Taking Accountability

Taking Accountability


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  1. f5nty says:

    i just miss the like two part series he did with morgan, ryland, garrett, and andrew.

    • iikayxi says:

      I miss them so much

    • Eddy127 says:

      Right I want queen mary ghost hunting

    • Sandra says:

      I miss the time before he met Andrew and Shane filmed his videos himself. He did it way better. Andrew turns the camera like every second making me dizzy. Am I the only one with that opinion? I’ve never seen a comment with a complaint about Andrews filming.

    • Whitney Tobar says:

      Princess _Essence I cant believe it took like 10 comments to see a rational person with morals!! All these people are going to continue to follow him and blows my mind!! He’s a disgrace and a disgusting human being.
      Not only is he racist, he also called a 6 year old sexy years ago and says he googled naked babies?? YouTube sucks for not banning him

    • Sandra says:

      Princess _Essence get over yourself

  2. Eli k says:

    Reminder: it is not for white people to forgive him. I’m white. I can’t forgive him for doing something that doesn’t relate to me. BUT I can forgive him for the other things, regarding the dumb murder jokes and his toxic friends.

    • Edward Hill says:


    • Nicole Alice says:

      He’s done a lot more than just be racist!

    • Slbrown 04 says:

      Alyssa McArthur so you skipped the portion of blackface he talked about

    • Aniya Laney says:

      philosophyofthestars like I said before, it’s not a white persons place to forgive an apology that wasn’t directed towards them 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • ashley or whatever says:

      When she said that it’s not white people’s apology to accept, she didn’t say you couldn’t acknowledge the apology or be offended by the racist things he has done. She said you couldn’t accept the apology that was for the black community.

  3. Mahnoor Awan says:

    Go back to hanging out with Ryland, Garrett, Andrew, Morgan and Drew. The least dramatic people and genuinely nice ones. Get rid of TRISHA FFS, AND JEFREE

  4. Zurealx says:

    Am I the only one who can’t find a comment from when the video was actually posted it’s all like 30-50 minutes ago

  5. Zeinab h says:

    I miss the old Shane who used to go to haunted hotels with Morgan garret and andrew and make conspiracy theories😞

  6. Why you Always lying says:

    This guy is literally in his 30’s and still making apology videos for stupid things a child would do and learn from. He is a grown adult and needs to stop hanging round with toxic people like Jeffree and trisha that just get him veiws.

  7. Kate Kate says:

    I’m not gonna lie I expected him to cry and be anxious and make that his excuse but I’m glad he isn’t.

    • Shiloh Ryan says:

      Giiiiiiiirrrrllll he continued to excuse his behavior and manipulate this entire video. It’s disgusting.

  8. Pretty Little Liars says:

    If Jeffree can destroy his life, makes you wonder who the real Shane is. James bounced back because he’s innocent—Shane would be fine if he stopped being friends with Jeffree if he’s not done legitimately horrible things.

  9. Alex says:

    What about some financial contributions to anti-racism orgs, childhood sexual violence prevention and response orgs?
    Donating is not a fix all, or everything just goes away, but it’s a tiny start towards active change.

  10. im bored says:

    bring back the spooky boys! we don’t want jeffree and all this drama.

  11. Simply Anna Rosa says:

    I’m fifteen and even I know running from ur problems doesn’t fix anything, I hope this is genuine and not cause u got called out

  12. zee says:

    as soon as he reached jeffree he went backwards.

  13. Krishnavi P says:

    I think he needs to understand that your friends reflect on you, and everyone knows the history of his friends.

  14. Katherine Keitt says:

    Speaking from an African-American woman’s point of view—that has been looking at your videos for the last year, I did not know your history of black face or slurs that were racist. Thank you for owning up to the behavior from a young age because it does follow you. We know better so we do better. Continue improving and move forward!!! ❤️👏🏾👏🏾

  15. esme says:

    everyone saying they miss the ‘old shane’ like the ‘old shane’ is from 2 years ago 😭😭 y’all reeeeeaally missing the bigger picture lmao

  16. Maria Ude Nwachi says:

    The only thing Ms. Rona didn’t cancel is the yearly dramaggedon

  17. Becky King says:

    Everyone misses the “old” Shane? You mean the shane that was racist and inappropriate… why would you miss that?

  18. noors ideas says:

    Wait?? So isn’t anyone gonna talk about the .. the comments he made about a 6 y/o child..

  19. Holly Paton says:

    the fact that he is DELETING COMMENTS THAT DO NOT SUPPORT HIM lmaooo

  20. oh says:

    so when tiktokers say the n word and shit their not cancelled but when shane did things yearssss ago y’all won’t forgive him? okay-

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