Talking Kitty Cat – World’s Most Spoiled Cat

Talking Kitty Cat – World’s Most Spoiled Cat

Sylvester the talking kitty cat gets an unwanted present from his human slave. Random Kitty and Gibbyson have been getting starved from wet food and a new kitten finally arrives. All in the name of Flaggle Claggle.

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46 Responses

  1. LunaCat 101 says:

    Psycho Random!

  2. Sharfaa Deenath says:

    Sylvester is my favourite cat in the world😍

  3. Super Pettway1996 says:

    I wonder what’s the new kitten’s name

    • Animal God says:

      Hey It’s Nai! But the kitten is literally Gibbyson’s grandson

    • Hey It's Nai! says:

      Animal God No it’s Gibbyson’s neice or nephew because Thug Life (the mom) was Gibbyson’s sister. It’s Gibson’s grandson/daughter.

    • Scott Weiss says:

      Hi Super Pettway, towards the middle of the Video when Steve is Talking there is a pop up that says “Random Gibson 3rd Generation which comes down to “RG3” . That new kitten will have some thing like a Model Number more than a name. RG3.

    • Hacking Survivor says:

      It’s thug life’s (random Kitty’s kitten) kitten so it’s name is probably gonna be thug life Jr.

  4. Super Pettway1996 says:

    Random and Gibbyson are so cute when they’re angry😍😍😍

  5. Super Pettway1996 says:

    I wonder what Sylvester reacts to the new kitten

    • TheKingMagic120 says:

      Super Pettway1996 I like your pfp

    • Scott Weiss says:

      Hi Super Pettway, Yeah, All of the Cats will have interesting reactions. You know how all the Official Responsible Adult Websites about Cats recommend separation at first and gradual bringing them together (first meeting through closed doors, and then through barriers… a process going on for days). Well, I’ve always just let the New Thing out of the Carrier in the middle of the most cat crowded room, and then I talk to the new cat and pet it and kiss it to show Everybody that the New Thing will have some protection from the Big Guy, but then it is basically “Let the Games Begin”. The Hierarchy always changes somehow. Its fascinating to watch. But, yes, always at least somebody will cop a bad attitude and Hiss and Bat.

    • Okuri Inu says:

      He probably the same reaction when he first met gibson

    • Andre wray Elijah fortune says:

      Super Pettw

    • ghostdragon says:


  6. CatLady MB says:

    RG3 is a real cutie!! 💖😍
    I will take one if there are more kittens.
    Gibbyson has become a handsome young man.
    Very nice family!

    • Hira Hollis says:

      CatLady MB I can’t believe thats his actual name, that’s just as bad as my cousin naning their cat, black cat white sox

  7. KK Bing says:

    I loved how the cat denture had a black mark on the roof of the mouth just like Sylvester’s real mouth. I loved when Random Kitty kicked Steve’s ass. I loved seeing what a behemoth Gibbyson has turned into!! I loved how Random Gibson 3rd Generation bonked his head. I loved this video.

  8. LWM WiFi says:

    One like one tooth

  9. Sarah W. Fox says:

    I sure wouldn’t want to put a denture into my mouth after it being in a ….

    … wait I can’t say that or it will spoil the video for those who have not seen it.

  10. kitty20678 says:


  11. GrayStripe FTW says:

    3 videos within a month! Amazing as always Steve!👏👏👏👌🔥

  12. Secret yandere says:

    HIM:I gave the last can of wet food to gibison


    ME:I had a cat like this

  13. Olevia Holloway says:

    Come on make another make another video please please please please

  14. meow catsarecute says:

    XDDDD cute!!!!!!!

  15. Jason Unpriced says:

    These diary dates have me dying 🤣

  16. Yennie Fer says:

    Such a cute baby. ;A;

  17. Jamie Brower says:

    Is it some special holiday??? All these Talking Kitty videos! 😍😍😍😍

  18. Butters The Bean says:

    Yay for the baby Gibson!

  19. GTR Wendy says:

    Send him back to coraline

  20. You Tube says:

    That cat needs to be grounded.

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