Taking A Lie Detector Test…

Taking A Lie Detector Test…

This was not a good idea. At all. So sorry. I promise I mean that apology.
Please give me pity likes for this video. 1 billion pity likes. please

Edited by Tom + Wilbur + Letuce (@letucesandwich )

Friends in the video (well, friends before the recording); @Tubbo @Ranboo @JackManifoldTV @Wilbur Soot

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52 Responses

  1. Tom Simons says:

    Subscribe!! We’re close to 5 MILLION 😮

  2. skittle says:

    this was by far the best vlog, I’ve never laughed more than this

  3. Pixelcraftian says:

    This video is just Tom being forced to say truths, I can’t imagine the pain across the room lmao. Awesome video 👍

  4. Alt Adxzraa says:

    “What do you consider your sexuality?”
    Tommy: Gay! (Joking)
    Lie detector: Truth! 😀
    Tommy: WAIT WHAT??
    “Have you every felt romantic feelings to anyone in this room?”
    Tommy: No.
    Lie detector: Lie.
    Tommy: Well I’ve seen ranboo without a mask and he’s a mask and he’s a handsome bo-

  5. Sylvie Lake says:

    The “lies” were probably just Tommy getting nervous, it’s a BIG flaw with lie detector tests, I don’t know why we even use them

  6. Studi0_Gr3y says:

    I feel bad for Tommy. When the lie detector said that he found Ranboo ugly he looked so sad and immediately tried to remedy what he said. I don’t think he lied, the question probably just made him nervous because he didn’t want to make Ranboo feel bad.

  7. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Tommy: Wanna hug it out?
    Tubbo: Ya
    Tubbo: smack

  8. Will :p says:

    I honestly think that tommy is such a great friend to ranboo because it was just so sweet of him to blur out his eyes when he turned his head. we stan tommy protecting ranboo’s identity!!!

  9. Just a Person says:

    Important thing to note: Lie detectors in general are rather unreliable. It gauges the stress levels of a person by measuring their heartbeat, breathing rate etc. However if someone were to be pressed with a stressful question the machine will interpret it as lying. So don’t take this too seriously people.

  10. Can1negh0uL says:

    What happing in a nutshell
    Wilbur: *trying to see if Tommy hates him”
    Jack: *trying to get with Tommy’s mom*
    Tubbo: “seeing if Tommy hates him too*
    Ranboo: * somehow made Tommy fruity*
    Tommy: *being fruity and being nice to Wilbur*

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