Taking Delivery of my NEWEST CAR!

Taking Delivery of my NEWEST CAR!

Stefan will buy a Donk if we get him to a 100,000 Subs by next week LOL

Massive shout to my homies at THE TRIPLE F COLLECTION!!! Go subscribe to them:

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43 Responses

  1. SmoothAj says:

    The cars this guy drive and have is crazy

  2. Depths of History says:

    This guys energy 😂 stay hype stradman!

  3. llococo92 says:

    All these hyper cars like “Am I a joke to you?” 😂

  4. roslyn lee says:

    Sees next video* is instantly happy again

  5. 4200time B says:

    Triple F is so insane. Also love how James drives multi million dollar cars one handed while filming . …in the rain .

    • Josiah Hein says:

      @Abigail peters, this is a scam. It’s the same person, using multiple accounts. Very common.

    • Kate McCarthy says:

      @Josiah Hein he’s not a scam I trade with Philip McCarthy he strategies are exceptional

    • Benita hills says:

      I’m not here to converse but to share my testimony just for what I confirmed he’s trustworthy and best option ever seen .. Thanks Mr Philip McCarthy

    • Scott Shaw says:

      @Benita hills That’s it you convinced me and am doing this thanks

    • Crappy.G says:

      Holy shit the bots are quick. Guys don’t fall for these scam. Remember, if you want to invest, open an account at a legitimate broker/exchange and do the trading there. DON’T EVER send money to someone saying they will multiply your money in return, IT’S 100% a scam.

  6. Astle Truscott says:

    Porsche: “hmm what should we call this car?”
    “Well how many are you making?”
    “Well there ya go”

  7. The Triple F Collection says:

    Amazing time guys! Thanks for trusting us with picking up your new delivery and setting the stage for you! Here’s to the next adventure!

  8. QuitPhoenix130 says:

    “Why does it always rain when we’re in Ohio?” – James

    “It’s never not raining in Ohio” – Ohioans

  9. Tobie says:

    James really buys, sells, and replaces cars like he’s living in GTA online and I love it

  10. MemerMan says:

    Stradman: subscribe to stefan’s channel
    Stefan: OOooOoOH!

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