We took a pregnancy test on camera to see if Maddie is pregnant.

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48 Responses

  1. Maddie and Elijah says:

    We won’t know for sure until we see the Doctor obviously! Also you already know that 1 test came back positive and 4 came back negative from the first video. Do you think Maddie is pregnant?❤️

  2. Lilly Raclin says:

    well false positive pregnancy tests are real, but it’s kinda rare.. i hope your ok! live u guys💞

  3. Bethany Bayliff says:

    My mum never even knew she was pregnant with me somebody just walked up to her and asked her what gender she was having 😂

  4. xoxo to you says:

    I hate those comments saying “I’ll be sad if she isn’t pregnant”. I mean guys you can look at maddie how worried she was, they aren’t ready yet. Let them be!

    • Lea D says:

      Jessica Somerville No contraceptive is a 100% safe

    • Nicole says:

      Uhh no one is ready to have their first baby! Everyone learns as they go. If anything she should be on birth control if she doesn’t want a baby OR not be having sex. What I was thinking was I hope she doesn’t abort her baby if she “isn’t ready” because that’s more worse then having sex and getting pregnant..

    • itsmehroblox gamer says:

      Also it’s not their fault if they’re not pregnant

    • _This girl Happy_ says:

      But then if she’s not pregnant then she has to go to the doctor because of all the signs

    • Clementine Jacqueline Marie Klotz says:

      totally agree !

  5. Cupcake Girl says:

    I would recommend taking a ClearBlue digital pregnancy test right when you wake up as I think that would give you the most accurate result 🦋

  6. Natasha Walker says:

    When I was pregnant with my daughter I took two tests they game back negative but I knew deep down I was pregnant just cause the way I was feeling I took my two tests to early I waited exactly the wait time they tell you to after you miss your period and boom my body had enough hormones that the third test came back positive could be your case to

  7. Ava Smolka says:

    Me :
    Youtube : Maddie and Elijah – Taking a pregnancy test on camera.
    Me : click, click, click

  8. lilla baroti says:

    Maybe Maddie is just tooo worried about maybe like Hua and you could miss your period cause of stress

    • Francesca Wood says:

      You miss is due to IMMENSE stress and therefore eating very little! If she was that stressed it would be unlikely she’d even wanna post

    • pchlsky says:

      sooo the pregnancy test that came out positive ? 💀

  9. Drawings’95 Kookie says:

    Sometimes when taking a test, you can get multiple negative and one comes back positive or not even one comes back positive, it could still mean you can be pregnant. I would suggest going to the hospital and checking it out then as pregnancy tests aren’t always correct 😊

  10. Sia says:

    A positive test can’t be wrong, because when a woman is pregnant, she has a hormone that only exists in that period of her life. That’s what the test is actually examining…

    • Kayla Thomson says:

      You can absolutely get false positives. Sometimes the dye can release when it shouldn’t. There’s always room for error, hence why they don’t claim to be 100% accurate. I’ve had false positives.

    • Sia says:

      Kayla Thomson of course there are cases like yours, I’m talking about the majority of them and statistics…😊

  11. Madison Benton says:

    Hey, Maddie maybe u should try different brands of pregnancy tests to see if any other brands come back positive or negative. Also, u should go to a doctor to get a blood test or something because that is what I would do. All my love and hope is going towards u guys and I wish u luck.💕💕💕

  12. Shelmith Kawira says:

    If you take water before a test possibilities of it coming negative are high

  13. Someone nice says:

    me: scrolls down to look at the comments Also me: YOU CANT LOOK IT NEEDS TO BE A SURPRISE 👁👄👁

  14. Casa Branca says:

    It seems like they doing a show about it.. in the end its something else

  15. Challenge to get 4500 subs with no vids says:

    False negatives are common and false positive are a lot more rare.

  16. Challenge to get 4500 subs with no vids says:

    “Like I already know I’m dad material , but I’m not ready to unleash that just yet” 🥺- Lij

  17. ankita gupta says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who figured out they’re getting married, I haven’t seen any other comment about that lmao.

  18. Claudine Sithole says:

    The comments are not helping, I’m so curious like hell

  19. Jessica Eaton says:

    Maddie face when the car was making the weird noise literally domes up the whole situation

  20. Kimber Brooke says:

    The test came back negative in case you are wondering.

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