Tamera Mowry-Housley Returns To The Real With An Important Message

Tamera Mowry-Housley Returns To The Real With An Important Message

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  1. chakana warrick says:

    I wonder if her husband views on gun control has changed now hmmm

    • QueOnda 123 says:

      +Glen CoCo *You’re

    • QueOnda 123 says:

      +Michelle Beauty Who says I don’t care about him? It’s sad that he died but that was years ago! To bring him up now as if to diminish Tamera’s pain is disgusting. Half the bitches here making those hateful comments could give two shits about the countless other Black men who are shot and killed by their own. As soon as they can point their finger on a non-White though, now they’re all concerned citizens! GTFO with that bullshit.

    • chnldownes says:

      Maameelle78 pineal glands are way more calcified in European people maybe that’s why? ?

  2. Cindie M says:

    Man, she’s broken. I’ve never seen her this way and she’s shared a lot of sad stories on the real that have made her cry but her she seems broken down and tired.
    We love you Tam.

    • Kiera Clark says:

      Stacy Castello no, she’s trying hard to not burst into tears and have a full blown grief cry. What y’all see is her trying hard to hold it together so soon.

    • Ang Olson says:

      Ughh this is so sad she seems so broken i can’t imagine the grief her and her family are going through.

    • christine rod says:

      Stacy Castello & Nadia Villareal I agree with you both, I love Tamara but sometime I feel she’s fake. She’s acting so hard for her husband niece just to please them, you don’t have to be blood with somebody to feel sympathy for any other human being bcuase I’m myself always crying for situation like this but I feel she’s going far with it only like I said again TO PLEASE HER HUSBAND ADAM!!! If the hands were turn YOU THINK ADAM WOULD ACT LIKE THIS TOWARD ONE OF HER FAMILY MEMBER Mmmmmmm ???‍♀️

    • Jill Seufert says:

      Losing someone to bullets is different, it does break you, it broke me when my best friend was randomly shot and killed, for no reason, she was just driving to work and boom, and it does break you, it broke me, I then broke a lot of things around the house, there’s no describing what this is like unless you go through it, it’s not like cancer, it’s not like a car accident, it’s different, it guts you.

    • YoutubeOverTV says:

      She usually cries when she’s talking about herself and how she learn to love something about herself. This is real life. Real pain. And I think real fear for her own children. This is too close to home.

  3. Felicity Cook says:

    l feel for her….but sadly if America did not change after 20 little children got slaughtered at Sandy Hook…it won’t change now…sad but true…?

    • Daniel Kirk says:

      Felicity Cook That’s harsh. Sounds like you’ve already given up hope. I like to believe there’s at least a very small chance of hope for change rather than have none at all. The moment you let go of hope is the beginning of being numb to violence around you. It has to bother you, at least a little bit.

    • Lakiela Manning says:


    • Amari Inasad says:

      Felicity Cook Precisely. Once America turned a blind eye to 20 children being murdered, the debate of gun control was over.

    • Love Me says:

      In thats the reason why ,Mind over Matter start saying things positive in doing things postive in yes this world could change it also comes with alot of healing self respect, self knowledge communication understanding but the biggest thing is RESPECT cause alot of us not going to agree with everything but instead of bashing in trying to make war learn how to work like a collective

    • YoutubeOverTV says:


  4. DejvDvpe says:

    I feel for her but why did it take for her and Adam’s loved one to die to really start getting into the gun control and healing statements. Yes America is sick, but I’m wondering why were they not so involved with it when it’s been happening to other families who have been losing their loved ones in the past years? No sympathy for others?

    • Kelly101Girl says:

      +Erin Renèe true but theres been alot of talk lately for those that havent had such a tragedy happen within their families still speak up. Sandy Hook was a huge one for most ppl to say, hey I think theres something wrong. Instead of beating them up for taking so long to come around i should simply applaud them for finally seeing the truth and understanding that something needs to be done ?

    • YoutubeOverTV says:

      Not only did they not have any sympathy but Adam was even using his public voice to blame the victim… I hope he doesn’t have to add that pain to the pain of grieving the lost of a young loved one and that he understands how damaging that was…

    • Rashad Robinson says:

      Erin Renèe right on the money you explained it perfectly

    • Zainab Agbaje says:

      Because until something affects us singularly or particularly. Human beings are easily selfish than empathetic

    • Stephanie Holt says:

      +DejvDvpe Ur preaching hard and not showing any compassion. So im curious What ur involvment entails??. How are out there being better
      Shame on you for calling other out and putting them down for not doing enough soon enough. Which isnt a becoming quality for someone who is claiming to already be doing lots to bring change
      Love and positivity and encouragement are.

  5. Nicole Cher says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Tamera nor Adam. Not after Adam’s comments about Trayvon Martin. Why is it not an issue until it affects you? Adam has white privilege and has used it in the past concerning gun matters and police brutality. He worked for Fox. So why is it an issue now? Because his privilege and his wealth couldn’t save him and now he gets it. Ive never liked Tamera because she condones everything her husband does. You don’t have to publicly agree with everything he says and does. She needs to think for herself. But I feel soooo sorry for Alaina. She was gone too soon and didn’t deserve. I feel sorry for her family too. No one deserves that kind of loss but I just have trouble feeling sorry for Tamera and Adam.

    • ʟɨʄє ıś G͙R͙A͙N͙D͙ says:

      Why are y’all blaming Tamera for the mouth of her husband?

    • Brandie Valentine says:

      Aniya Raine her black side? But now he’s the racist one?? Haha

    • jim hatten says:

      I don’t have any sympathy for them either….. especially NOT her racist-ass hubby

    • AU Sketch says:

      Feeling this way too is part of the problem indirectly as much as the next person. Until we each care for one another UNCONDITIONALLY… Just because we are one, just because we are all human, treating one another as we would like to be treated…then there will always be a problem from where violence will arise.

  6. Jayla G says:

    Okay but the girls face at 0:58 ?

  7. Lizzie Robertson says:

    Everyone complaining about Tam only voicing her opinion now…it’s not fair guys. Let’s be real, most of us want change, but very few of us have actually done anything about it. Until it actually comes for our family, we don’t FULLY understand the gravity of the situation. Cut her some slack, and understand that she is at least trying to do something about it now. Don’t hate on people that are trying to bring about positive change

    • elaeda says:

      adri xo sorry but you’re dead wrong and this is why America won’t fix the problem. I’ve spent enough time in psych wards to know that ill people who don’t get help get violent. Tamera is right. Your country is sick, and the problem is healthcare. There are many first world countries who don’t have mass shootings, but have access to guns and healthcare.

    • adri xo says:

      +elaeda I’m not invalidating your experiences and your approach is part of the problem in trying to shut down someone’s option and point of view. It’s not one or the other and people are so eager to wanting to be right. Yes it has to do with inaccessible treatment but that’s not the single cause of this. This has to do with healthcare especially with cuts to mental health services, gun control and hatred and tension fueled by intolerance.

    • Ella Elle says:

      Very well said Lizzie

    • jsavizonmarie says:

      Well said.

  8. Aaliyahforeva says:

    My heart goes out to the other parents whom lost their love ones that didn’t get the shine and attention and was some what overshadowed by the housleys

    • Fernande Francois says:

      Yes indeed.

    • 671JH says:

      Eboni Taylor A woman who was the mother of another person who was killed (reportedly was also involved in the Vegas attack) immediately pushed the gun agenda right after this attack. I think that’s not right at all

    • Patrick Tekula says:

      +671JH Why? Her son was almost killed in one mass shooting, then WAS killed in another. If your child survived one shooting to be slaughtered in another, would you not also have an issue with the way guns are treated in this country? Wouldn’t you be angry and want something done? Or would you sit back and wait for more “thoughts and prayers’?

    • 671JH says:

      Patrick Tekula I’m not a “pusher” if u know what I mean. I’m actually trying to raise money for gun safety on social media as my birthday fundraiser but yes if I was involved in an attack I would want change. It sounded like that woman was trying to take all guns away but I’m not judging anyone.

  9. trueskool1977 says:

    If sandy hook…(where numerous elementary school children were slaughtered and the government looked the other way)…they damn sure wont do anything from any other mass shooting. Nra controls too many Republicans

    • Jaclyn H says:

      EXACTLY, you got it… Money talks over kids lives and the vulnerable lives of slaughtered innocent animals… <3

    • A. T. says:

      He has denied being an NRA supporter. Where is the evidence that he is?

    • Elise James says:

      Sandy hook was a hoax .. do some research an you will find some interesting things! but i believe usa have gone nuts when it comes to guns an law around it. One school shooting is enough to say no more but instead equip young children with ways not to get shot whilst at school ? so messed up! ?

    • Serwena1212 says:

      +TheSavagedoll just being a republican doesn’t make you a problem does it make them a problem everybody being Republican or Democratic they all want people to be safe

    • Serwena1212 says:

      The government did not look the other way if you remember President Obama at the time tried and he was voted down

  10. This World IsCrazy says:

    I’m so glad they cut Loni off she is always trying to cut the sentiment moments because she’s uncomfortable with awkward silence and sensitivity. It wasn’t time to cut Tam off and ask her questions Loni!!!??????? Stop trying to be Oprah and prove your interviewing skills all the time!!

  11. Nika Robinson says:

    We’ve been fighting for change. FOR YEARS. But when it’s one of your own, now you want to fight? The country BEEN sick, Tamera. Where have you been??? Oh, you’ve been blinded and hiding behind your racist husband. When you think you’re so privileged that nothing can happen to your family, until it does. Then all of a sudden the world needs to change. Glad you came from under that privileged rock you’ve been hiding under. Maybe you should take notes from your sister Tia, you know, the only twin that’s not afraid to be black.

    Side note (edited): Not ONCE have I said that I HATE Tamera. I don’t HATE anyone. That’s just not me. There isn’t a hating bone in my body. I’m passionate. There’s a difference. And I speak truth, always. Yes, I do believe Tia is more open to expressing issues in the black community than Tamera. And it’s mostly because Tamera is married to Adam, so she may not feel comfortable with speaking out against gun violence that affects the black community. We can always agree to disagree. These are MY thoughts on this whole situation. Just like you all have your own thoughts, I have mine. Thanks.

  12. none of your business says:

    America was diseased the moment they took that country from natives

    • Glen CoCo says:

      +Ana M. stop playing there is more than one race, bih please!

    • Abby Lena says:

      Ana M.

      Let it go Ana. You trying to justify the genocide of Natives and the enslavement of Africans and defend the European colonist is equivalent to you making fun of Jews being put in gas chambers and defending Hitler and his Nazis.

      The European colonizers will never, never, ever, never have a good name in the Americas. (Not just the USA, the whole American continent)

      Just, just let it go. Watch some movies Ana.

    • Lala Land says:

      Wat happened to her parents?

    • Michaela Messado says:

      +Ana M. haha your clearly uneducated

  13. DW DW says:

    Sorry for your loss Tam, but it’s crazy that it took something happening to one of your family members for you to realize this country has always been in shambles.

  14. Leah-Renee Young says:

    NOW we need change? NOW you want to knock on the doors of the White House? NOW the country is sick? Baby it’s been severely ill for years! Now it’s hitting home and everyone wants to talk about it. Other people’s children have been victims, where was this energy??? God bless her niece and the family, but we need to do better as humans. ONE life is TOO many. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH YEARS BACK. “For whom the bells toll, it tolls for thee!”

  15. Karter T. Jefferson says:

    Not to sound insensitive but it shouldn’t take for someone closely related to you become aware that victim of gun violence for anyone to be proactive or vocal about the issues in our country. AndGuns are not violent it’s the people…cops have guns so ban cops and their guns both are evil… don’t pick and choose

    • Nattie bubbles says:

      Karter T. Jefferson Romans 2:5 ESV / 4 helpful votes

      But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.

  16. TheSavagedoll says:

    “We should never have to fight for the safety of our children.” Don’t remember her saying that when Trayvon Martin or Mike brown died. In fact I remember her husband trolling us black folks and not showing Trayvon any sympathy.

  17. TheSavagedoll says:

    Adam Housley tweeted back in 2013: “and finally. I have an opinion…which I wont share. I am not taking Zimmerman’s side, or Trayvon’s and if you can’t handle that…sorry”. Look at the lack of compassion he showed Trayvon, he also said the Zimmerman case had nothing to do with race and was adamant in telling us black folks to stop race baiting. Why didn’t Tamera stand up for Trayvon when he was saying all that bs?

    • Sarie Robertson says:

      @ Nattie Bubbles, You’ve said so much. Wowsers! I won’t dissect your comment because how you feel is just that. I will, however, say that it is not kind to accuse an entire group of people (i.e., “You Blacks”) of something without facts to support your claim. Also, some of us have been following the case for years and understand systematic bigotry in the United States. I’m not certain if you are a native to the States, but again, your opinion is just that. An opinion and nothing else #namaste

    • Nattie bubbles says:

      Sarie Robertson Yes, you American blacks! Not blacks from other countries, only You American blacks act this way. No one else does!

      Do your research on the case, I’m not American and I researched it only a few weeks ago. You are wrong! It was self defence and Zimmerman is Mexican, not white! The media was trying to make it a race issue on purpose.

      You are going to feel so bad when the NWO comes through. You are doing everything the government wants you to do.

    • Shay Monte' says:

      Nattie bubbles Adam felt the same way then karma hit lol

    • JAM PACK FAMILY says:

      +Nattie bubbles self defense? Maybe you skipped over the part where Zimmerman chased Trayvon down the street while he was walking in his own neighborhood. Even when he was told not to proceed him he still chased him down the street. A kid who has a unknown big grown man chasing him for no reason what did Trayvon do again? Sorry but I also been following this story for years never once did Trayvon chase Zimmerman down it was the other way around just saying

  18. Jaedens blog Channel says:

    There was a security guard who apprehended a gunman in a bar and the police shot him because he was apprehending the gunman yet the real never speaks on that and i wonder why that is why is it that hundreds of people are dying in Chicago each weekend n these ladies r silent but wen it affects them now u say something now the country is sick n now we need healing I’m glad they woke the hell up cause this country been sick

  19. DanYiel Teflon says:

    What I still don’t understand, everyone wants sympathy & sending condolences but they didn’t show the same thoughts toward Trayvon Martins parents while they were fighting due to George Zimmerman hunting him down and taking his life…??‍♂️

  20. Sammy Sweet says:

    Just wanna remind yall how Adam responded to the Trayvon Martin shooting. So in the words of Tamera, I guess he was living under a rock.

    • Nattie bubbles says:

      Sammy Sweet Romans 2:5 ESV / 4 helpful votes

      But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.

    • archaicdreamzz says:

      You do know just because they are married doesn’t mean she has to agree with every single thing he says and vice verse?

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