Well she ain’t called Tanya the Evil for nothing.

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23 Responses

  1. SimplyOrbital says:

    Was waiting for this one. Tanya is no doubt the spawn of Satan while looking innocent as hell.

    • PattyPlayz says:

      or she was before she starts to look demented

    • john eagleson says:

      What anime is this?

    • QUEEN'S says:

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    • Marquisee Banks says:

      @Roman von ungern-sternberg what’s this show called?

  2. CentipedeKid says:

    I watched a grown man take down a plane with a bayonet because he’s rather die then tell Tanya he failed. The fear of Tanya brought him to a new level.

  3. J-Side says:

    The only thing Train-kun accomplished was making her stronger. Imagine being a hard counter to an isekai vehicle. Actual menace.

    • Johnny P The Gulf City Lethal Sperg says:

      @Rose Oliveira Yes

    • Rose Oliveira says:

      Isn’t that what train-kun always do? All progotagonist that he kills becomes overpower mages or anti-everthing mystical creatures

      Ps:subaru and takemichi are exception


    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us

  5. Robert Obiekwe says:

    Think about it for a second. Tanya was just a menace to humanity. Such an embodiment of evil that GOD had to send an upgraded, magic juiced up, LITERAL MARY SUE to kill her. And in the end, God had to pull out the plot armor trap card from its ass to save said Mary Sue.

    • QUEEN'S says:

      All very beautiful. One Bigbooty.OnLine brunette and another blonde. l’m a young video enthusiast so I threw myself into this area, all already followed by 22M people. Hey your very nice, I love your videos.!! I have a vid request. Could you please do a video showing your workout plan/ routine for each day of the week?

    • Cavalier Skittles says:

      @wrinkly brain Yeah mary sue legit died like 4x if it werent for plot armor, if not more.

    • RadicalKattastrophe says:

      @wrinkly brain The Plot Armor only exists in the Anime. In the light Novel not long after that. Mary Sue is killed by the people she is working for as she is a HOT HOT Dumpster fire of a mess after that. Tanya Broke her something fierce.

    • wrinkly brain says:

      Tanya was menace to the world at that point. Tanya did not care whatsoever, straight up had a whole damn buffed Mary Sue on her ass and rocked her shit. Mary Sue was lucky that plot armor kicked in or she’d be the same as her pops, dead as hell.

  6. Unknown Variable says:

    I can’t get over how Tanya’s future rival is named “Mary Sue”. It’s great! A character is written in such a way that the story is twisted just to glorify them. What better way to write such a character in a way that fits into the narrative than to have “god” assert his influence doing exactly that? True Black Air Force energy.

    • Josh Portal says:

      @Tudor Aragorn of Greyscot In the Light Novels you don’t find out until book 8. The fight between Sue and Tanya is in book 5 for 2 pages and a entire chapter at the end of the book.

      In book 8 report smuggled out of America show America is going to join the war. America doesn’t join until book 11. In the report there was a report about the battle between Tanya and Mary.

      The Mage that saved Mary tried to record the fight on his orb but couldn’t but did watch it afar while trying to get away from Visha. He was the first Mage able to survive Tanya and bar witnessed to the Type 95’s power. After the fight Mary was brought to an American hospital. She was brought to a weapons testing facility in Texas. For 3 months Mary was in a project to try to recreate the Type 95 Orb. Every Tester died but Mary but she could only do one shot before passing out from the immense power drain. Most of the testers would go insane and basically become mini nukes and explode. About 3 near by towns got destroyed in the process.

      Eventually Mary learn to control the power of the orb, then she found out Tanya won another major battle. Mart went crazy and non stop prayed to god for more and more power. The people on base tried to claim her down and she killed a few without realizing it. Her power level started to go off the charts and continuously grew more and more. The scientist believe if Mary doesn’t die soon, her explosion could take out the state and parts of the Gulf of Mexico. America Mage Special Force are sent in to neutralize Mary. 4 of the 5 Mages die but after an hour finally kill Mary. She then explodes and destroys everything in a 15 mile radius.

      Later reports say if the special forces didn’t kill Mary, she could have actually taken out half of America, most of Mexico, and parts of Canada. The Type 95 program in America ended after that with a few court Marshalls.

      Tanya laughs a little inside after reading the reports.

    • Loppy mother says:

      Now let them 1v1.

      The terminator and this loli

    • Andre Dunbar says:

      @Roman von ungern-sternberg Hold up, man. Red Herring wasn’t even suspected in most of the cases. Freddy was just hating on that guy (I’ll admit the hate was justified. If you got nothing but wedgies and insults from a bully, you’d probably hate him, too.). Always saying “It was Red Herring! It was Red Herring!” So, Red had to make an appearance _every single episode_ just to say “Man, stfu and keep my name out yo mouth. Ain’t no way I could’ve done it,” then leave. In fact, the only time Red _was_ actually guilty of being the spook, he was just trying to do something nice for his grandma. _And_ it was the only time Fred didn’t accuse him (after being challenged to).

  7. Rage says:

    I was introduced to Tanya by my brother and after seeing what she said to God when she was about to die made me instantly love her

  8. Mads Damgaard says:

    “People call it a war crime. I call it tuesday morning.” Tanya’s drip is pitch black, dyed with the blood of her enemies (and the occasional ally), not gonna lie.

  9. Cloud Knight says:

    Damn, this girl is an absolute demon. Although calling Mary Sue a ‘Mary Sue’ seems kind of ironic. Considering that just from this video Tanya herself seems more Mary Sue than anything I ever encountered. Like that aim bot.

  10. Turker Yalazman says:

    IRL most of the modern international war laws were written close to the end of or at the end of the WWI that bombing the city scene was so well written and cruel it gave me shivers. Tanya knew that it will be considered as a war crime after everything were to be ended so she wrote a proposition and made upper echelons passed it as a law so as long as you dropped pamphlets 24 hours perior and make an evacuation announcement before the attack it will be legal. So as she were making the air strike to the mages as well as the civilians legally it wasn’t her responsibility at all.

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