Taliban seize power in Afghanistan as President flees country – BBC News

Taliban seize power in Afghanistan as President flees country – BBC News

The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan, occupying the capital Kabul after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Taliban forces occupied the Presidential Palace, from where they are preparing to announce that they are the new rulers of an “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.

It’s the culmination of a lightning takeover by the Islamist fighters, following the decision by the United States and other coalition nations to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan.

Coalition troops first entered the country in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks and removed the Taliban from power. 20 years of fighting to support the new Afghan government cost thousands of lives.

The decision of the US President Joe Biden to finally withdraw all US forces by September paved the way for the final Taliban offensive that overwhelmed the Afghan government’s forces.

Foreign nationals and many Afghans have been trying to get on flights out of Kabul airport, where US and British troops have been deployed to aid the evacuation.

Mishal Husain presents BBC News at Ten reporting by diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams, Malik Mudassir in Kabul, political correspondent Ben Wright and north America editor Jon Sopel.

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36 Responses

  1. heavyd777 says:

    There was no “seizing” because the Taliban basically just walked in.

    • Farhad 1448 says:

      @Neutron ⭐️ American did it best to give the taliban legitimicy and victory treaty. Afghan govt refused to fight and cause a blood shed and a catastrophy which was not expected by the Americans. USA stabbed afghan govt and afghans did the same.

    • Post a hundred comments, but only one can show ! says:

      More than 50,000 Afghan civilians have been killed by the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom! Think for yourself

    • The Journey says:

      @Neutron ⭐️ exactly everywhere else everyone was fighting off isis, man woman and child, with broken ak47s but these cowards just gave up.

    • OddJobMTB says:

      @Neutron ⭐️ Depends who the people are, do women have a say on the matter, is there a democratic movement? No it’s basically just a dictatorship like many Middle Eastern countries.

    • John Robinson says:

      They’ve raped and looted their way across that country for 30 years you fool.

  2. Lumbago Gaming says:

    President of Afghanistan: Don’t worry guys I have a plan

    *President of Afghanistan has left the game*

  3. Arindam says:

    The Journalist Malik in Afghanistan is literally trembling in fear 🙁

  4. Kelly Carter says:

    Malik looks and sounds terrified. Bless his heart.

  5. Matthew Ambrose says:

    That poor education minister. My heart goes out to her. This abandonment was utterly shameful.

  6. Swarnim Pandey says:

    when everyone is leaving malik is out there reporting….wow

  7. ExtremelySaltyPlayer says:

    Safe to say America has lost yet another impossible war in a foreign country against radicals.

    • Andrew Walker says:

      @kawaii Chan No they weren’t. They are and have always been a shit nation and they will stay that way.

    • bakshay says:

      @ketsueki0shiroi0bara America has been defeated again. Mor proof that and “advanced” military cannot defeat a homegrown insurgency. Can you say VietNam? US installed a corrupt govt in both cases and the people suffered. The ones who filled the gap of defending the people from corrupt rulers ended up the victors. This is not the loss of one man or administration, this is a defeat for American ideals.

    • Trevor Blankenship says:

      @Justin Thomas no trump signed an agreement to make a slow safe withdraw. Biden had us leave literally overnight.

    • YouvGotMilk says:

      Lol all the Trump supporters who don’t realize Trump would be doing the same shit today if he was in office.

    • Bill Y says:

      @RhodesianSAS they haven’t won anything either. They just leave helpless countries worse than when they entered

  8. EdenmyBoY says:

    Yesterday’s Saigon, today’s Afghanistan
    God bless my man Malik, he is a brave guy.

  9. Dinushi Arambegedara says:

    The girls and the women…
    This is heartbreaking.

  10. Clipped says:

    Imagine if Biden was Trump he would be getting slated for saying “Everything will be fine” WTF IS that someone get this old grandpa out of the biggest office in the world

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