Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses

Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses

I got my colour blind glasses so let’s see if my test results are different
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Colour Blind Tests:


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62 Responses

  1. jacksepticeye says:

    I have been emailing back and forth with Enchroma about all of this, they saw the videos and reached out and loved them. They told me that while these are outdoor glasses, they won’t work on the test anyway because that’s not how they work and aren’t designed to cheat the system like that, hence why I got the same result as before.

    They also take about 15 minutes to work properly and for some people can even take hours or a day to fully change anything, it’s different for everyone.

    All in all I’m mentioning this because this video was more for fun than to give conclusive proof of anything.

    • harmony and all of fnaf crew says:

      its white not w’h’hite

    • ink gaming says:

      Sorry jack but i could see all of them perfectly fine

    • First Take says:

      jacksepticeye I got normal color vision.

    • Ian Helmundt says:

      Hey Jack! You should try and play Wizard of Legend! Its a really great game that came out on steam!

    • Flora Green says:

      The glasses work by filtering out colors in between the main colors the cones in your eye detects (red, green and blue). But since a screen “fakes” other colors using only red, green and blue light, none of the light gets blocked, and therefor you will not feel any difference.
      The chances would be higher for you seeing the difference on a physical colorblind test, since it is based on reflection of light and not red, green and blue light emitters.

  2. Duy Nguyen says:

    Where is the intro jack????

  3. Andrew Evenson says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I understand they work. Depending on what kind of color blindness you have, the glasses will block out all light of very specific wavelengths, such a small portion of the visible spectrum that you can still see all colors. I don’t know what that does exactly. Maybe it activates different rods in your eyes, or maybe it creates a contrast so you can differentiate colors. If I’m wrong someone please correct me.

    • Grumpy Phan says:

      Andrew Evenson my biology teacher explained us that the most common red/green colour blindness is when one type of the cones that react to red and green reacts to a bigger spectrum of light as it is supposed to (like the green cones react to red light and then pass on the information that what you are looking at is green, even though it’s actually red
      And because the red cones react too you see red a little more yellow than it really is)
      The glasses work by filtering out a specific wavelenght of light (and if the wavelenght happens to be exactly the one where your red and green cones overlap, then you won’t see the reddish/ greenish mix anymore, but just plain red or green.
      That means the glasses work differently for everyone, because the spectrum in which the green and red cones overlap is different for every person.

    • Tony Hanna says:

      Andrew Evenson mmhm yea I totally know what your talking about.

    • netherprince king of the nether says:

      Andrew Evenson I see you got your A+ on that 10th grade test

    • Katie Fam says:

      I have no idea what you said

    • goldman the person says:

      God damn it I commented on the last video, explaining how they worked, and it got 4 likes…

  4. Diego Magtibay says:

    Jack you look like a super star or actor

  5. yui hirasawa #opssham says:

    Jack: pls don’t tell me people can see what number this is
    Robin: it’s an f’n 2!!!!

    Gotta love robins edits 😂

  6. ••• says:

    The original jackseptickeye greeting is slowly disappearing

  7. Someone says:

    It’s just so fun to hear Jack say I don’t see anything but looking at the picture I see the number!

  8. Draukagrissah says:

    I think their test is either poorly implemented or just bunk. I took the test four times and got three different results. Tritanopia, Inconclusive, Mild Protan, and Inconclusive again.

    • jackson kye says:

      Draukagrissah some are actually blank sometimes, and a proper color blindness test will have some you can only see if color blind, and ones with squiggly lines you need to count.

      I’d suggest trying a more comprehensive one might be on some borderline.

  9. Alpha foxy the pirate says:

    Well Sean, I think this explains why Wishu saw a lot more vibrant colors: “When people with normal color vision wear EnChroma® glasses, they see a “color boost” effect: colors appear to “pop” with a superordinary vibrance. This effect, called chromatic contrast enhancement, is how our glasses also help people with color blindness.”

  10. Tobias Pedersen says:

    There was no 4

  11. Joyce B says:

    If I held my phone further away I could see some of them better

  12. Ethan Tinsman says:

    Jack looks good. Smash or Pass?

  13. Allesef says:

    why would they give you a hint on a colour blindness test? it’s not that kind of test, jack. you aren’t trying to avoid a failing grade, you’re trying to determine an objective fact.

    • Allesef says:

      you shouldn’t try to guess, either. once again, not that type of test. if you don’t know, you don’t know.

  14. TheGuyWhoLives says:

    When people with normal color vision wear EnChroma glasses, they see a “color boost” effect: colors appear to “pop” with a superordinary vibrance. This effect, called chromatic contrast enhancement, is how our glasses also help people with color blindness (this is from the website). Btw I got normal eyesite

  15. i have a dig bick says:

    I love how he says “hwite” but not “white”

  16. Anastasia S says:

    What happened to the intro?! Woah

  17. KORI SIMMONS says:

    Guys I have a theory on the missing intro, the fact that Jack may or may not be in a coma means that his egos would have to take charge and they don’t give any fucks about the intro they are just trying to keep it normal for the instant chill pack

  18. Kylo Ren says:

    hey guys im new to this channel should i sub and like pls let me know im new ok thxs guys kisses

  19. Devon Lock says:

    You haven’t uploaded a way out in two weeks 🙁

  20. The Last Knight says:

    You should have tried it with the glasses off again, but when there seems to be nothing, then use the glasses to see if they help..

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