Tapper cuts off Trump adviser interview: I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time

Tapper cuts off Trump adviser interview: I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time

CNN’s Jake Tapper abruptly ends his interview with White House adviser Stephen Miller after trying to ask Miller about a book that is highly critical of President Donald Trump and the role Steve Bannon had in the administration.

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57 Responses

  1. Thorus Adama says:

    Havent seen such behaviour as of Miller before. What drugs do cause this?

  2. SMOCHQ FOSH says:

    i know he is lying because his eyes are moving !

  3. Hayes Dabney says:

    Don Lemon and Jake Tapper are showing how it´s done. Do not be polite with people who do not have manners. Cut to commercial, or change the topic. Mid-sentence, if necessary.

    • 5 00 says:

      Hayes Dabney it’s shows there cowardice and unwillingness to listen to the other side

    • Mark Phillips says:

      Don’t you just love the name-calling whenever a criticism is leveled at a Trump spokesperson for not even pivoting on every question, they simply ignore the question and work endlessly to undermine the media that gives them a platform to debate.

      it’s clear from the responses to Hayes that these people supporting Miller learnt nothing at school except how to write an insult. End of.

    • Avery F says:

      deshaun crawford *you’re

    • Security SJS says:

      How did ignoring people who have the same philosophy as Trump work out last time, learn from your history or repeat it.

    • Maou says:

      fkn beautiful :D, why is it none of the reporters at WH press releases just stop taking BS from that ugly stepsister from shrek?

  4. Alex Daniels says:

    This guy is wasted AF right now.

  5. Christine Garren says:

    Jake Tapper was wonderfully cool and patient and professional.

    • Drew Lutz says:

      Christine Garren no… he seem like he was on xanax

    • Dj Hergert says:

      You must not have heard the report that came out a couple hours after this aired detailing Tappers post interview behavior. Tapper was screaming obscenities at his production crew, threw a coffee cup at one of his underlings, had security escort Miller out of the building and yelled at his staff to never book Miller again. Now does that sound like a guy that feels he just won a debate? CNN is notorious for cutting peoples mics, camera feeds and abruptly going to commercial when their propaganda isnt coming out right.

    • Esl Professional says:

      Christine Garren He seems drunk.

  6. Mike Bockey says:

    all the people tuning in to cnn to suddenly realize that “cnn sucks”. wow, it must really be a revelation to them. i wonder if they’ll forget that they watched cnn today and tune back w tomorrow to relive the revelation again!! stay tuned folks. trumpsters are at least as stupid as their fat hero.

  7. Devina H says:

    It appears that Mr. Miller attended the Kellyanne Conway school of interviewing, deflect, deflect, deflect.

  8. Kaloyan Stoyanov says:

    That guy is def on something

  9. Jak W says:

    “Revolutionised reality TV” LOL oh right, definitely fit for being president then

  10. Christopher James says:

    Stephen Miller is why ball gags where invented…

  11. Ant G says:

    Not fan of CNN, however I do respect this journalist for trying his best to interview someone who was clearly already prepared not to answer any questions in a polite fashion but instead memorized a monologue about how great Donald Trump is. The fact of the matter is that anyone with a certain amount of intelligence knows by now what a horrible and unstable person Donald Trump actually is. It is an insult to anyone’s morality and intelligence to try to convince them otherwise. This creepy guy has no dignity, does anything for money, disgusting.

  12. Iron Wallace says:

    Oh boy, this guy is absolutely insufferable.

  13. Erick Gutierrez says:

    Wtf did I just watch? That dude avoided every question

  14. Dorothy Brown says:

    Miller is just one example of what is wrong with Trump and this presidency.

  15. St.I ll dope as usual says:

    *L M F A O*
    From a Swiss’ perspective: This whole Drumpf (how we call him here overseas) mess that’s going on in the US, is the best satirical reality in the whole history of mankind maybe. Great, great fun, we have a great laugh almost every single day over here. Salute from Switzerland, Europe

  16. St.I ll dope as usual says:

    Trump-Tweets = one of the most funniest things ever. I always gotta check its his real account and not just some parody… It’s unbelievable… “like, really smart… stable genius” :’D
    As non US: It’s your fucking president, how can he make such a fool out of himself, and nobody is stopping him? The world is laughing and cringing !

  17. TraXXXtar says:

    who does he care about?

  18. Jaqen says:

    “You won’t give me 3 minutes to tell the truth!” …12 minutes later.

    I understand he’s gotta get his “Trump is great” and “CNN is crap” jabs in there but come on man. Move on and at least pretend to engage the questions and issues like all other politicians do.

  19. Necramonium says:

    he did not anwser a single question.

  20. Giv'n_It_A-GO says:

    I was literally developing some kind of mental disease while listening this nob head

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