PS: tube of ointment adds that this also includes Bernie.

    • Herb Bluntman says:

      I get what you’re saying, Daria. Maybe it’s a dig at Hillary’s devotees as well.
      The fact remains that despite his age and being a “Socialist”, Bernie is the most popular politician in the country today. If he’s still alive and mentally sharp in 2020 and there’s only party donor approved corporate Dem hacks running, I’d rather support Bernie than the corporate shills.

    • insomniacfolder says:

      + Herb Bluntman yes, tube of ointment confirms that it requires Democrats to just be better – all Democrats. Stop looking for individual superheroes to somehow magically fix everything and solve every problem for them. Organise better, listen to the different concerns of people in different parts of the countrry. Only through the concerted efforts of hundreds of thousands can progress be made. Stop being self-satisfied by just winning Presidential elections, and focus on down ticket items with the same ferocity and passion – every brick in the wall from distric zoning commissioner to Senator is important.
      Tube of ointment can only salve so many wounds. Better to not get injured in the first place.
      I love tube of ointment; it’s the best!

  15. Russell Sehn says:

    We are witnessing the end of American Evangelism, as we know it. they have no moral authority; they are not even moral (look at the tax bill; the furthest thing from moral). history will show that their end began with Donald Trump.

  16. Herb Bluntman says:

    I’m looking at this “preacher’s” luxurious “church” and office and I wonder: Whatever happened to the Oath of Poverty?

    • DrBraxy Gilkey says:

      That’s not a thing. People taking a vow of poverty is actually not biblical so stop suggesting there is something wrong with this pastor. “Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health Even As Your Soul Prospers.”

    • Taidow says:

      Herb Bluntman It’s peculiar that he told Sam to “get off [his] my stage.”

    • DanSk451 says:

      Good point but I don’t think it is “his”. The question is, does he have a 60 room mansion and a private jet like so many Christian charlotains that preach and collect straight into their personal bank account?

  17. Hailstormful says:

    that truth bomb tho… Trump and the GOP have exposed to the world to the rot and corruption that is the moral core of the US…

  18. angela mari says:

    Ok i have a legit question, so don’t come at me please 😁 so evangelicals are in general liars and hypochrites we all know that, but when it comes to this election what if they were voting for their interests ( no abortions, religious liberty,and others) and not looking at the Donald as a moral guide. Would this be acceptable? I mean we look at you as our political leader not as our preacher. Sorry about my english, i’m not from the U.S.

    • DanSk451 says:

      Legit question. They should look at what he really is. He is on tape supporting choice, he has no concept of the bible, (two Corinthians, I don’t need to ask for forgiveness because I don’t make mistakes), religious liberty is not under threat, he created that claim to promote the feeling of victimisation and allow religious contributions (he is excellent at being the victim). He is obviously pandering to the gullible religious and they don’t have the sense to see it because they only see what they want.
      P.S. You have better command of the language than 40% of Americans

    • tabletop581 says:

      Evangelicals are not liars and hypocrites. Some are. But a vast majority are not. Evangelicals do more charity work and give more to charity far more than secular liberals. But Christians doing nice stuff is not reported. Did you know that the Church is the largest provider of health and education on the planet? No. Do you know why you don’t know that? Because its kept quiet and not reported. Christians have done, and are doing, some amazing work.

  19. Anti says:

    It’s weird that you didn’t put *Sanders* in the ointment’s name. U should have

    • borot man says:

      Sam doesn’t like Bernie and for good reason.

    • Neo The Boxer says:

      Anti – it is not weird. She clearly hates Sanders which is one thind I dislike about her show. She does so many anti-Sanders bits it is truly annoying.

    • Hudaef Cares? says:

      Sam Bee doesn’t agree with Bernie. You can’t force her to like him, just like how you people can’t be forced to like Hillary. On the other hand, I like how realistic Hillary’s policies were compared to Bernie. Then again, I barely know the guy. What did Bernie do to deserve your trust? (Promises aren’t counted.)

    • Anti says:

      Hudaef Cares? Who told you i don’t like hillary? I just like bernie more; he is truly progressive and supporting the middle class. His tax plan proposal during his candidacy as well as the the healthcare proposals he is still advocating mirror true concern of Human rights. Besides, warren’s ideas nowadays are overlapping with Bernie. So Samantha still hating him seems very irrational.

    • Anti says:

      borot man what’s the reason

  20. Diana Eidson says:

    I find it appalling that there is an Evangelical Advisory Council in the first place. I’m not surprised, though. The precept of separation of church and state has been routinely ignored throughout our history. I hope we are not headed for theocracy. If Pence becomes POTUS, beware of The Handmaid’s Tale. Seriously.

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