Tamar Braxton Clears Up Rumors About Her Marriage | The View

Tamar Braxton Clears Up Rumors About Her Marriage | The View

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83 Responses

  1. Goldengoods says:

    Her face, she looks so differently…

  2. StingingwithqueenC says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks this is really weird. Did he actually abuse her (like her mother claimed) or not? Did her mother lie? One minute they seem fine, the next minute she paints him as a villain, one minute she’s telling her business, the next minute everyone should stay out of their marriage. What a mess!

    • caramelhoney29 says:

      I don’t think Miss Evelyn is lying. Abuse is a sad thing to watch and I hope she will get out before it is too late.

    • Kay Bleu says:

      Tamar likes drama I don’t believe it

    • braxmaster1 says:

      StingingwithqueenC The majority of her sisters have gone through divorce but Ms.E never made such allegations about them not even Gabe who was a serial cheater she’s obviously telling the truth but Tamar is going to deny and pretend like everything is fine because she loves that man

    • Talisha C says:

      Davina Bowman – Toni never said her mom was lying, and I doubt she’d ever.

      That’s because there would be too many people involved with Tamar & Tiny’s situation. Things can really REALLY spiral out of control. Tiny also stated Tamar should keep quiet pertaining their issue. I’m glad thus far she’s kept quiet about it. It’s no one’s business

  3. Honey Bee says:

    Friends are the closest enemies you have….they may love you but envy is real yall!👍

  4. Damon H says:

    Yeah ok this all sounds cute but are we forgetting about the fact that her mother has had several candid interviews where she states that Vince physically abused Tamar on a regular basis, and that she has even witnessed this over the years? Like, I’m all for people working on their problems, but physical abuse is an entirely different story. You don’t beat the crap out of someone if you love them. FACT!

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  6. jeanne violette says:

    Are they breaking up or not?extensive therapy is court related or not? I am not american. This is so ackward to have them both saying the opposite of what they already said. Why dont they adress tamar mom saying he is physically abusive ?

    • Charlene Walker says:

      Jeanne Violette, I think they tried in a smooth effort on the topic of are you a blurter or not, with the Quincy Jones discussion go back and look at that.

    • Taupe Shell says:

      Extensive counseling is not always court issued. Many couples decide to go through with this process on their own.

    • Jazmyn Edmonds says:

      They aren’t divorcing. They are married and in counseling and living separated for the time being while working on their marriage

  7. Corey Lane says:

    Celebrities like this amaze me. They want all the fame and accolades that come with the lifestyle and then get offended when people have opinions on the mess that’s presented to us…they put themselves out there. I have zero sympathy for her in that regard.

  8. Trent Edwards says:

    I’m so confused, this was so awkward 😂😭

  9. Positive vibes says:

    Their marriage seemed always hostile and exhausting …it was over before it began imo she will leave when shes ready i guess

    • bubu joo Estes says:

      Positive vibes He is fat and ugly. She talks too much but she is nice looking.What is she doing with him.His mouth is literally so repulsive

  10. myshoethatfelloff says:

    WTF is on top of Megan’s head? 😂😂😂

  11. High Priestess says:

    That awkward moment when your future ex husband get called on stage during your 15 mins of fame…

  12. WCD Channel says:

    This was just awkward.
    And she looks very different.

  13. Adapto 1432 says:

    Hey Tamar if you don’t want people in your business then don’t do reality TV!

  14. JOJO/ INDIGO says:

    She looks so uncomfortable sitting next to him tbh…

  15. Jailene Guzman says:

    I hope they don’t get back together honestly she can do better

  16. Tre Greaves says:

    Does anyone else feel uncomfortable watching this?

  17. Cherries01 says:

    So if they are divorcing, why are they still always together?… If it’s not for publicity or attention, then what is it for? If it’s for their son… They can co-managed. But they seems to be always together in public. Their a mess and I have no sympathy. Drama drama drama.

    • corey Wilson says:

      Cherries01 they literally have nothing to promote so Publicity makes no sense…I think she has the upper hand in the marriage now and is going about it the way she wants. And she might feel sorry for how she drug him though the mud on instagram and is allowing him so say his side on the view cause he has no social media

    • Cherries01 says:

      corey Wilson she did it for publicity during the time her show was airing “Tamar and Vince” and also to help promote her album too. So I think she step that low for publicity and rating. She probably followed her friend tiny and TI tatics for publicity.

  18. Nikocado Avocado says:

    When did The View turn into Dr. Phil? LOL

    • mm devolange says:

      Miss Braxton would much rather have any security guard carry a vial of voluma and a syringe of volbella she’s completely out of touch just not a very effective addition to any intellectual discussion

    • Toral Toral says:

      mm devolange Tamar has been ” the Princes” of the Braxton family. she always wanted to be Star and wantto be as big as her her sister Tony. Tamar would not look at Vince if he was not Multimilliare. Braxton sisters always had big lips.. they are Black women after all.

    • blackcdnguy says:

      mm devolange commenting on someone’s personal appearance in the same breath as you talk about intellectual discussion? GIRL BYE. btw Tamar’s lips have always looked like that.

    • Talisha C says:

      mm devolange – “lip injections” ?
      She *ALWAYS HAD FULL LIPS.* She’s black, it’s beautifully common. Not everyone is Kylie Jenner

  19. Rashida Na says:

    I froze when the camera went to Vince. Huh??

  20. Justin Locs says:

    Meghan’s hairstylist was mad at her today…

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