Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Zonnique

Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Zonnique

Tameka “Tiny” Harris opens up about her marriage with T.I., the video of her dancing with Floyd Mayweather and the effect reality TV had on her life.

Plus, Tiny tells us what to expect from the Xscape reunion tour.

Then, Tiny’s daughter Zonnique tells us about her new music and getting caught with a gun at the airport.

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20 Responses

  1. Gerlyne Louis-Jacques says:

    Wendy just be getting all the fresh tea, like what is going on?!? ??

  2. yaakys blog says:

    Africa is not a country wendy …. gushh….


    the comments aint messy enough i’ll be back later

  4. Riceebear says:

    I think Tiny looks amazing! Head-to-toe slayage, honey.

  5. Renee Ricca says:

    Tiny looks nice in this interview! Zonique is pretty i just hate the mop.

  6. zie minaj says:

    Eyeball cam ? WENDY tf?

  7. Dante Bradley says:

    Tiny seems so very sweet and genuine! Every time Wendy threw shade, I wanted to yank on the back of her wig!! Lmao

    leave Tiny alone!!!!!

  8. saida a says:

    omg i knew this interview was gonna be messy and i havent even watched it

  9. Diana Berry says:

    I’m on Tiny’s side

  10. YepItsThatGuy says:

    DAYUM Wendy! I don’t even remember the last time she was so upfront with a guest. Get that tea Wendy!!

  11. Eurasia Shakai says:

    IDC what people say Tiny you are beautiful much love?

  12. Castiel Black says:

    0:33 These Toes are having a harder time than Tiny splitting from T.I #TheseToesAintLoyal

  13. taylor love says:

    This interview is very…shady? omg Wendy said “eye ball cam” ??so awkward

  14. Shantee Haynes says:

    “We were married and we did what we wanted to do”…so they would bring other women in their bedroom situations…that’s what that meant

  15. Leopardess says:

    Wendy is so dam pushy back the hell up. stop acting like a dam vulture.??

  16. TheLiolol says:

    this interview was the messiest I’ve seen in a while, almost felt bad for Tiny but she conducted herself well.

  17. xNnix xVvix says:

    what in the weave basket is happening with her hair? chile…

  18. Tamara Knight says:

    I lost all my respect for T.I. when he said marriage is a distraction. Tiny deserves better!

  19. Brown Suga says:

    Tiny is Beautiful inside and out to me. She is strong I was like Wendy don’t make her cry.

  20. Jay Jay says:

    Tiny looks good, this was hard to watch
    Wendy tried it this whole interview
    Tiny carried herself like a lady throughout all the shade

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