Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers

I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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42 Responses

  1. Rainbow Cooki3h says:

    2:52 eyebrow piercing on the right eyebrow
    2:54 *changes to left eyebrow*
    me: :0

  2. DANIEL says:

    Me: I don’t work on my Birthday
    James: I don’t work my whole birthday month

    I wish I had that much time as well…
    Happy later Birthday though

  3. Josh Cohen says:

    Crush: how are you?
    Brain cell 1: say good
    Brain cell 2: say okay
    Me: I’m gay

  4. sonic the hedgehog says:

    Selling H O W buttons
    They cost 1 like

  5. Wormy2005 says:

    This whole video is like,
    what video my brain would make if it could make videos.

  6. AKA Shrapnel 49 says:

    James: but if you watch this video, you know, im not the most qualified to give that advice
    Me: how about Jaiden?

    • Katski says:

      AKA Shrapnel 49 Just cause Jaiden experiences it doesn’t mean she’s qualified to give that advice

    • Rowquer Paz says:

      Yeah! Because Jaiden is as socially anxious as James. You know what she says: “Anxiety is the best!”

  7. CamCam Playz says:

    *method home ad plays*
    Me: gross *skips ad*
    James: let’s pretend you’re on a bus and it’s SUPER crowded
    Me: But, this does put a smile on my face.

  8. Aw6ken says:

    I actually suffer from social anxiety myself and make music to help others out. It would mean a lot if anyone gave me a listen and helped the cause ❤

  9. Provvit says:

    Potential friend: Hello!

    James: *HOW*

  10. ReeseyGamez says:

    Person: omg hi james! Im such a huge-
    James: dO aS yOu WiSh jUsT dOnT ToUcH mY sHoUlDeRs

  11. Fluffy Scruff says:

    1:52 The Morgz reference copying MrBeasts videos ??

  12. Mehar Abdi says:

    People that hate me: Hi
    Me: AM I A JOKE TO YOU!?

  13. Daniel Iles says:

    Me in public transport:

    *God I hope I don’t touch anyone’s shoulder*

  14. NLtube says:

    James: i hate those situations on the bus
    Me: i have NEVER seen a bus with three seats next to each other

  15. itsjoannmichelle 101 says:

    Well James, I wear Anime Graphic T-shirts in public. So ha!

    Also I love your content… ?❤

  16. Wolfy Positive says:

    TheOdd1sOut: Makes a video after a month

    Trending: YeP tHiS gUy Is GoInG oN tHe LiSt

  17. Ermehgerd says:

    2:40 yes the anime shirt is an acception…
    but ill literally do everything in my power to avoid somebody if I ever saw them with a Sonic body pillow

  18. The Golden Block says:

    When James Goes On A Airplane And His Ticket Is In the Middle….


  19. •i l e a n a• says:

    Stranger: Do you know where the next bus stop is?
    Me: My armpit is itchy

  20. Australian Mapping says:

    You guys are sitting next to each other (don’t flirt) LMAO ? Captions

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