Taking Apart the Auction Corvette’s BLOWN Engine! The Carnage is AMAZING!

Taking Apart the Auction Corvette’s BLOWN Engine! The Carnage is AMAZING!

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Time to head to the junkyard to get us a new 5.3!

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47 Responses

  1. Ahms Chouky says:

    Let er rip tatter chip ??????????

  2. C.L.LocomotiveWorks says:

    Why not resurrect leroy’s original ls if it’s still around? You could consider it a junkyard engine since leroy is a salvage title vette. Plus then you’d have something stronger then a 5.3l but I also know it’s all for the spirit of the build so go for it!

    • Eric Ford says:

      +C.L.LocomotiveWorks IIRC Leroys original owner “Leroy” passed away, they mentioned it in another vid, so yeah he’ll never show up.

    • james johns says:

      +C.L.LocomotiveWorks I feel like Leroys first engine they made the 7 sec pass with is the engine theyre planning on using for the jet powered elco….They mentioned they were having it repaired and that they had ideas for it…

    • C.L.LocomotiveWorks says:

      +james johns I remember that, I’m talking about his original LS2

    • Baked Potato says:

      Texas Speed even made a teardown video on it.. I’ll bet it’s either in their warehouse, or at McFarland race shop, just waiting for this opportunity.

    • Blueberry Apples says:

      It’s already been dismantled and pieces of it welded in to a “MAN” shaped thing. It’s not resurrectable anymore.

  3. Troy Brinkman says:

    The Pistons couldn’t do it for Dale.

  4. Nicolas Torres says:

    James stop knocking on the damn Vette lol

  5. Section 8 Automotive says:

    I have a bare 5.3 iron block I’ll send you if want to build a boost engine for Ruby in house. I was gonna use it in my G35 build on my channel but have since built a another block. Also have the x58 crank and front cam sensor cover. Fans wanna see u do it dale’s and build it 100% Cleetus McFarland. It has new cam bearings already knocked in. Let me know.

  6. lucifur999 says:

    Next ls engine put a new o ring on oil pick up tube… Known issue with low oil pressure…

    • for_all_those says:

      they were rocking synthetic oil, goes milky brown when its burn’t out and won’t do its job anymore, castrol GTX can’t handle the heat from a 300+ hp car, still need full mineral oil

  7. Fuzzcopter I like tigers says:

    Damn that engine looks like it had a one night stand with my ex.

  8. William Seroyer says:

    put a 6.0 in it, its the holly grail of junk yard motors.

  9. Demetrius Lolos says:

    Oh, you’re just gonna show that on live television? You thought of the family of the 5.3L seeing that on the nightly news?

  10. Brayan Villanueva says:

    Try to find a 2007-2013 Denali or an Escalade if you want a 6.2l

    • Zeppish says:

      Brayan Villanueva Yukon not denali. Denali is a trim. That way someone doesn’t only look for a denali

    • Dustin2493 says:

      Yukons only have 5.3s Denali is the only trim that has the L92 6.2. And the denali for some reason wasn’t rated at 403 like the escalade and the trucks that have them it’s rated at like 380 I believe. I had an 08 Vortec Max Silverado with the L76 6.0 which comes with the L92 heads already and it was rated at 370 but for what it was at the time it was quick and plenty of fun. Only other chassis to share that motor was the Pontiac g8 gt only difference that I know of was Holden/Pontiac used an LS style intake manifold where the trucks came with the Vortec intake.

    • 2200Z says:

      +Dustin2493 Huh? My 2011 Yukon Denali 6.2L is rated at 403 hp.

  11. SCARFACE says:

    Its like you wanted this to happen….

  12. Rice _ says:

    You guys should make the block into a table and give it away

  13. Procharged 1 says:

    Why don’t you get a 4.8 now and compare how much power it could hold compared to the 5.3

    • Thom kouwen says:

      That requires a serious scientific approach, which is less fun then this. Hot rod magazine already did this btw, google it, series is called the big bang

  14. Phazerboy Productions says:

    That engine isn’t blown, its cremated xD

  15. Robert Nugent says:

    The ring lands aren’t the things that touch, it’s the ring ends. On a boosted motor, you need a bigger gap at the ring ends. With the higher pressures and temperatures that come with boosted motors, the metal in the rings grows more, and you need to leave room for that ring growth or the ends will touch. On this stock motor, the ring ends didn’t have room when they grew, so they touched, pushing the whole ring against the cylinder wall instead. When this happens, it creates an interference fit between the rings and the cylinder wall, and puts extreme pressure on the ring land areas of the pistons. This in turn cracks the ring lands, and in extreme cases like yours, breaks the piston right in half.

  16. muminsum says:

    Throw a diesel motor in Ruby

  17. MaddHatt3R says:

    Anyone else notice the shape of the crack on the Piston resembles the Corvette Logo? @7:35 LOL

    • Kalvinjj says:

      Freaking bring this to the top Cleetus, it deserves.
      Cannot unsee it anymore, dang I would make an ornament out of it after that

  18. Mickk says:

    Meh, too bad, looks like the block can’t be salvaged which is a bugger. Iron blocks can be pretty darn close to bullet proof if they are set up right.

  19. G Seitl says:

    well guys and gals this is mcfarland fab’s new crankcase ventilation sytem with selective cylinder shut off for emission regulation that even gets your car through californias EPA test, order it rigth now.
    No serious last time I saw a Piston shot like that it was an 4 cylinder VW with “tuning” and a skipped chain.

  20. There Was An Attempt says:

    Cooper should call his project car the ‘Coopra’.

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