Tame Impala – Patience (Official Audio)

Tame Impala – Patience (Official Audio)

Listen to Patience: https://TameImpala.lnk.to/PatienceYT

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Listen to Tame Impala: https://TameImpala.lnk.to/TameImpalaYT
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66 Responses

  1. Jay Maha Kalli says:

    It’s 00:10 am,

    Thanks YouTube, i feel like flying into the space while drive my bubble rocket between planets and galaxy.

  2. Marisol Vaccaro says:

    I ve been listening to this band since 2007 and I m really proud of how far have this become.
    This drop me tears

  3. Benjamin gszy says:

    I hope this is actually a filler of the album

  4. Carla Davis says:

    Welp time to replay another tame impala song 600 times!

  5. Ani Rose says:

    New Tame Impala? Looks like my day just got a whole hell of a lot better!

  6. FEmblem116 says:

    Kevin has fully implemented his inspiration from Supertramp and The Bee Gees here. I love it!!!

  7. Pedro Paulo Martins Borges says:

    Is me growing up in stages, beautiful song inspires me to evolve.

  8. ? says:

    I love how every tame impala song got a such unique vibe

  9. Flashbak910 says:

    Tame Impala: Taking the 60’s and 70’s and reinventing it for the modern music scene. Absolute gold!!

  10. Jay Stone says:

    More disco. Bring back some guitars! That said, impeccably produced as usual.

    • Christian B says:

      There were plenty of songs on Currents with guitars.

    • Jennifer Lopez says:

      +Blind Guy it’s almost like bands evolve over time, or something.

    • Dan Bardos says:

      It’s not disco tho. That’s not a disco drum beat either. It’s just keyboard heavy.

      Reminds me of Rush in the 80s in that regard. Although they had more guitar than this. But they, bands change. I like it.

    • Roko Krstičević says:

      +Blind Guy it’s not they. Only one person is responsible behind every track

  11. ryan young says:

    This song is beautifully amazing….can’t wait for the album. I’ll have this on repeat for a while.

  12. TA1300 ! says:

    I’ve missed the feeling of listening to a new Tame Impala song.

  13. flipburger2000 says:

    This sounds like something I’d hear on GTA V radio

  14. Paul McCormack says:

    Kevin “play the shit out of that piano” Parker

    • James Durney says:

      Must’ve been hanging out with Alex Turner a little too much it seems

    • Broken Dreams says:

      Wrong guy..that’s Cam Avery. I don’t believe he has even met Alex Thank God for that

    • James Durney says:

      +Broken Dreams Right, thought I’d read something relatively recently about them hanging/collaborating to some effect. Guess I mixed it up with them each doing interest in working together

    • D L says:

      Broken Dreams Surely they’ve crossed paths, AT was at Cams wedding, wasn’t Kevin? Anyway they’ve already discussed working together so get over yourself x

    • Wallabyway says:


  15. HungryCat99 Miaw says:

    Que frescura de voz ,me siento en las nubes gracias Kevin por existir gracias Tame Impala❤️❤️?

  16. Thrilling WAVez says:

    1:25 “living life in phases” – turns on a phaser
    Thats what I call some good interplay of lyrics and sound xD

  17. musze1 says:

    Has it really been that long?
    Did i count the days wrong?
    Did we just go back at all
    All the way to step one?

    People ask me all the time
    Every time the show’s up
    “So what you doin’ with your luck?”
    It ain’t givin’ up

    Just growin’ up in stages
    (Lay down no more)
    Livin’ life in phases
    Another season changes
    And still my days are shapeless

    I should be flying straight, don’t be late
    ‘Cause time waits for no one
    I should be flying straight, don’t be late
    ‘Cause time takes from everyone

    I’ve been waiting here
    Waiting for the day to come
    Take us to the place
    Takin’ us where we have gone

    They would ask me all the time
    Showin’ up in ages
    “So what you doin’ with your luck?”
    Call it givin’ up

    I’m just growin’ up in stages
    (Lay down no more)
    Livin’ life in phases
    Another season changes
    And still my ways are aimless, I know
    We’re growin’ up in stages
    And I’m runnin’ out of pages
    Growin’ up

    I should be flying straight, don’t be late
    ‘Cause time waits for no one
    I should be flying straight, don’t be late
    ‘Cause time takes from everyone

  18. Becker Aviation says:

    This is the most 1970s song I’ve heard from them yet it still has such a nice modern touch. Absolutely love it

  19. Kevon Culix says:

    For the people that reads this have a good day and I hope you’ll all have a successful future

  20. Mihir Khandekar says:

    Kevin telling us to be patient for the new album?

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