Tank Davis after TKO vs Garcia “I Didn’t Know I Hit So Hard, It’s CRAZY!” (Locker Room Exclusive)

Tank Davis after TKO vs Garcia “I Didn’t Know I Hit So Hard, It’s CRAZY!” (Locker Room Exclusive)

Radio Rahim interviews ‘Tank’ Gervonta Davis post fight win over Hector Luis Garcia in Washington DC | #Boxing #SecondsOut #GervontaDavis

Tank Davis after TKO vs Garcia “I Didn’t Know I Hit So Hard, It’s CRAZY!” (Locker Room Exclusive)

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40 Responses

  1. Wendell Barry says:

    I love this young man ‘s spirit . He has no hate in him . He just uses his skills and hard work to achieve his goal of being the best he can be in the game of boxing. May God continue to bless you my brother ! 🙏 Stay humble and continue to be great tank !

    • GueRafi09 says:

      @xwhite2020 no she decided to tell the truth that she didn’t get hit Also the 911 call was fake she didn’t give the dispatcher no information because she was lying also when she went on the phone she changed her whole voice and everything she faked it then do you really think tank did that ? and what hit and run explain to me

    • xwhite2020 says:

      @GueRafi09 She decided not to press charges. The hit and run is still in the courts. Google it.

    • GueRafi09 says:

      @xwhite2020 he is innocent the girl admitted she lied 💀 when did he hit and run

    • rocko d says:

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone I wish this brother nothing but success growth and happiness

    • Mr. E says:

      @Woody Pecker Romans 14:22, NLT: “You may believe there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing, but keep it between yourself and God. Blessed are those who don’t feel guilty for doing something they have decided is right.” – Copied explanation: Paul has spoken very clearly to those Christians with a strong faith. These are those whose conscience allows them to freely enjoy what was once restricted for God’s people in the law of Moses. He has agreed with them that nothing is unclean for those who are in Christ (1 Timothy 4:4). There is no sin in eating meat or drinking wine, then.

      However, those of weaker faith who do not feel free to eat or drink the same things must not violate their conscience. They must continue to not consume those things until they are truly convinced that they are free in Christ to do so. Otherwise, they will be condemned for that sin, as the following verse will say.

      That’s why Paul has said to the stronger Christians that they must be willing to stop eating and drinking what they are otherwise free to consume if it will lead their weaker brothers and sisters to join in with them and sin against their own convictions.

  2. AWi says:

    Rolly looked like he didn’t know where he was either when he got hit by Tank lol

    • BigP says:

      Hahahahha brilliant. AmnesiaPunch 😂

    • ChessChampTTV says:

      you ignorant poor low income people would BELIEVE ANYTHING without thinking ! Name one FIGHT in HISTORY where the fighter FORFEITS the fight due to being BLIND for a couple seconds in his RIGHT EYE ? minutes later when getting RING INTERVIEW GARCIA saids he COULD SEE OK NOW ! hahahahahaahaha that Man got PAY TO QUIT AND FORGEIT the fight hahahaha BOXING So rig and ya POOOR IGNORANTS people EATS IT ALL !!!

    • Graceful Living Roofing says:


    • Wayne Marshall says:

      That nigga Rolly still running his mouth though

    • Beesting says:

      That’s how Tank will be when Ryan KTFO 😂

  3. Papa Addo says:

    Hope hector ok man….. this sport a scary thing y’all. Dude was hit so hard he went blind . Pay these guys their just due. Tank a dangerous man

  4. Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives says:

    This kid is such a talent and I don’t see anyone beating him in his division at this moment in time. I am glad the bigger fights are getting made. Haney, Loma, R. Garcia & Tank should all be in the mix for fighting each other multiple times realistically within the next two years before any there’s any talk of Tank moving up a division.

  5. Deluxxe says:

    Tank is no longer the kid he is now a grown Ass Man! Salute my brother stay woke and stay humble 💪🏽🥂🙏🏼

  6. Mr. NYC says:

    I always thought Gervonta was cocky person because he was so good but when I hear his interviews you can’t help but like the guy! He’s humble & can tell he got a good heart.

  7. Gnsmk357 says:

    great interiew. This young man is the one to watch, kind and professional. Power to him. great fight.

  8. Antonio Taylor says:

    I can tell that Tank has matured and is focused.

  9. Comic Pierre says:

    Man it was cool chillin with you. Class act. Always asking the dope questions 🥊💨

  10. ZzZzoom6 says:

    May the Good Lord continue to keep him Healthy,Happy, Humble and Protected..😌

    CONGRATULATIONS Gervonta on your win I’m Happy for you💚

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