Tamron Hall Leaves NBC News: TODAY Wishes Her The Best | TODAY

Tamron Hall Leaves NBC News: TODAY Wishes Her The Best | TODAY

Award-winning journalist Tamron Hall is parting ways with NBC News and the TODAY show. Al Roker speaks for everyone in the TODAY show family as he wishes Tamron nothing but the best in the next chapter of her career.
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Tamron Hall Leaves NBC News: TODAY Wishes Her The Best | TODAY

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20 Responses

  1. Donald Thomas says:

    Yeah NBC kicks Tamron to the curb for that bitch Megyn Kelly

  2. Silent Inorganic Hunter says:


  3. Education First says:

    She fired because they would not let her where her natural hair!

  4. W B says:

    She didn’t decide to leave. The Today Show kicked her out. Get it right

  5. roter13 says:

    al rocker is the only minority on that show that is safe.

  6. cheeseburgerkid says:

    Today > GMA, tbh

  7. nicholas hammond says:

    Here we have another “trending” video with 3k views. Way to go YouTube, you
    autistic fucks.

  8. Huey Freeman says:

    let me guess, she got replaced with megan kelly. ( All about Money of
    course )

  9. Heather Davis says:

    I ❤ Tamron. NBC please bring her back! Also, Willie and Natalie!

  10. P. Jones says:

    They did to them what MSNBC did to Al Sharpton knocking him down to 1 day a
    week, Ed Schultz’s show got Cancelled etc. NBC IDK why you tampered with
    the Today show, because they did not express any Liberal ideas like your
    reason you gave for getting rid of MSNBC cast!! Megyn Kelly is what? Going
    to bring in FAUX viewers for YOU! Well, YOU are CANCELLED with me!

  11. Michael McClelland says:

    Tamron Hall should go work for TYT News she’ll be great over there with
    Cenk, Anna, and Jimmy Dore.

  12. dmitriy40 says:

    Getting rid of tokens?

  13. octopibingo says:

    The left surpressing black again. Why stop when you got dat vote?

  14. CrimsonTide says:

    So they fired longtime devoted NBC star anchor Tamron for the new White
    bitch?! Shame on NBC

  15. Nikki Beacth says:

    She was fired bc Megin Kelly is coming in.

  16. Martin White says:

    That’s messed up… Like her better on ID anyway!!!

  17. TJHarmon says:

    Tamron was forced to leave, to make room for Megyn!! WE’RE NOT STUPID!!!

  18. Kigondol says:

    Tamron who?

  19. nyahmani mommy says:

    I ? tamron hall. she’s so real.. time to start watching gma instead.