Taking a stranger on a shopping spree

Taking a stranger on a shopping spree

Took a subscriber sneaker shopping, he was “camera shy”

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53 Responses

  1. Verpion says:

    Adin taking over all 2021

  2. Parallel serk says:

    adin is too genuine n pure for the internet. plz never let any of the fame or money get to ur head ur dead amazin homiee

  3. Lord Hisashi says:

    kid was def nervous and prolly overwhelmed thats why he cant interact with Adin that much 😹

  4. Quad K says:

    I was wondering why this dude was so awkward then he said his name Kelly and I figured it out

  5. Vishaal C says:

    Mans said that he with shorties. I’m dead😭😭(respectfully)

  6. Basement Boyz says:

    From twitch 😝

  7. FaZe Ramos says:

    Banks sent me

  8. Impact says:

    kelly was too funny in the end 😭

  9. poperaymond says:

    Lmaoooo you know damn well adin wished he woulda chose another kid off the street

  10. Saber9mm says:

    Bro this kid is 99% of Adin’s twitch chat IRL

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