Tales Of The Jedi | Official Trailer | Disney Plus

Tales Of The Jedi | Official Trailer | Disney Plus

Two Stories of Fate. One Destiny. #TalesOfTheJedi is coming to #DisneyPlus. All six Original shorts are streaming on October 26.

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36 Responses

  1. Supermoonwalker says:

    This looks amazing. The clone wars art style returning, the younger appearances in the dooku show, the story it’s gonna have, all of it looks stunning. Can’t wait.

  2. Tastalrial097 says:

    I can already tell I’m going to love this show. Giving Dooku more on screen depth, a younger Qui Gon, baby Ahsoka! Sorry Grogu, time to step aside for little Tano. Crazy to think how many of us disliked Ahsoka when we first saw her, and now here she is.

    • Influential Topic says:

      Ahsoka was the only reason I was bothered to give star wars a shot. She carried clone wars for sure.

    • Apexhunter 935 says:

      That was kinda the point. Filoni wanted ashoka unlikable (but not too unlikable) at the start so that she could be built up and grow/mature over the course of the series

    • Lorenzo De Stefano says:

      probably cause Ashoka is the perfect exemple of that character that starts almost anonymously, with nothing really special to it, but has such a consistent character growth over the entirety of the series and beyond that you end up loving her, much of what many other MAIN Star Wars character have lacked in the last decade

    • Director for Plastic says:

      @Dimension1873 it’s a cycle with Star Wars fans (not all, I’m speaking in generalities and if you feel like what I’m saying doesn’t apply to you, then I wasn’t talking about you). Hate new thing -> New things goes on and reappears and develops -> New thing becomes beloved -> Hate new new thing and compare it to old new thing and repeat

    • ct 7567 says:

      @Dimension1873 when i first saw ahsoka, i was like “let’s see where this is going” and now she’s in my top 3 favorite star wars characters of all time

  3. Emily Clarke says:

    This is one of the best ideas for a Star Wars show ever. Hopefully we get multiple seasons of this, perhaps yearly? Maybe we’ll get a season with Grievous and some other Jedi.

    • NoirVibes says:

      The cool part about this is that it’s not strictly tied to the clone wars era hence the name not including it. I’m hoping for some luke skywalker stories in between ep 6 and 7

    • ikarii prince says:

      It’d be a great way to adapt some of the clone wars stories that were never animated

  4. Comics and Whatnot says:

    It’s gonna be amazing getting to see some of the earlier years of the clone wars in top notch animation. And the fact that Rael Aveross is finally making an on screen appearance is awesome too. Can’t wait for this series.

  5. AD_edits says:

    Ohhh it’s beautiful!!! Been excited for dooku’s story forever!

  6. Matt of All Trades, Master of Most says:

    I want to personally shake the hands of everyone who’s worked on these shows, they truly get what fans want to see from Star Wars

  7. A Blox says:

    This series looks AMAZING. I wish it was more than 6 episodes. I’m hoping they continue to do more of these stories with more prequel jedi/TCW unfinished arcs. I am hoping to live to see Ventress’ arc with Quinlan animated one day. I prefer this animation over live action. They can do so much more here and there are huge casts of aliens/jedi, without all the budget restrictions etc.

  8. Apollo's Zone | SWBGuy says:

    I’m so unbelievable hyped for this show! I love the how they brought the Clone Wars art style and I cannot wait to see Dooku and Mace Windu side by side in a battle!😲🔥

  9. Alex Kenchel says:

    Yes Disney, this is the kind of stuff we want! This looks incredible!

  10. Patrick Henry says:

    This show comes out on my birthday and I couldn’t be more happy. This looks incredible! As a long time prequel fan/early 2000s kid I was so excited to see the season 1 design of Anakin looking THIS GOOD

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