Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 1 Game Highlights

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 1 Game Highlights

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48 Responses

  1. Tiger Hoods says:

    This Bucs/Cowboys game is a reminder why fans should never get mad when their teams draft OL in first round.

  2. Rorisang Poo says:

    So happy to see Julio Jones healthy and playing again. That man is still a force to be reckoned with.

  3. matrixphijr says:

    I like how these highlights go straight from Tampa scoring to Tampa having the ball again. Dallas was _that_ useless.

    • Trevor Carey says:

      Hope Dak is ok but he just did’nt look comforable from the start, maybe he did’nt have the same training & regiment cause that changes timing on the performance

    • Choose Carefully says:

      The Bucs’ D was that good. Week 1 one usually sees jitters. That INT _Brady_ threw was really avoidable. It looked like he simply didn’t see the white on white of the Dallas players moving around. & the _Cowboys_ certainly looked jittery on offense.
      But the Bucs’ D are going to make things this hard for any & every team that doesn’t have as many weapons as the Chargers or Eagles. Maybe even the Browns or Broncos can give them trouble. But I don’t know if they play them this year.

    • JoeyWRLD says:

      @Real Deal Dak is a good quarterback his oline was hurt and the bucs dline is stacked its hard to get a pass out and be accurate when all you can do is just run around

    • Nick Hall says:

      right? I just don’t get it… He played AWFUL all night, even MISSED A SIX YARD PASS that a 4yro could have thrown better!!! I knew when they OVERpaid him a quarter of a BILLION DOLLARS while he was catastrophically injured BEFORE he ever stepped back onto football again, that it was a HUGE mistake… Who ever brokered that deal for him deserves an award, that was mind blowing!! Lol and now I just heard he broke his thumb towards the end of the 4th qtr in this shitty game, he will BE OUT FOR 7-8weeks!!! WEAKSAUCE!!

    • Nick Hall says:

      Dak is GARBAGE

  4. Chiqui Velez says:

    Great Win for T.B. O-line Tightened up in the 2nd even w loosing Smith. Hope Godwin is OK. Glad they picked up Jones and Gage. Can’t wait for the game against the Saints. So far so good. GO BUCS!

    • Daniel Zimmerman says:

      @Isiah Duran they had two guys making their NFL debuts, plus a guy who’s started for like 2 years straight got injured early. I think they did just fine.

    • Isiah Duran says:

      @John Vo and? Every quarter back has the capability to make that throw, a broken clock is right twice a day. It doesn’t matter how many deep plays you make if the rest of the time you played like trash

    • John Vo says:

      @Isiah Duran are you that dense? All Qb take about 2-3 shot downfield a game. All QB do check down when they have no O-line. You playing too much madden…
      That shot to Julio is showing his arm strength and accuracy.
      The objective is to win the game not to take high unnecessary risks.

    • Isiah Duran says:

      O line was trash all game, ain’t nothing “tight” all brady did was throw check downs like he always does. Not that impressive

  5. Steve Dem 7 says:

    That’s what I admire about the Cowboys. Why just lose, when you can lose in humiliating fashion? At least they let the ref spot the ball this time.

  6. BeeBop Gaming says:

    I was at the game and Irvin was on the jumbo tron giving the most intense, motivational and HYPE speech I’ve ever heard. Dak responded with 3 points. 😂

  7. Yasinister C says:

    That was an impressive way to start the season by Dallas!

  8. Change My Mind says:

    I’m still dumbfounded as to how Brady is still playing QB in this league at the elite level and remaining a consistent threat to landing in the Super Bowl. He is definitely a master of his position.

    • Alejandro says:

      @Dialectical Monist what age do you lose speed and body start to get old?

    • Kylo Rent says:

      Can you expound on your opinion literally any more than a surface level accusation with no substance at all to back up your opinion? Go on. We can get into actual stats if you’d like of what Brady has done on the field the past two years (it’s not going to help your argument though)

    • vinsanity982 says:

      @Mr Smith Sorry buddy, but winning is the virtue. Carrying your talentless team to the couch during the playoffs is not. You do understand the whole idea is to win, right? lmao. Tell me genius, who was the last talentless Superbowl champions? lololol.

    • Mr Smith says:

      helps he’s on a team carrying him with all that talent.

  9. Hobo Savage says:

    Love to see my cowboys off to a great start

    • Gregory Ingram says:

      Damn shame! Week one and already the Cowboys season is over, and the hell with Dak hurting his hand, he was sucking real bad before the injury, cowboy’s nation has to realize Dak just isn’t going to get it done, mahomes came in the NFL a year after Zak and has already been to the Superbowl twice, and burrows has gone to the Superbowl in his 2nd year, Zak entering his 8th year and you can safely say he’s not going this year either!!

    • Benny Pit says:

      Just think, to get rid of Dak this year would be a $108 million dead cap hit against Dallas lol.

    • King-Xerxus says:

      Better than last season.

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